About Me

I am Stephy, a 31-year-old Indian living in the beautiful countryside of Belgium. I created “The Creative Muggle” blog to help you become a bookworm!

Whether it’s Anne Shirly from Green Gables or Alice in Wonderland, I will show you how much fun it is to explore the world through books!

I will help you: to become a book addict, to have a productive reading time in your busy life, and to read more books from all sorts of genres!

…Let me tell you a little about my own bookworm journey!

The first book I ever read wholeheartedly was a translated version (English to Malayalam) of The Count of Monte Cristo. For some reason, the character stuck with me for a long time. But that didn’t really make a bookworm.

I didn’t even care to read any book until I was forced to read tons of books for my English classes at college. Sadly, Dickens or Shakespeare never won my heart. I read them because I had to get a good score. 

I remember reading a paragraph from Thomas Hardy’s novel Under the Greenwood tree and wondering why would anyone use 1000 words to describe a Christmas Eve. Well…now I adore those classic books with meticulous descriptions!

I moved to Belgium in 2017, for a year or so I was addicted to watching Youtube videos from various Channels. I watched all sorts of videos from recipes to celebrity gossip.

Those days the BOOKS I owned were dictionaries. Although I turned the pages only once in a blue moon. It was during that time I had to take a mandatory Dutch course for a period of three months. And I visited a library in the neighbourhood (for the first time in years) as a part of the reading assignment. I was supposed to read a Dutch book.

To my surprise, even though I wasn’t proficient in Dutch, I was able to enjoy the story. I began to visit the library frequently. Often left with a bag full of books to read in the coming weeks.

And guess what,
that year I ended up reading 103 books!!!

If I can become a bookworm in my late 20s, you can become one too.

The Creative Muggle is a blog that can give you tons of tips and book recommendations that can motivate you to read more.

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See you soon!