15 Affordable Bookshelves For Small Spaces

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Bookshelves are indeed the best piece of furniture to organize your books. To make your home/ office library more appealing.

And it’s still possible even if you’ve limited space. These days, bookshelves come in all dimensions to fit in your small spaces. So this post can help you find the best bookshelves if you live in a limited space and want to purchase a bookshelf.

There are also some tips to consider before you buy your favourite piece, along with tips to transform your bookcase from average to amazing. 

Things to consider before buying a bookcase

 Here are some of the key elements to take note of before you invest in a bookshelf.


First and foremost, how much are you willing to spend? Think about whether you’re going to spend a lot making it a long-time investment or you need something cheap for the time being. 


Before getting a bookshelf, decide where you want to place it. Whether it’s in the living room, study or bedroom. This will ensure the right dimension and size for your bookshelf. 


It definitely depends on your budget. But you can choose an affordable bookshelf with quality material. Whether you want a metal bookshelf or particleboard bookshelf, take time to decide on your preferred style. 

Now that you know how to choose the best bookshelves, let have a look at the best bookshelves for small spaces.

15 Best Bookshelves for small spaces

Open Shelf Bookcase

A stylish open shelf bookcase for small rooms. It comes in multiple colours making it ideal for everyone. Easy to assemble yet sturdy bookcase for bookworms. 

Perfect for people on a budget. 


9-Tier Tree Bookshelf

A tree bookshelf with an eye-catching design. Epic wooden looking furniture to transform your living room, as it requires very little space. This would be an ideal bookshelf for your home office. Grab some inspiring non-fiction books from the list to add to your bookshelf.

Perfect for artistic design lovers


Space Saving Bookshelf

A minimalist bookcase for small spaces. This space-saving furniture comes with adjustable shelves. 

Perfect for limited space 


5-Tier Ladder Shelf

This 5-tier ladder shelf bookcase is made from a rustproof square steel tube. The neat and elegant design makes it a great piece for your home. 

Perfect bookshelf if you love decorative items with books.

Bookshelf for Small Spaces

This freestanding bookcase is cute and lightweight. Probably one of the easiest to assemble, this bookshelf is ideal if you’re required to shift furniture frequently.

Perfect for student rooms

Floor Standing Tree Bookcase

This walnut brown floor-standing bookcase can capture any bookworm’s heart. The unique 9-shelf tree-like structure can help you transform the way you organize your books.  

Perfect if you have a lot of books but small space availability. 

Rustic Book Shelf

This floating bookshelf is made with 100% FAS grade oak solid wood. A simple piece of furniture that can elevate your home decor. 

Perfect for simple-classic furniture lovers. 

GreenForest Industrial Bookcase

This rustic bookshelf with a metal frame offers plenty of storage space. The frame is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. A chic looking bookshelf for book lovers.

Perfect to display your huge collection of books

Industrial Rustic Wood Bookcase

This modern bookshelf comes in two colours. The quality material ensures sturdiness and stability. A sleek design to transform your personal library.

Perfect piece for your living room. 

Modern Wood and Metal Bookcase

This modern wood and metal bookcase can help you declutter your space with little effort. You can also bring in some decorative pieces to match the bookshelf. 

6-Tiers Modern Ladder Shelf Bookcase 

This modern ladder bookshelf is super easy to put together. Transform your home library smoothly with this furniture. 

Perfect for a vintage theme home/office.

Anti-fall Tree Bookshelf

This heavy-base space-saving bookshelf is a true recreation of nature. The attractive design is inspired by nature and represents the tree branch. 

A perfect bookshelf in wood.

Bookcase Wall Mount Bookshelf

This wall mount bookshelf has open storage shelves. This classic vintage design is easy to assemble. 

Perfect for lovers of retro style furniture.


Pipe Bookshelf

This pipe bookshelf is constructed with solid wood and metal frame, making it a must-have addition to your living space. This multi-purpose bookshelf is great to organize your home and office. 

Perfect if you look for a long-lasting piece of furniture. 

10 Tier Tree Bookshelf with Drawers

This freestanding bookshelf comes with multilayer storage space-9 shelves and one drawer. The smooth surface and elegant appearance make it ideal for an environmentally friendly living space. 

Perfect choice if you’re looking for extra storage space

Now that you’ve got your favourite bookshelf, here are a few tips on styling it.

Easy ways style your to bookshelves

Irrespective of the size, colour and design of your bookshelves, you can transform your bookcase into a piece of art. Here are a few tips to help you style your bookcase in the most affordable yet stylish way.

Adopt a colour theme

When you’re not sure how many colours you want to include, just stick with one or two dominant colours. Maybe you can arrange books by colour.  Have a look at this post on how bookworms arrange books by colour.

Include Artistic pieces

You can easily grab a bookish artwork to place on the bookshelf. Something like Alice Wonderland MAD Hatter Tea Party Framed Print or this Hemingway Pencil Cup. Anything literary pieces to give it depth. 

Get Bookends

Bookends not only help declutter books but also make your bookshelf aesthetically pleasing. This Bookends Shelf Tidy BookEnds is perfect for vintage and rustic themes. 

Make it yours

Irrespective of the theme or style you choose, it’s vital to bring your own personality into the piece of furniture you own. If you’re someone who loves nature, bring in some greenery.

There you’ve 15 budget-friendly bookcases for small spaces and some tips and tricks to transform your furniture

Which one from the list are you going to get for yourself?

Let me know in the comments.

Always curious to hear from you,


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