30 Best Books with ‘Summer’ in the Title (Perfect For Beach Bag)

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Get ready to  captivating selection of books with ‘Summer’ in the Title.

Whether you’re lounging on a tropical paradise or enjoying a peaceful afternoon at a local beach, these summer-themed novels will transport you to enchanting destinations.

From beach romances like One Italian Summer to thrilling mysteries that unfold under the scorching summer sun,these delightful  books with the word Summer’ in the book title are tailor-made to be your beach bag essentials. 

The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner’s The Summer Place is set in the summer after the Covid pandemic.

The summer has just begun and the Levy-Weinberg have just begun to move out from their never ending quarantine days. And there is going to be a wedding in the family! 22-year old Ruby has decided to get married to her boyfriend at the family beach house on Cape Cod. Meanwhile, Sarah Danhauser, her step-mother is stunned by the news. 

As the story progresses we meet many more characters and their past and present secrets. The Summer Place is an emotionally charged drama to read this summer! 


The Summer Getaway by Susan Mallery

Single mother Robyn is trying to figure out her life beyond her failed marriage. Although she has always put her family first, it seems that her children don’t want to seek her advice any more. Once the divorce settlement runs out, she decides to travel to her great aunt, Lillian. The only person who is always there for her. However, her plan to spend some time alone with Lillian is interrupted by her own family. One by one they visit her, asking for comfort.

The Summer Getaway is a moving tale of unconditional love, female friendship and family ties. 


One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle 

When Katy loses her beloved mother, she is utterly devastated. So much so that she begins to question everything in her life, from her career to her relationship with her husband.

Without giving much time to grieve, she escapes to Italy, a holiday trip she was supposed to take with her late mother. Her mother always talked about her life in Italy, so Katy thinks of the trip as a chance to explore her mother’s early life along with pondering over her own marriage.

One Italian Summer is an atmospheric novel that narrates the story of love, loss and family. I absolutely loved the title as it certainly goes well with Katy’s memorable summer in Italy.


It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey 

It Happened One Summer follows the social media star Piper Bellinger who loves to be the centre of attention. However, her life is not as glamorous as she pretends it to be. One night, her step-dad sends her away to a small seaside home town, where she is assigned to take care of her late father’s dive bar.

As she begins to settle down in the new environment, she meets a grumpy sea captain, who seems to loathe her presence in the town. 

If you can’t guess from the title, let me tell you that it’s a steamy beach read with plenty of witty banters.


The Summer Proposal by Vi Keeland 

Georgia Delaney is smart and successful and going through a heartbreak.

Now that she is single, she decides to give blind dates a go. And that’s how she meets Max Yearwood, the guy with the biggest dimples. However, just as she thought they had a good chemistry, her real date arrives. Before leaving Max gives her a ticket to the hockey game. And it appears that he had invited her to watch him play the game. And soon both decide to spend summer together. 

The Summer Proposal is a swoon-worthy romance book set in summer!


Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner’s known for her funny, remarkably poignant books set in summer.

Her 2020 release Big Summer follows feel good Instagram influencer Daphne Berg who is caught off guard when her ex-best friend walks back to her life.

Beautiful and rich Drue Cavanaugh is seeking a favor from Daphne, she begs her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Now Daphne is unable to believe this request. Drue, who humiliated her in front of her friends almost six years ago, is asking her to be the maid-of-honour !

Daphne is well aware of her life, she is no longer the bashful self-effacing teenager any more. But at the same time, she is unable to resist her ex-friend’s request. 


Last summer at the Golden Hotel by Elyssa Friedland 

When the Goldman and Weingold families bought The Golden Hotel in the 60s it was one of the popular destinations among the elite.

 The prestigious resort had served many guests including celebrities. However, as years have passed the resort seems to have lost the charm and same goes for the relationship between the owners. Now that the hotel is almost on the verge of closure, the members of the families come together to agree on the settlement price. But can they just easily get rid of their beloved hotel?

Last summer at the Golden Hotel captures the long-buried secrets and dramas of dysfunctional families. 


That Summer by Jennifer Weiner 

Daisy and Diana form an unlikely friendship through an accidental email exchange. These two women are leading totally different lives. But what was supposed to be a mere coincidence becomes far more complex and the reason behind their connection is revealed. Just like any other Jennifer Weiner novel, That Summer is an epic summer page-tuner, with unexpected twists with strong themes such as female friendship, motherhood, and femininity. 


