13 Charming Novels To Read If You Loved “Bridgerton”

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Books to read after Bridgerton

Set in the Regency era in England, Bridgerton TV series is one of the most watched Netflix English TV shows. The show is based on The  Bridgerton Series written by Julia Quinn.  The first book in the series is “The Duke and I” and narrates the story of  Daphne, the oldest Bridgerton daughter.  It has a total of eight books and follows eight siblings.

So if you love reading stories that are set in the interconnected regency universe, you’ll love the books in the list.  These books are perfect to read if you’ve already finished reading  “The  Bridgerton Series” or maybe you just want to explore similar books that are set in the Regency Era. 

You’ll be delighted to have found these captivating historical fictions just like The Bridgerton Series! 

By the way, if you haven’t read the all the books in series yet, find below all the Bridgerton books in order!

Now let’s find out some of charming romances like Bridgerton !

First Comes Marriage by Mary Balogh

Bestselling author Mary Balogh’s  ‘First Comes Marriage’ is the first book in her Huxtable Quintet Series. The story follows the Huxtable family, which includes three sisters and a younger brother. When the younger brother earns the title of Earl of Merton, their life is changed forever. The first book in the series focuses on the story of middle sister Vanessa and Elliott Wallace. Just like Bridgerton, this book has dazzling characters,  sensuality and humour. The other books in the series include ‘Then Comes Seduction,  ‘At Last Comes Love’, ‘Seducing an Angel’ and ‘A Secret Affair’.


My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid

In order to save her family from financial ruin Katharine Danvers is prepared to take a risk, to be engaged to the reclusive Duke of Thornton. As nobody has heard about his presence for a long time, she is certain that her plan is going to work without any harm.  Becoming the fiancé of the Duke will  help her sisters get perfect love matches and to lead a comfortable life.

However, the unexpected arrival of the Duke is about to change everything. This first book in the Sinful Wallflowers is followed by Her Wicked Marquess and A Scoundrel of Her Own.


Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean 

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell has always lived by the rules. But as a 28 years old, she is now determined to live by her own rules.

Since her time to have a husband and children are almost over, she wants to make the most out of her life. She has made a list of nine things to do in her life. Things which are forbidden for a lady to do.

The first one in the list is “a kiss” and she already knows the perfect man for her first deed! 


To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters

It was five years ago that Lady Violet Grey and Lord James Audley fell in love with each other and got married. However, because of a huge fight that had happened during their marriage, they hardly spoke to each other in four years.

Yet, when Violet receives a letter concerning her husband’s health, she rushes to see him. Upon arrival she realises that it was just a trick. Outraged, she decides to teach him a lesson. 


Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater 

In this list of books similar to Brigerton, Olivia Atwater’s novel stands out as this book is a combination of fantasy and historical romance. We follow Theodora Ettings, a young lady with half a soul. This condition is a result of a curse. And because of which Theodora has no sense of fear or happiness.

This often makes her prone to scandal. When Lord Sorcier learns about this strange condition, he wishes to help her find the other part of her soul. 


Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

After the immensely popular Bridgerton series, author Julia Quinn has a new series called ‘The Rokesbys Series’, the novel is set in 1700 and narrates the story of a generation that came before the celebrated Bridgerton siblings. The first book in the series, Because of Miss Bridgerton follows Billie Bridgerton. Her family has been friends with the Rokesby family for centuries and she has grown up with the Rokesby brothers, Edward and Andrew. And she has always expected to be the wife of one of the brothers. However, she can’t tolerate their arrogant elder brother- George.

But then as always the unexpected happens and they discover something unique about each other.


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s classic novel is written in the Regency period and you might certainly find similarities between Bridgetorn and Pride and Prejudice. Austen’s narrates the story of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, two people who are proud and prejudiced against each other but eventually fall in love. When the story begins we meet the Bennet family which comprises five very different sisters. None of them seem to attract any suitors as they don’t have enough fortune.

When a rich bachelor moves in next door, their mother, Mrs Bennet finds her prayers heard, as her only goal in life is to see her daughters married. 


The Rules of Scoundrels Series by Sarah MacLean

Author Sarah MacLean’s historical romance series follows four aristocrats who have been banished from society and become the London underworld royalties, scandals which can be heard in ballrooms and powerful lovers who are capable enough to tame darkness.

All four books in the series narrate the stories of various characters. The books include ‘A Rogue by Any Other Name’, ‘One Good Earl Deserves a Lover, ‘No Good Duke Goes Unpunished’ and ‘Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover’.


Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George

August Crenshaw is an ambitious young woman and the daughter of a rich business man. She isn’t keen on marriage, nor does she want her sister to be in a heartless marriage. When she learns that the Duke of Rothschild is about to pursue her sister, Violet,  she decides to convince him not to proceed further.

But after meeting the bold sister, Duke wants August to be his heiress. ‘Heiress Gets a Duke’ is a delightful read set in the Gilded Age. 


Ravished by Amanda Quick

Miss Harriet Pomeroy seeks the help of the infamous Gideon Westbrook to hunt down the thieves who are hiding stolen goods in her caves. The whole town is scared of Gideon as his horrible scar and notorious past is well-known. But for some reason, Harriet has found the courage to meet this man. And for Gideon, for the first time in life he has met someone who trusts him wholeheartedly.

Now there is one hurdle that awaits him both, a thief who is capable of ruining the mutual attraction between these two…


You’ll also love books like Lord of Ice by Gaelen Foley , The Gift by Julie Garwood and The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsey

There you have some great books to read after enjoying Bridgerton series!

Let me know what other books you’ll love to include in the list?


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