26 March 2024 Most Anticipated Romance Releases

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Looking for the hottest romance novels hitting the shelves this March 2024? Then let me help !

Check out this list of the most anticipated romance book releases of the month of March. I am super excited for these as all of these look steamy and sexy. If you love reading swoon-worthy love stories and steamy love scenes with passion and happily-ever-afters, you will love these upcoming titles. Whether you’re into contemporary romance, mafia romance or enemies-to-lovers romance, there are so many great book recommendations.

Upcoming Romance Books March 2024

Small Town Swoon by Melanie Harlow

In Small Town Swoon by Melanie Harlow, a Hollywood star returns to his small hometown for a wedding. The story follows a girl who has a big crush on him but tries not to let it affect her. However, when she needs help, he steps in and shows he cares for her. They become close, but their different dreams make their relationship complicated. She wishes she could be with him, but their futures seem to be going in different directions.

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The Fallen One by Brittney Sahin

In The Fallen One by Brittney Sahin, a man’s life changes forever when his wife is murdered. He seeks revenge, becoming feared by all. Years later, he’s drawn back into his dark past to rescue a scientist. But the scientist turns out to be the woman he’s been thinking about. Saving her is easy, but resisting her innocence and desire is hard. As they face threats, he struggles to maintain control and not lose himself.


Never Fall in Love by Bella Michaels

When my father unexpectedly passes away, I leave my job at the NYPD and return to Cedar Falls to run the family inn. I decide to fire Pia, the manager Dad hired, but my friends convince me to give her a chance. As we renovate the inn together, I try to avoid getting attached. But Pia’s laughter breaks down my walls, making it hard to imagine leaving her and returning to my old life.”


Wild River by Laura Pavlov

Wild River by Laura Pavlov follows Ruby, who has spent her entire life caring for others. Finally breaking free to live her own life, she returns to take care of her dad, where she meets River. The chemistry between them is off the charts, leading to a magical love story. Laura Pavlov’s books are always comforting reads, and this one was no exception.


If You Hate Me by Helena Hunting

If You Hate Me by Helena Hunting follows a protagonist who ends up living with her brother and his best friend, Tristan, whom she dislikes. Tristan, a pro hockey player known for his playboy ways, causes tension. Despite her past crush on him, she’s wary. She aims to survive living with them until she can secure a new job and place, steering clear of any unexpected romantic involvement with Tristan.


A Little Naughty by Tia Louise

A Little Naughty by Tia Louise is a steamy romance novel about unexpected decisions leading to an unconventional proposal. The protagonist finds herself drawn to Raif Jones, a bad boy from the wrong side of town, after a series of risky choices. Despite their differences, they embark on a passionate marriage filled with naughty encounters. However, their bliss is threatened when past mistakes resurface, forcing Raif to step up as her protector. As their relationship deepens, the protagonist realizes that walking away from Raif may be the hardest decision she’ll ever make.


Blitz by Devney Perry

Blitz by Devney Perry is a forbidden small-town sports romance that follows the story of a coach, Toren Greely, and a student who break the strict rules prohibiting their relationship. Despite the consequences, they engage in a secret affair, hiding their connection behind smiles, glances, and covert touches. However, their game of secrecy ultimately leads to unforeseen challenges and the realization that they can’t outrun the consequences of their actions. As they face the inevitable fallout, they come to terms with the true cost of their forbidden love.


This Much Is True by Adriana Locke

This Much Is True tells the story of Laina Kelley, a celebrity who flees from her small-town church on her wedding day and seeks refuge at the home of Luke Marshall, her first love and biggest frenemy. As Laina grapples with the unexpected turn of events, Luke reluctantly agrees to let her stay on one condition: she must work alongside him in the barn, earning her keep. As they spend more time together, old sparks reignite, forcing Laina to choose between her life as a pop star and a second chance with her first love.