28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand 

From the queen of beach reads, comes a heart wrenching novel of love, friendship and family.  We follow the lives of Jake and Mallory who spend their summer together for 28 years. It all started on a labour day weekend in 1993. Since their first meeting , they make it a tradition to spend every summer together. As the story progresses, we see how their affair impacts their individual families. 

If you’re in to fun challenges like books with summer in the title or books with numbers in the title, Elin Hilderbrand’s books are perfect for you.


The Summer House by Jenny Hale 

A life-long dream has come true for best friends Callie Weaver and Olivia Dixon. They have finally invested in a beach house which is to be transformed into a bed and breakfast at North Carolina’s Outer Banks. As both friends are actively involved in the renovation process, finding love is the last thing on their minds.

Yet, when Callie meets the local millionaire Luke Sullivan, she realises that he is more than just a good-looking guy. Just as everything was going well, Callie and Olivia discover a diary of previous owners, full of secrets that are powerful enough to harm many lives. 

The Summer House is a slow-burning romance novel that you will love reading by the beach. This feel-good novel also has great themes like family and relatioships.


Summer of 69 by Elin Hilderbrand 

The Levin family has always looked forward to the summer every year. It’s that time of the year when all members come together to spend days at their grandmother’s historic home. However, things are different this year, as all of them are busy with their own lives. The oldest sister is pregnant and Kirby, the middle sister, has taken up a summer job. Tiger, their brother, is in Vietnam. So thirteen-year-old Jessie is spending her summer without her siblings.

Set in 1969, Summer of 69 takes you to the troubled summer days of The Levin family and the world outside. 


The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe

New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe’s novel will instantly transport you to the charming Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina.

The Summer Girls is the story of three half-sisters Dora, Carson, and Harper and a grandmother who is determined to make it alright and help the girls rediscover their lost family. However, the grandmother, the eighty-year-old Marietta  “Mamaw”  is also preparing herself to accept the wages of her sin. This moving story of three sisters is the first book in the Lowcountry Summer Series. The Summer Girls is followed by “The Summer Wind“, The Summer’s End“,A Lowcountry Wedding”, and “A Lowcountry Christmas”. 


The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han 

Belly has always looked forward to the summer, as she knew there is always something special happening in that time. And she also loves spending her summer vacation at Cousins Beach with her mom’s friend and her two sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. She has always been in love with Conrad, and she hopes he feels the same. But it turns out that both have feelings for her. So now Belly has to choose between the brothers.

The Summer I turned Pretty book is the first one in the Summer Series trilogy which is followed by ‘It’s Not Summer Without You’, and ‘We’ll Always Have Summer’


Summer Island by Kristin Hannah 

New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah’s novels are known for portraying the tragic, and bittersweet aspects of relationships.

In Summer Island Hannah explores the dynamics of a mother-daughter relationship.

Nora Bridge is a popular radio talk show host who had left her husband and daughters years ago.  Now, she gives inspirational advice for listeners’ about family values but she hasn’t talked to her own daughter who is a struggling comedian. When a scandal about Nora’s past erupts , Ruby is offered a huge sum of money to write a tell-all. 

Amidst all this the mother and daughter happened to be at their family summer house and trying to reconnect their relationship. 


Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver

American novelist Barbara Kingsolver’s novel tells the story of numerous characters from different walks of life. We see three sets of characters  who are living in the Appalachians in Virginia. From a reclusive biologist to elderly farmers, diverse characters who connect with each other and explore nature. With descriptive writing and exciting plots and characters, Prodigal Summer is a poignant novel to read. 


The Summer House in Santorini by Samantha Parks 

Set in the picturesque Greek Island, Samantha Parks’s debut novel The Summer House in Santorini  narrates the story of Anna who is running away from her complicated life. Amidst her failed relationship and ruined career, she seeks escape to the island of Santorini where she had inherited her estranged father’s ramshackle cottage. Once on the Island Anna is captivated by not only by the gorgeous sea but also by the mysterious Niko.


Summer at the Château by Jennifer Bohnet

Pixie’s dream of moving to France is shattered when her husband dies. Heartbroken, she decides not to move to the French countryside and prepares to sell the château she has inherited. But just before bidding goodbye to that, Pixie and mother travel to France to spend the summer for the very last time. Upon her arrival the secrets are revealed and her life is about to change. 


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