9 Books with Number 22 in the title

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Dive into the list of books with ’22’ in the title

If you love creative books with numbers challenges.  This blog post if for you.

From thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales, these ’22 in the title’ books promise to captivate your mind and spirit.

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 is a classic novel set during World War II.

It revolves around the experiences of Yossarian, a man determined to avoid death at all costs. Despite his efforts, he finds himself targeted by strangers who want to end his life. The book cleverly combines humor and sorrow, shedding light on the absurdities of military bureaucracy.

Yossarian’s journey becomes a poignant exploration of survival amidst chaos and irrationality.


22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories by Stuart MacBride

22 Dead Little Bodies and Other Stories features the beloved characters Acting DI Logan McRae and DCI Robert Steel.

In a CID unit that’s seen better days, Acting DI Logan McRae is having a rough week. Every time they stumble upon something interesting, DCI Steel’s Major Investigation Team swoops in to take over, leaving CID with the mundane and unpleasant tasks.

From dealing with cantankerous Mrs. Black to identifying a homeless man found dead behind some bins, or locating the family of a recent suicide victim – Logan’s week is nothing short of miserable.

But when dead bodies start piling up, it becomes clear that Logan’s week is about to take a much darker and more challenging turn. Join Logan McRae and DCI Robert Steel in this thrilling tale of crime, intrigue, and the complexities of police work.


22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson

Set against the backdrop of post-World War II Europe, 22 Britannia Road is the historical fiction set in England. 

It follows Silvana and her eight-year-old son, Aurek, as they embark on a journey from war-torn Poland to England. They have survived years of hardship in the wilderness, carrying a haunting secret that has left them scarred.

In Ipswich, England, Silvana reunites with her husband, Janusz, after six long years of separation. Janusz has prepared a new home and tends to an English garden, hoping to create a haven for his family. However, the war has transformed them all, and their reunion is not without challenges.

To build a real home, Silvana and Janusz must embrace their differences, and allow their spirited son, Aurek, to be himself. 

22 Britannia Road is a poignant tale of love, resilience, and the complexities of rebuilding shattered lives in the aftermath of war.


22 Nights by Linda Winstead Jones

Delve into the enchanting world of 22 Nights by Linda Winstead Jones, a captivating tale of love, magic, and the unexpected.

Belavalari, a fierce warrior, had given up hope of ever rekindling the flame with Merin, the dashing general to whom she had given her heart. But fate has different plans.

Merin, on a mission from the emperor, returns to Bela’s village with a surprising proposal – to make her the prospective empress. The catch? Bela is not just a warrior; she’s a woman, and she’s already married to Merin. A shocking revelation, for Bela had drugged him years ago to perform the Turi marital rite.

To sever this unintended bond, Bela and Merin must spend twenty-two days and nights together, bound by a short rope. However, the path to freedom is fraught with challenges, and they might just end up killing each other before they can break the bond.

This enemies to lovers romance is a wonderful fantasy to enjoy for ‘books with number 22 in the title’ challenge. 


The 22 Murders of Madison May by Max Barry

Speculative psychological suspense The 22 Murders of Madison May by Max Barry, is acclaimed author of ‘Jennifer Government’ and ‘Lexicon.’

Madison May, a young real estate agent, experiences a chilling encounter with a stranger who professes love and then kills her, leaving her bewildered. 

Journalist Felicity Staples is tasked with investigating Madison’s inexplicable murder. But when she spots the killer on the subway and her reality suddenly shifts, Felicity finds herself in a different dimension where no one remembers Madison May, and her own life is subtly altered.

As Felicity delves deeper into this alternate reality, she uncovers a terrifying truth – a serial killer is on the loose.

And also that Madison May’s fate hangs in the balance once again.

Determined to stop the murderer, Felicity realizes she is not alone in her quest, and she must navigate multiple dimensions to solve the mystery.


22 Indigo Place by Sandra Brown

In 22 Indigo Place by Sandra Brown, James Paden, once the enigmatic high-school bad boy, returns to Laura Nolan’s life. Laura is on the verge of losing her beloved home, 22 Indigo Place, to James, whose desire for both her and the property has only grown over time.

James possesses a compelling charm that ignites Laura’s senses and stirs emotions she’s kept hidden. For him, she had always been the unattainable rich man’s daughter, someone he could never truly have.

However, one fateful moonlit night changes everything, binding them together with a passion that brands their hearts forever. 

22 Indigo Place is a marriage of convenience romance is a tale of desire, longing, and love that defies societal expectations and endures through the years.


22-11-1963 by Stephen King

Meet Jake Epping, a high school English teacher in Maine, who stumbles upon a portal to 1958.

His friend Al enlists him in a mission of unimaginable consequences: to prevent the JFK assassination. Jake becomes George Amberson and embarks on a journey into the past filled with Elvis, sock hops, and American nostalgia.

Along the way, he encounters Lee Harvey Oswald and falls in love with Sadie Dunhill, rewriting the rules of time itself.

22-11-1963  is a  thousand-page tour de force, a tribute to a simpler era and a thrilling exploration of what happens when one man attempts to alter the course of history. 

Stephen King delivers an unforgettable blend of suspense and historical fiction in 11/22/63, taking readers on a heart-stopping journey through time.”


Hitch 22 by Christopher Hitchens

In this candid memoir, Hitchens takes us on a journey through the milestones of his life, from his upbringing in Portsmouth with his complex parents to his life in Washington DC, where he launched fearless attacks against all forms of tyranny. 

Along the way, he shares stories of love and heartbreak, friendships and feuds, grand struggles and lost causes, and the inevitable mistakes that shaped his remarkable life.

Hitch-22 is a moving, humorous, infuriating, and inspiring memoir that provides an essential glimpse into the life and mind of one of our era’s most prominent political writers. 


Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon

Delve into the modern intricacies of love and marriage in the digital age with Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon.

Alice and William have been married for two decades, but the spark that once ignited their relationship seems to have faded. Instead of confiding in each other, Alice finds herself sharing her thoughts and secrets on Facebook.

When she’s invited to participate in an anonymous online survey about marriage and love, Alice responds under the pseudonym ‘Wife 22.’ The person evaluating her answers, known as ‘Researcher 101,’ listens to her in a way William hasn’t in years. As their interactions intensify, Alice struggles to resist the temptation of e-flirting.

In the midst of her online escapades, Alice must also navigate her father’s newfound social media presence and her teenage daughter’s tweets, leading to a whirlwind of change in her life. 

Wife 22 is a humorous, poignant, and perceptive exploration of love and relationships in the digital era, showcasing the complexities of modern life through the lens of a captivating new voice in fiction.”


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