Meant for Stone by Natasha Madison

Meant for Stone by Natasha Madison is a spin-off from the novels “Hollywood Playboy” and “This Is Crazy.” It follows the story of Ryleigh, a determined district attorney, and Stone, a man focused solely on beating his family’s records in the game. Despite their different paths and priorities, their lives intersect, and they find themselves drawn to each other. Ryleigh’s ambitions are challenged when Stone enters her life, causing her to reassess her goals. Similarly, Stone, who once had no time for anything other than his objectives, now finds himself consumed by thoughts of Ryleigh. As their connection deepens, Stone must convince Ryleigh that they are meant for each other, despite their differences


The Home Wrecker by Sara Cate

The Home Wrecker by Sara Cate delves into the inner conflict of a man who feels he’s been faithful long enough but is struggling in his marriage. As he grapples with his Christian beliefs and societal expectations, he meets Briar, a charismatic woman who captivates him. However, after seven years of marriage, he feels like he’s failing. When a younger man from his past, Dean Sheridan, enters the scene, he notices a spark between Dean and his wife but doesn’t intervene. Instead, he finds himself drawn into a dangerous game with Dean, challenging his role as a husband and testing the boundaries of their marriage. Despite knowing it’s wrong, he can’t resist the temptation, and soon finds himself questioning the person he used to be.


The Drawback of Single Dads by Piper Rayne

The Drawback of Single Dads by Piper Rayne follows the dynamic between Hudson and the protagonist, who share a child and a close friendship. Their unplanned pregnancy leads them to co-parent their daughter in Lake Starlight, Alaska, without getting married. However, their comfortable arrangement is challenged when Hudson enters a new relationship, causing tension and stirring up unexpected emotions between them.


Roman by Melanie Moreland

Roman by Melanie Moreland is a gripping romance novel about Roman Costas, a powerful and private man, who unexpectedly falls in love with Effie Warner after rescuing her. Despite his initial reluctance, Roman becomes deeply involved with Effie and is willing to do anything to keep her safe, even if it means risking his own life. This suspenseful finale in the Men of the Falls duet promises a captivating and emotionally charged story of love and sacrifice.


Is This Love? By Kaylee Ryan

Is This Love? by Kaylee Ryan continues the standalone series about five best friends who co-own a tattoo studio. Legend needs to be married for a year to claim his inheritance, and Monroe volunteers to be his fake wife. Despite their initial agreement, they start developing real feelings for each other. As they navigate their new relationship, they question whether their bond goes beyond friendship and if they’ve found true love.


Heartbreaker Handoff by Lex Martin

Heartbreaker Handoff by Lex Martin follows a Division 1 cheerleader who becomes pregnant by her cheating ex. Her friend Billy steps in to help by pretending to be the baby’s father. They enter into a fake relationship to clean up Billy’s image, but her football coach father, who dislikes Billy, complicates things. Despite their growing attraction, she’s wary of getting involved with another athlete. Can Billy prove he’s more than just a player, or will history repeat itself in this friends-to-lovers, forbidden romance?

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Callum by Sawyer Bennett

Callum by Sawyer Bennett follows Callum Derringer, the general manager of the Pittsburgh Titans, who returns home for a family emergency. There, he reunites with his first love, Juniper Ryan, who is now married to his stepbrother. As Callum learns dark truths about his brother and Juniper’s marriage, old feelings resurface. When Juniper’s safety is threatened, Callum vows to protect her, realizing he was a fool to walk away from her before and determined not to make the same mistake again.


My Dark Desire by Parker S. Huntington , L.J. Shen

My Dark Desire by Parker S. Huntington and L.J. Shen tells the forbidden romance between a broken Prince Charming, Zachary Sun, and a disgraced Cinderella. When she sneaks into Potomac’s heavily guarded manor to retrieve her pendant, Zachary catches her and decides to keep her as the help. Despite his cold demeanor, she ignites a fire within him, and he underestimates her strength. As their relationship evolves, she rises to become his equal, challenging him at every turn in this standalone double-grump romance set in the Dark Prince Road world.


