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Hey bookworms,

I am Stephy, a 33-year-old living in the beautiful countryside of Belgium. I created The Creative Muggle blog to help you become a bookworm!

Think of me as your friendly guide on an exciting bookish adventure. Whether you’ve daydreamed about exploring Green Gables with Anne Shirley or falling into Wonderland like Alice, I’m here to show you how much joy books can bring.

What other ways am I going to help you?  I’ve got your back when it comes to making the most of your reading time, even when life gets crazy busy. I’ll hook you up with awesome tips to level up your reading game. I will also give you fantastic book recommendations. I’ve got all the goods – from swoon-worthy romance novels to engaging audiobooks and even some juicy book club discussion questions for the latest bestsellers. 

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Now, let’s go back to where my own book journey began

The first book I ever read wholeheartedly was a translated version (English to Malayalam) of The Count of Monte Cristo. For some reason, the character stuck with me for a long time. But that  didn’t turn me into a bookworm.

It wasn’t until college that I had to read books for my classes, like Dickens and Shakespeare. I read them for grades, not for fun.

I remember reading a part of Thomas Hardy’s “Under the Greenwood Tree” and thinking, “Why use so many words to describe a Christmas Eve?” But later, I came to appreciate those classic books with their detailed descriptions.

stephy, Belgium, library
stephy, the creative muggle

In 2017, I moved to Belgium, and for a while, I was hooked on YouTube, watching all sorts of videos. My bookshelf only held dictionaries, rarely touched.

Then, I had to take a Dutch course and visit a local library. Even though my Dutch wasn’t perfect, I found myself enjoying the books.

That’s when my love for reading was reignited, and I started visiting the library often, leaving with bags full of books.

And guess what,
that year I ended up reading 103 books!!!

goodreads, the creative muggle

The moral of the story is, if I can become a bookworm in my late 20s, you can too.

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