82 Budget-Friendly Easter Basket Filler Ideas (For All Ages)

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It’s time to hop into Easter with this ultimate guide to basket stuffers! 

No need to stress about what to put in your loved one’s basket other than candy! 

I know, making a list of Easter basket fillers may seem an overwhelming task, especially if you’re on a budget. But don’t worry, I’ve gathered a list of Easter basket goodies that are creative and incredibly budget-friendly! 

Whether you’re giving an Easter basket to your kids, partner, or treating yourself, we’ve got you covered with some creative Easter basket ideas that are perfect for babies, kids, and adults! 

What do you put in an Easter basket?

The possibilities are endless! When we consider Easter basket stuffers, we immediately think of popular classic Easter treats, such as chocolate eggs, peeps, or jelly beans. So if you’re not up for creative Easter basket suggestions go ahead with them! 

What to put in the Easter basket besides candy?

You can make this year’s Easter basket something special with non-candy basket fillers! This list has some amazing creative Easter basket Ideas that you can try for kids, tweens, and adults!  

Inexpensive Easter Basket Ideas for Babies 

1. Silicone Teether

Let’s start the list with a soothing Easter filler idea for babies. This silicone teether is irresistible for tiny hands and soothing tender gums. Your baby will love this orange carrot.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON

2. Sleep and Play Pajamas

This one-piece outfit is incredibly soft and would be a great addition to any easter basket. The quality lasts wash after wash. Also, the loose fit of the jumpsuit allows for plenty of wiggle room from playtime to bedtime. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

3. Baby One-Piece Swimsuit

This adorable little hat and suit are perfect for a day at the beach and also a budget-friendly Easter basket filler for babies.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

4. Baby Sunscreen

Keep your little one protected from harmful sun rays with SPF 50+ Baby Sunscreen. A practical and affordable addition to any Easter basket BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

5.An Easter And Springtime Book

Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter is a colorful and engaging Easter and springtime book for little guys. The story of Pet the Fuzzy yellow chick and their hunt for shiny Easter eggs are a cute little adventure book that would surely make a thoughtful Easter basket fillers BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

6.Bunny Rabbit 

Your little one would love to have this adorable bunny rabbit and best friend. A soft and snuggly rabbit with long floppy ears with extra-soft plush fur is too cute to handle. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

7.Easy Sippy Cup

Another budget-friendly Easter basket filler that is also perfect for everyday use. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

8.Baby Swimming Float

Want a fun and useful Easter basket filler? This baby swimming float inflatable is a fabulous idea to get your little one ready for summer as well. Plus it guarantees long hours of uninterrupted excitement. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

9.Easter Eggs Toddler Toys

No Easter basket would ever be complete without easter eggs. These Hide & Squeak Easter Eggs are colorful and festive additions that will keep your little one engaged and entertained. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

10.Bunny Security Blanket

I know, how small and cute is this snuggly bunny?  Tuck a soft pink bunny into the Easter basket which is guaranteed to become a beloved companion for your little one.BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

11.Everybunny Prays Gift Set 

Grab this cutest prayer gift set if you are in search of a meaningful basket filler idea. A bunny-themed easter baby gift is a soft pink rose and includes a special compartment for the book as well. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

12.Soft Crinkle Book for Babies

Peter Rabbit-inspired soft book with toy is a cost-effective Easter basket filling and as well as a  springtime surprise for little ones BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

13.Sensory ball

A  brightly colored infant texture ball is a small Easter basket filler for newborn babies. Not only are they ideal for visual stimulation but also effective balls for sparking your kid’s imagination. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

14.Sensory Blocks

Pop tube sensory toys for promoting fine motor skills and learning. Perfect Easter basket stuffing for little hands to explore and manipulate. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

15.Photo Frame

This rustic photo frame is one of the creative Easter basket suggestions. This is also a beautiful way to capture and commemorate that very first magical moment with your baby BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

16.My First Easter bib

The baby cotton bib and sock set with the “My First Easter” quote is a practical and festive addition to your Easter-inspired baby items. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

17.Yogurt Melts

Of course, you need to add a delicious treat to the basket as well. This freeze-dried Yogurt & fruit melt is tasty, healthy yet cheap Easter basket snack BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

