19 Inexpensive Book Club Gift Ideas For 2024

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Explore budget-friendly book club gifts for 2024

Want to gift something special to your book club member this Christmas?

Let me help.

Whether you are looking for gifts for your book club buddy or planning a book club gift exchange, these gifts are just perfect.

I promise your book club buddy will love these.

I’ve made sure to include the best reading socks, cute bookmarks, and even book-themed journals. (omg these are my favorites)

Also, I understand that gifting the whole group can be expensive, so most of these are just under $12 and they won’t break bank.

But, in case you’re willing to spend a bit more, there are a few gifts that go a little beyond that budget.

So, it’s time to find the perfect gifts for your friends.

Affordable Book Club Gift ideas

Book Club Keychain

Bookish keychains are so rare to find, to be honest. I really love how beautifully engraved this keychain is. It’s like telling everyone that you’re a bookworm and you can’t stop reading. This also comes with a cute miniature book ornamental piece.

And the silver colour makes it the most stylish looking gift for sure. And you don’t have to gift wrap this one, the elegant velvet pouch that comes with this keychain is so charming that it doesn’t require any additional wrapping. Such a perfect gift idea for your book club members.

Since this is a fun and lovable item that I wouldn’t mind turning into a book lover’s birthday gift either. An inexpensive gift idea for your book club member and for the book lover in you.


Reading Journal Diary for Book Lovers

How cool is it to have a journal just to track your books?

All the members of the book club can have a unique reading journal to track books. I’m all for antique book designs, it really makes me love books even more.

So I wouldn’t hesitate to grab this reading log that comes with a hundred pages.

You can track the name of the book, author, publishing date, page count and write a long review about the plot and characters.

And what makes this reading log stand out from others is “the table of content”. It’s the best way to get a quick look at your reads. If you’re hesitant to just gift only a reading log, grab this natural bamboo pen along with it. These two are definitely a bookworm’s dream.

You can definitely get this item to gift as a book club of the month gift.


Book-themed Thank You Cards with Envelopes

Technically this gift idea shouldn’t be here as it’s a few cents above other book club gift ideas.

But I just couldn’t stop myself listing these gorgeous antique book spines thank you cards.

This unique set comes with matching envelopes, so you just have to add your message and voila, ready to use. The card is made out of durable cardstock so you don’t have to worry about the quality. 

Give this to your bookish friends to use! Such a fun book club gift, don’t you think?


Vintage Bookish Wall Art

Bookish vintage wall art is a priceless gift.

It’s a perfect gift for your book club members to create a bookish atmosphere at home. According to experts, when choosing wall art, you should pay attention to the right size.

Probably adding a vintage frame like this one can take this to a whole new level. 


Women Book Club Bookmarks

Bookworms can never have enough bookmarks.

So who wouldn’t love this elegant gold weather bookmark with a cute cat pendant? As far as I know, people who read a lot, adore cats! So this bookmark is definitely a win-win.

So if you’re looking for affordable book club bookmark, get this gift.


Jane Austen’s Finest Balm

I wouldn’t hesitate to splurge on the magic potion that can save my chapped lips.

But apparently, just the right product can do the trick. And seems like Miss Jane Austen has the cure.

Jane Austen’s finest balm is the best cure for dry lips. One reviewer says she loved it so much that she carries it everywhere she goes.

Who knew your favorite author had the best solution for your problem. It’s a must-have for your bookworm friend. This would be one of the inexpensive book club gifts for Christmas!


Book Earrings Book Lover

These nickel-free earrings are a charming fashion statement.

These unique book dangle earrings show that bookworms love to be elegant and fashionable. I love how minimal looking these earrings are.

They are perfect for everyday wear AND for parties. I’m sure your book club friend is going to get a lot of compliments for this cute piece of jewellery. 

One of the charming book club gifts your reading group will love.


Jane Austen Socks

Winter is the best season to spend your time reading.