Last First Kiss by Carrie Ann Ryan

Last First Kiss by Carrie Ann Ryan follows Daisy Montgomery Knight, who meets Hugh Hendrix at a wedding and has a passionate encounter with him. However, their paths cross again when Daisy becomes Hugh’s new boss. Despite their undeniable chemistry, they both have personal challenges to overcome. As they navigate their complicated relationship, they must decide whether to pursue their feelings or walk away for the sake of their individual healing journeys.


Heartless Monster by Rachel Leigh

Heartless Monster by Rachel Leigh follows an ordinary girl targeted by Rome Cromwell, a football royalty seeking revenge. After Rome rescues her, they end up living under the same roof when their parents marry. Rome presents himself as a charming villain, but the protagonist sees through his facade. He blames her for his ruined football career and wants to own and break her. As the claws of his vengeance tighten, she fears for her survival in this deranged story of love and revenge.


Before This Ends by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Before This Ends by Aurora Rose Reynolds follows Emma Abate, recently single and uncertain about her future. She’s drawn to Miles Thatcher, a single father, despite her reservations. As they navigate their budding relationship, complications arise from Miles’ job as a detective and a murder case, along with Emma’s past. Will they realize they have something worth fighting for, or will external pressures tear them apart before they get the chance?


This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

Soledad Barnes has her life meticulously planned until betrayal shatters her world. Left to provide for her daughters alone, she rediscovers herself while rebuilding their lives. When an unexpected man enters her life, she struggles with trust and the fear of repeating past mistakes. Can she find the courage to embrace what could be, despite her past losses?”


Storms and Secrets by Claire Kingsley

Storms and Secrets by Claire Kingsley follows Zachary Haven, who has always loved Marigold Martin but pretends to hate her. However, when a brush with death makes him realize his true feelings, he’s determined to win her over. Despite secrets and dangers lurking, Zachary risks everything to save Marigold and prove they were meant to be together. With heartwarming moments and suspenseful twists, this small-town romance delivers a satisfying happily ever after.


​​The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black

The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black is the gripping conclusion to the Stolen Heir duology. Prince Oak finds himself imprisoned in the icy north, controlled by a monstrous queen. With High King Cardan and High Queen Jude determined to retrieve their stolen heir, Oak must choose between regaining the trust of the girl he loves or remaining loyal to Elfhame. As war looms and treachery abounds, Oak faces impossible choices that could doom those he cares about.


Darkest Sins by Neva Altaj

A chance encounter leads to an unexpected connection between a woman, Nera, and a mysterious man, Kai, who she saves from a gunshot wound. Despite their bond, Kai keeps his distance, only watching over Nera from the shadows. Nera sees him as her protector, but Kai believes he’s unworthy of love due to his dark past. As they navigate their feelings, Kai struggles with his inner demons while Nera longs to break through his walls


That First Flight by Jenn McMahon

Macey, a young mother, dreams of being a chef in NYC. After years of parental scrutiny, she flees to New York, where she meets Oliver on a flight. They hit it off but lose contact until he unexpectedly shows up at her bar, offering to take her and her daughter back to the city with him. Oliver’s gestures, like learning to cook for her and giving them both nicknames, melt Macey’s heart. Their relationship blossoms, and despite the emotional journey, it’s incredibly heartwarming.”

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Walk of Shame by Avery Flynn

Astrid O’Malley, still scarred from being dumped at the altar by a hockey goalie, has sworn off hockey and casual hookups. But when she meets a guy who seems perfect for a one-night stand, she can’t resist. However, she soon discovers he lives upstairs and is now her dad’s team’s goalie coach, training her ex. Astrid finds herself in a hockey-filled nightmare with her ex, family, and amazing sex. And to make matters worse, she’s back on the team. It’s a puck-filled mess.”


Swift and Saddled by Lyla Sage

Ada Hart is a city girl who’s made it on her own and doesn’t want a man. She’s landed a big project at a Wyoming ranch. At a local bar, she shares a steamy kiss with a cowboy, only to find out he’s her new boss, Weston Ryder. Despite their attraction, Ada keeps her distance. Weston is thrilled to have Ada on board, but she’s hesitant to mix business with pleasure. As they work together, will they resist their feelings or take a chance on love


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