18.Baby’s First Easter Basket Playset

This Easter gift basket is great for holding easter eggs, stuffed toys, candies, and chocolates plus your little one will love playing with this interactive easter basket playset. So it’s a win-win BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

19. Cuddle + Kind Baby Animal Collection

I know it’s a little more than your budget, but I couldn’t help but include this gorgeous bunny doll. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

Easter Basket Stuffers For Toddlers 

20. Plastic Eggs 

These colorful plastic eggs are great for Easter hunting or as classic basket fillers. Kids love their vibrant pastel colors so fill them with candy, small toys, or even coins for an amazing surprise on Easter morning.BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

21. Kids Easter Socks

These super cute Easter-themed socks are incredibly cheap but they are perfect for keeping little feet warm on chilly spring mornings.BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

22.Little Golden Book

Everyone wants to read the Peter Rabbit story on Easter. So let your kid explore the world of Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

 23.Toddler Block Toys Blocks

Kiddos will absolutely love these colorful blocks that will encourage little hands to learn to stack and build. Easy to put together plus they’re great for a toddler’s Easter basket.BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

24.Cute Stickers

These adorable Easter-themed stickers are sure to put a smile on your toddler’s face. Use them to decorate Easter cards, notebooks, or anything else your child would love. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

25.Girl Hair Clips

Your little girl would love these cute hair clips with Easter eggs and bunny patterns.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

26.Easter Egg Toss

Great fun and interactive Easter basket goodies for getting kids active and outside. Set up the egg-shaped targets and take turns tossing the soft, foam eggs to see who can get the most points.BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

27. Easter Coloring Books

Next comes an affordable basket stuffer that encourages the little guys to celebrate the holidays and be creative. The book features many sweet designs like bunnies, eggs, and chicks.BUY NOW ON AMAZON 


If you want to surprise your toddler this Easter with beach toys, this mini sandbox is just the right one. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

29.Activity Book

It’s time to keep little minds busy with this Easter-themed activity book. These books are filled with easy and entertaining coloring activities. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

30.Bubble Toy 

This basket filler will take bubble play to the next level. Your toddler will love these bubble guns. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

31.Squeezable Nightlight

Super cute bear with a pink glow. What not to love about this Easter treat. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

32.Easter Egg Bubbles Wands

Your kiddo will get the hang of this light-up bunny Easter wand in no time. They are incredibly cute, creating lots of bubbles with just a quick wave. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

33. Easter Board Book

Of course, another board book. Because a little one’s Easter basket demands many cute stories of Easter egg hunts. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

34.Easter Eggs Learning Toy

Go ahead and add some egg-citement to your toddler’s Easter basket this year!BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

Easter Basket Fillers ideas For Tweens

35.Kids Against Maturity Card Game

This is in fact a hilarious family-friendly card game for Easter basket stuffing. It guarantees   Endless hours of laughter and fun for tweens and adults. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

36.Movie Theater Gift Card

Time to bond over a great movie and popcorn. Movie theater gift card. Is a unique Easter basket gift for your young teens. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

37.Mini Belt Bag

Cute and super useful bag for girls. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

38.Makeup Beauty Kit 

This makeup set is perfect for toddlers and tweens. Let your little girls experiment with different looks and find their own unique style. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

39.Photo Clip String Lights

Everyone wants to have a cozy little corner of their own, especially tweens, So grab these adorable photo clip string lights to include in the Easter basket. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

40.White Rabbit Lego Set 

A white rabbit animal toy, a cute cockatoo parrot, or a white seal, this mini lego set in a game-changer. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

41.Water Bottle

Colourful water bottles are always a hit as an Easter basket filler. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

42.Bunny Plush Pillow

Everyone loves a cuddly and adorable Bunny. I might get one for myself! BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

43.Beach Towel

Get ready for some summer fun with Bunnies and carrots in blue. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

44.Karaoke Microphone

People love this wireless karaoke microphone because it’s an incredibly cheap Easter basket filler that doesn’t break the bank. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

45.Skip Ball

This classic toy is surely going to get your kids to play outside with friends. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

46.Shape Shifting Box

This unique and fascinating shape-shifting box can transform into over 70 shapes!! BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

47.Nail polish

Get some color and sparkle to your Easter basket with this affordable and fun nail polish. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

48.Play-Doh Eggs

Want to make your Easter hunt messy and creative? Then this is what you should get for tween basket filler. Play-DOH egg features squishy, non-toxic modeling compounds for young ones to play with.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

