21 Fun Activities for Couples to Do Before Summer Ends

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I don’t know about you, but I love doing fun things with my husband, especially on warm sunny days. One of our favorite activities is going on road trips and hiking. A few summers ago, we went on a 12-hour road trip from Belgium to Italy, and it was an incredible experience. This year, we are going on a shorter 5-hour road trip to Switzerland.

So this post I am sharing 21 fun activity suggestions for couples. It’s packed with great ideas to make the most of your summer together. Whether you’re into outdoor adventures, cozy indoor activities, or trying something new, this list has something for everyone. Plus, I’ve recommended a few products that can make each activity much more enjoyable.

1. Stargazing Night

I’ve always dreamed of doing this! There’s something magical about looking up at the stars with your significant other. To make the most of a stargazing night, you’ll need a cozy blanket, a telescope, and a star map. Don’t forget the snacks and drinks to enjoy under the night sky.

Must-Have Items:

  • Telescope: A good-quality telescope will help you see the stars and planets more clearly.
  • Star Map: A star map can guide you to identify different constellations.

2. Outdoor Movie Night

This is such a fun idea! Setting up an outdoor movie night requires an outdoor movie screen or a big white sheet and a projector. Don’t forget to arrange comfy seating with lawn chairs or bean bags.

Must-Have Items :

3. Picnic in the Park

A classic date idea! Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks, a blanket, and some portable speakers for music. Picnics are great because they’re simple, relaxing, and allow you to enjoy nature together.

Must-Have Items:

4. Beach Day

A day at the beach is always a good idea. Make sure to bring along sunscreen, a beach umbrella, and a cooler filled with refreshments. Beach days are perfect for relaxation and fun activities like swimming or beach volleyball. Check out these 37 must-have things for next beach trip.

Must-Have Items:

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Beach Umbrella: Provide shade and comfort.
  • Cooler: Keep your drinks and snacks cool all day long.

5. Hiking Adventure

Exploring nature together can be so refreshing. Carry yourselves with a good pair of hiking boots, a backpack, and a water bottle.

Must-Have Items:

  • Hiking Boots: Comfortable and durable for long treks.
  • Backpack: Spacious and lightweight for all your essentials.
  • Water Bottle: A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

6. Visit a Farmers’ Market

A trip to the farmers’ market is both fun and rewarding. Take along a reusable shopping bag and a list of items you want to buy. It’s a great way to support local farmers and discover fresh produce.

Must-Have Items :

  • Reusable Shopping Bags: Eco-friendly and sturdy for carrying your purchases.
  • Notepad: Jot down your shopping list and recipes.

7. Road Trip

We did a road trip three years ago from Belgium to Italy. It was one of the best trips we did as a couple and we absolutely enjoyed it. We drove for hours, snacked in the car, and explored new places. We’d love to do it again. There’s nothing like a road trip for an adventure. Just make sure your car is ready with a car emergency kit, a good playlist, and plenty of snacks.

Must-Have Items :

8. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting can be a sophisticated and enjoyable experience. You might need a wine cooler and some tasting glasses. It’s a great way to learn about different wines and enjoy some quality time together.

Must-Have Items:

  • Wine Cooler: Keep your wine at the perfect temperature.
  • Wine Glasses: Elegant glasses for a refined tasting experience.

9. Attend a Concert or Outdoor Festival

Enjoying live music together can be so memorable. Bring along some portable chairs and a blanket. Concerts and festivals are perfect for experiencing new music and having fun.

Must-Have Items :

  • Portable Chairs: Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Blanket: A cozy blanket for sitting on the grass.

10. Backyard BBQ

Hosting a backyard BBQ is a fantastic couple activity for summer. You’ll need a grill, some BBQ tools, and comfortable seating. It’s perfect for spending quality time together while socializing and enjoying delicious food.

Must-Have Items :

11. Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

Water sports are a fantastic way to spend time together. Rent or buy paddleboards or kayaks.

Must-Have Items:

12. Take a Cooking Class Together

Learning to cook a new dish together can be fun. Check out local cooking classes or get a cooking set from Amazon. It’s a great way to bond and enjoy a delicious meal you made together.

Must-Have Items :

  • Cooking Kits: Everything you need to create gourmet meals.
  • Aprons: Keep your clothes clean while you cook.

13. Visit a Botanical Garden

A walk through a botanical garden is my absolute favorite thing to do. It is so peaceful and romantic. We always end up taking a lot of pictures. It’s a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Must-Have Items:

  • Camera: Capture beautiful moments and plants.
  • Journal: Record your thoughts and observations.

14. Go on a Bike Ride

Exploring your city or town on bikes is a great way to spend time. It’s fun, eco-friendly, and a good workout as well.

Must-Have Items:

  • Bicycles: Sturdy bikes for all terrains.
  • Safety Helmets: Protect yourself while riding.

15. Create a Scrapbook

How about doing some scrapbooking as a couple? You’ll need a scrapbook kit and some crafting supplies. I am sure you will have so much fun.

Must-Have Items :

16. Plan a Day Trip

I’m not the planner in our relationship. My husband handles the planning, and I just tag along. However, I make sure to carry all the essentials, like sunscreen and a water bottle. 

Must-Have Items:

17. Go Camping

Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy nature as a couple. You’ll need a tent, sleeping bags, and a campfire kit. It’s great for disconnecting from daily life and reconnecting with nature. We’re traveling to Switzerland this summer, so we might spend a few nights like this.

Must-Have Items :

18. Explore a New City

Exploring a new city as a couple is another fun thing we do at least once a year. I love browsing bookstores, local markets, and having a nice meal. Meanwhile, he just loves walking and taking tons of pictures.

Must-Have Items :

  • Travel Guides: Informative guides to help you explore.
  • Walking Shoes: Comfortable shoes for long walks.

19. Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Spend a day appreciating art and history. Check out the latest exhibitions and don’t forget your notepad. It’s a great way to learn and be inspired.

Must-Have Items :

20. DIY Project

Working on a DIY project together can be super fun. But you’ll need some basic tools and supplies to make the most out of it. I really think it’s a fun way to create something together and learn new skills. Check out this post for for inspiration : Fun Crafts for Couples

Must-Have Items :

  • DIY Kits: All the tools and materials you need.
  • Tool Sets: Essential tools for any project.

21. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

This is a simple yet beautiful experience for couple. I absolutely enjoy watching sunset with my husband. To make it even more cosier bring a blanket and some drinks to enjoy. It’s definitely a romantic way to start or end the day.

Must-Have Items :


I hope you are able to find activities that are enjoyable and fun. Let me know what other suggestions you have.


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