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This page is solely dedicated to resources for bookworms just like YOU. I have used all of these and love them. I’d never recommended anything that I don’t believe in! Some of them are absolutely FREE! For most of them, you can have a FREE TRIAL with some extra benefits since you are on “The Creative Muggle” blog. 

I hope you will love them just like I do.





I wasn’t a fan of self-help books. I always thought they are kind of preachy.
That’s when I heard about Blinkist. Essentially, this app curates nonfiction books to 15-20 minutes quick summaries. With over 3000 books you have access to a wide variety of topics such as stoicism, economics, entrepreneurship, habits, mindfulness, happiness, love, biology, history, or food. You can either read or listen to these quick summaries. They also have highlighting features. That way you can save important quotes for later. Some of the books I really enjoyed from Blinkist are “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, “Mini Habits!”

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Audiobooks have been a huge part of my reading journey for the last few years. Listening to beautiful books always lifts my spirits. Audible has been my primary place to get hot and new audiobooks. Since you are your bosom friend readers you can get a free trial and 2 audible originals and One audiobook absolutely for Free.

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Another Great Platform to enjoy Audiobooks. But unlike Scribd offers unlimited audio and ebooks. But keep in mind that you can’t always expect new releases like Audible. It’s a great place for bookworms if you aren’t looking for the most recent releases. It actually costs $9.99 USD but since you are a bosom friend reader you can get a 60-day FREE TRIAL.

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If you are looking to support your local bookstores this is a great place. Check out some of my book recommendations and if it’s something for you, you can order straight away!

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