49.Slime Kit

Sparkly egg slime is another great Easter basket gift option. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

50.Temporary Tattoo Markers

 Add some fun and temporary body art to your Easter celebrations with these tattoo markers. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

51.Binoculars for Toddlers

Kid-sized binocular is a wonderful gift for your little adventurer.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

52.Easter Egg Decorator Kit

Tweens will love to create and decorate their own Easter eggs with this Easter egg decorator kit. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to any basket filler as well. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

53.Sticker Play Set

Reusable stickers are great as  Easter goodies for kids for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and many more. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

54.Kids Create Absurdity Game

Another hilarious game for tweens. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

Easter Basket Stuffers for Adults 

55.Easter Snacks Box Variety Pack 

A box full of sweet, salty, savory, snacks ! Just the perfect Easter basket stuffer that everyone loves! BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

56.Dreamfarm Savel

Every household needs this! Plus it’s an affordable Easter basket stuffing idea that will save you food and money. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

57.Beer Chiller Sticks

The best way to keep your beer cold and refreshing is with these beer chiller sticks. So any beer lover would love to have this in the Easter basket. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

58.Pajama Pants

Cozy pajama pants are an absolute must for snuggling up on the couch with a good book or lazy holidays. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

59.Easter Bunny Wreath

It’s the perfect Easter decoration for any family! BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

60 Cedar Planks

Bring some smoky flavor to your grilled meats with these cedar planks. A must-have for  Easter dinner cooking. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

61.Burt’s Bees Easter Basket Stuffer

For anyone who loves natural and eco-friendly skincare products, Burt’s Bees’ Easter set is a wonderful item. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

62.Tie Clip

The perfect accessory to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

63.Easter Poop Mints

Add some fun to your Easter basket with these sugar-free Easter poop mints. They’re an amusing way to celebrate the holiday and freshen your breath after all those Easter treats. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

64.Bunny Figurines

These adorable bunny figurines add a touch of whimsy to any room charming. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

65.Bath Bombs

Luxurious bath bombs are great if you want to relax, pamper and soak yourselves in the tub for hours. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

66.Candies Dark Chocolate

These rich and decadent dark chocolate candies should be in every Easter basket without a doubt. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

67.Oven Mitt Set 

An adorable and stylish oven mitt set for an Easter dinner party. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

68.Bunny plate set 

I always admire vintage-themed bunny plates.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

69.Happy Easter Aprons

Soak up in the Easter spirits with these festive aprons.  These holiday-themed aprons are perfect for cooking up your favorite Easter treats or hosting an Easter dinner for the family. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

70.Easter Bunny Cookie Cutter

Start baking some delicious Easter cookies with this cute bunny cookie cutter.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

71.Bunny Salt and Pepper Shaker

Perfect Easter and springtime decor!  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

72.Scented Candles

Everyone loves the warm glow of the candle on Easter day. And this Lilac scent with an Easter vibe look is just perfection!  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

73.Tea/ Coffee Mug

This vintage mug is the perfect way to enjoy a warm drink while taking a moment to relax during the busy Easter season. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

74.Easter Chocolate Gift Basket

This  Easter chocolate box is sure to bring a smile to any chocolate lover’s face.  An indulgent treat is a way to satisfy a sweet tooth on holidays. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

75.Lapel Pin

The elegant and reasonably priced accessory is a fabulous easter basket filler. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

76.Tulip Silk Flower

These elegant flowers add a touch of freshness to any space, especially the Easter dinner table! BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

77.Pastel Bunny Soaps

Ready to transform your Easter basket into a luxurious spa experience with these cute and fragrant soaps? BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

78.White Ceramic Bunny Ring Holder

Unique bunny ring holder for your partner! BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

79. Spring Pillow Covers

This a quick and inexpensive way to update your living space. Spring-themed pillow covers bring a pop of color for the Easter season and beyond. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

80.Pink Clay

Indulge in a rejuvenating and Easter-inspired skincare routine with pink clay. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

81.Magnetic Collar Stays

Perfect  Easter gift idea for the dapper gentleman who wants to look his best. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

82 Cards Against Humanity

Get ready for some laughs on Easter evening with this hilarious party game. BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

There you have got the affordable Easter basket stuffers for the whole family!

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