6 Reasons Why I Think You Should Blog

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Do you know 23 % of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks!!

Is that why you should become a blogger? Well, kind of… but not really.

So why should you blog? You should blog if you want to be creative, to be your own boss; moreover, to spend your time and energy on something that you really like to do.

Why did I become a blogger?

Before giving you further reasons to become a blogger, let’s look at my decision to become a blogger.

I never knew someone can have a career in blogging until last year. However, what I had already realised is that people use Google a lot for almost everything. Even I use at least ten times a day!

After doing a lot more research on Blogging as a career, I learned that blogging is not something where you see instant results.

Unlike a traditional job in which you get paid every month, this career requires you to set the goals and keep working on it. If you are committed to the tasks, you will reap the benefits.

So when I asked myself why I wanted to become a blogger there are three things which came to my mind.

  1. I can share my knowledge on the things I already know or the things I am learning presently!
  2. I can reach out and connect to so many people with similar interests.
  3. I can try something new and something that pushes me to come out of my comfort zone.

Another aspect of blogging I love is that you can choose what to blog about. It’s your own creative space. Ultimately you decide your working schedule and pattern, which is kind of fun yet challenging!

Being a blogger also gives you the opportunity to learn a lot almost every day. Later when you share those things through your blog, you not only help others but also make an income out of it.

Above all I was sure that blogging is something I would be happy to do.

Alright if you think blogging is a great career after reading above mentioned reasons then go ahead and become one. Or if you are still doubting, I have got some more reasons to convince you!!

1. You will witness the CREATIVE side in you

Are you creative?

Well, If you ask me this question couple of months ago I would have said NO. I never thought I had a creative mind.  I can’t write a book, can’t draw anything, can’t even make paper-boat properly!

But when I decided to become a blogger,  I realised that creativity comes in so many different ways!

Writing a blog post makes you creative. Selecting an attractive image to a post or an antidote or creating an e-book; the list goes on! So blogging is helping to be creative in so many different ways!

In the process of creating a blog I have:

  • Taught myself how to draft a blog post
  • Improved my writing style
  • Learned to create pins and banners
  • Learned to take better photos for my Blog and Instagram
  • Learned to Edit the pictures in Photoshop

So now if you ask me the question, Are you creative? My answer is Yes, I am!

The conclusion: Blogging gives you tons of opportunity to be creative.

2. Learn new things almost every day

Maybe you are about to say that you are done with learning new things! Hang on, how about if I tell you that whatever you learned can be your source of income tomorrow. When you blog you learn a new skill most of the time. If you already knew something you can get better and better. There is always something to learn. It can be about a new marketing tool or an editing tool.

The best part is that you can learn everything for free from the tons of resources available, and make use of it on your own brand or business.

Blogging gives the opportunity for growing your skill.

It teaches you how to get the best out of it.

I knew nothing about blogging. But I was always eager to learn. Which is what I have been doing; I never took any paid courses.

All I did was search on Youtube and improved myself. From taking a flat lay photo to writing a blog post.

3. One hour of work can gain you a life-long income

Well, I am not exaggerating in here!

I have seen so many bloggers and Youtubers who talk about this and proving this every day.

I have yet to earn from my blog. Once I do, I promise to create a detailed post on this topic!

So what do I mean by this?

Say you take two days to create a blog post or a youtube video and you hit publish. It’s there online for millions of people to read or watch. An effective promotional and monetization strategy can gain you viewers and income.

In conclusion, through the initial struggle, you are creating a source of permanent income. Not only you can reach a wider audience but also it gains you more opportunities for future projects.

I know maybe some of you still have questions at this point. I have a youtube video to give you an elaborated view on this. Watch here.

4. To build an online community

To have a group of people who listen to you or rather react to whatever you say is an awesome feeling. That’s one of the reasons why I want to become a blogger.

For me, it was all about having a group of people with similar interests. As a blogger, this helps you to get and stay motivated. Most of the time you will be thinking about your readers and their responses.

As a blogger, you will always be in an urge to deliver the best content for them. Ultimately that’s what Blogging is all about.

Of course, I am not denying the fact that the online community is great for selling (own) products and things like that, but earning the trust of the people can be more difficult than a product sale!

5. Better communicator

Blogging can benefit you in so many ways. One recent study explains 5 motivating reasons to blog:

  • Blog as a chronicle of one’s life
  • Blog as platform for expressing opinion
  • Blog as a means of catharsis
  • Blog as a platform to articulate own ideas
  • Blog as a community forum

If you look closely all of this implements communication. To be able to express the message or idea clearly.

That’s how you become a good communicator.

Blogging is an ideal career choice if you would want to express yourself.

I truly believe that an effective communication is the foundation of every relationship; relationship with your spouse, children, or your readers!

One obvious question may be…how is blogging different from working in an office with your team members?

Well, as a blogger you reach a wider audience. Thereby giving opportunities to all the individuals who are in their own space, not in a controlled environment like an office room. Their honest feedback can help you improve your communication.

6. You can become Internet famous!

I read somewhere that bloggers are the new celebrities. Well, we already know some YouTubers who gained internet fame.

What if you would become the next?

Being a blogger means being a public person. You write your blogs, creates your own community, and people begin to recognize you. Of course, it’s not for everyone. However, this can be an opportunity to become an influential person.

People will look up to you for inspiration and advice.

Final thoughts:

In this era of social media, blogging can be a great career choice. I haven’t had much experience with it yet, but I am sure I am never going to regret my choice. So was I talking to one of my competitors in blogging? If so download your free PDF to write down your Blogging Goals!

Time for Your Action:

I have two requests! First to people who have been blogging for a while, leave a comment or some tips about the points I mentioned.

Secondly for people who just started blogging (like me), I would love to know your journey and of course your blog (drop the link).

Always eager to hear from you,

Your bosom friend

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4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Think You Should Blog”

  1. I have heard all of these from so many bloggers including you! So I decided to put together for others. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading it. Thanks a lot for your comment, Doug!

  2. Another great post Stephy! I really liked the part where you talk about the life skills you acquire from blogging. By becoming a blogger we learn so many of these skills that are required to have in any successful business. As you mentioned in this article, blogging isn’t like a regular paid job, but the earning potential is there. By investing the time today to lay the foundation and build a online following that is interested in hearing what YOU have to say, will surely bring the dividends down the road. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Can’t agree with you more! I love how you gave the example of a creative person! I really hope everyone can identify their creative self! Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Katherine!

  4. Thanks for this great post. I’m glad you ‘discovered’ that you are creative. This is a discussion I’ve had many times with people who think they’re not. However we are all creators without exception. Creativity can come in many forms beyond what we traditionally think of – art, writing etc. One of the most creative women I know finds her creative outlet in inviting friends to dinner parties. Her dinner table is such a work of art we almost don’t want to spoil it by eating. . So here’s my tip for anyone who is interested. Look for where what you love to do and what comes really easily to you intersect. That’s where you will find your most creative and wonderful gifts. Then go share them with the people who want them.

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