BOOK REVIEW : The Beekeeper’s Daughter

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Name of the book: The Beekeeper’s Daughter

Name of the Author: Santa Montefiore

Year of publishing: 2015

The publisher:  Simon Schuster

Number of Pages: 389

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The story: 

In the year 1933, Grace Hamblin is leading a blissful life among bees and nature in a rural estate with her only relation, her father. As the daughter of the beekeeper, she was pretty sure what she wanted to be in life until she fell in love with a man whom she can never have. 

40 years after, Gracie’s daughter Trixie Valentine is also in love with a man but unexpected events split them apart. 

The story spans several generations. And narrates the love stories of Grace and her daughter, Trixie. 

My views on theme, Plot and characters:

I was very excited to read another book about bees after having read about them in The secret life of bees. However, it turns out that the books have nothing in common other than bees.

The story of the Beekeeper’s daughter is spread over the years through the lives of Grace and her daughter. The book opens up with a beautiful poem by Rudyard Kipling, The Bee-boy’s song. A perfect choice for the storyline.

The first couple of chapters introduce the life of Grace with her husband and daughter in an idyllic Tekanasset island. Like any other Santa Montefiore Novel, beekeeper’s daughter also begins with the elaborated narrative of the gorgeous island in the 1970s. From rose adorned clubhouses to the grassy hills for birdwatchers. I am sure this Island is worth your visit even now. 

Just like her mother, Beatrix Valentine- Trixie is enthusiastic and ambitious. But ever since she met Jasper, the band member, there is nothing but a life with him in her mind.

As a reader, I didn’t feel their romance or find it anything extraordinary. In my opinion, it would have been more fascinating if there were more account of their meeting at the Island. 

Even Though the story gives equal importance to the lives of mother and daughter. The life of Grace was much more engaging, emotional and heart-warming. I loved reading about her love for her father and the bees. 

Rufus, Grace’s love interest turns out to be joyful and fun-loving. On the other hand, I was a bit confused about the love story of Rufus and Grace. Especially when it turns out to be infidelity. Even Though their romance is one of the main themes, I couldn’t really conclude whether it was a love or infatuation. Later in the novel, Grace admits that it’s the latter. Meanwhile, throughout his life, Rufus was agonizing his love for Grace. 

However, the author’s account of Grace as a daughter and as a mother is appreciable. Those scenes make this story emotional. 

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Final Thoughts

On the whole, The beekeeper’s daughter is a well- written story.

I would recommend this to anyone who would love to read about a beautiful countryside story but not a great romance.

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