And when it comes to cosy reading, there are two things bookworms love: hot cocoa and a pair of winter socks. And you’re going to love these comfy Jane Austen socks with the quote “ I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading”.

Just imagine reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice wearing this beautiful and colourful pair of socks. So another book club gifts worth gifting during the Christmas season.

By the way, since I mentioned hot cocoa, this Hot Cocoa Mix with Peppermint is a popular choice among chocolate lovers! 


Book Lover Pinback Buttons

These book-themed pinback buttons are instant trendsetters.

What I love most about these buttons are the cute book design and the quotes. 


Reading Stickers 102 Pcs

Another inexpensive gifts for book lovers in the your book club is reading stickers.

They are cute patterns to include in your book club planner or reading trackers. This particular reading sticker pack has 102 stickers!! Bright colour reading themed stickers with a matte finish.

You can stick them on any smooth surface such as a water bottle, Ipad or laptop. 


Book-themed Handmade Enamel Pin Set

This book-themed handmade enamel pin set is so adorable that you wouldn’t be able to put them down.

And the charming velvet pouch that comes with it is just icing on the cake. 


 Reading Quotes Wall Art Posters

This modern reading quote wall art painting set is truly a treat for the eyes. Reading quotes are always inspiring and encouraging.

And these bright watercolour paintings make it even more special. However, it doesn’t come with many size options. Currently, they are only available in 8 x 10 Inches.  But I really think this wall decor makes a thoughtful gift for your the ladies in the book club.

Maybe you can make it even more personalized if you gift the wall art along with this modern gold picture frame set. 


Decorative Metal Bookends

I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to include a bookend in this list of cheap gift ideas for book clubs.

Luckily this decorative metal bookend is a bestseller. It seems to be a favourite choice among people on a budget.

They are made of high-quality steel and have a  L-shape design to hold more books. Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.

So these bookends definitely seem the best choice to gift your bookworm friend to organize those 5 star book club reads.


The Little Women Cookbook

How I wish there were cookbooks for all classic novels! Luckily, there is one that features delicious recipes from Little Women.

If you’re a Little Women fan you will definitely remember-Blancmange, a classic pudding that Meg made for Laurie. This little Women cookbook features 50 easy-to-make recipes,  including Amy’s Picnic Lemonade.

One of the reviews says recipes are easy to follow and made with the most common ingredients.

So what are you waiting for? Gift this cookbook to your bookish cook among the book club members! 


Jane Eyre Book Quote Enamel Pin

I wouldn’t think twice to buy anything with Jane Eyre quotes as book club gifts.

Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books and I think the quote “I am no bird, and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” is one of the best quotes of literature. Although I do wish this enamel pin had the full quote, this design does look great.


Bookish Pillow Covers

“Yes, I really do need all these books!” I bet you have said these words again and again in your life that you’ are kind of fed up saying again.

So these pillowcases are perfect for you. They are made of high-quality cotton linen. The best part of cotton pillowcases is that they are extremely easy to maintain. You can easily wash them in a regular washing machine and do low-temperature ironing.

The members of your reading group would love to have these cotton pillowcases.


Book Plates Sticker

These adorable book plates stickers that are just perfect for bookworms. 

They make it super easy to keep track of borrowed books. Maybe but them on your new books. I would probably put them on the books that are in my monthly tbr.

Or I would also just collecting them and keep it on my bookshelf. 


Book Tracker Bookmark

 I love decorating cute bookmarks. And book tracker bookmarks are even better. So check out this cute one from our shop.


A Scent Story Candles

Scented candles are my favourites. After books, I love buying these candles. I think, they just install sets the mood for reading. 

This peach-coconut scented candle with Just One More Chapter quote is just the right gift for your candle lover book club friend. 


Rechargeable Moon Lamp

This one’s a must-have. I mean, who wouldn’t want a moon in their bookshelf or writing desk. 

I bought it for myself and absolutely love the aesthetic of it. 


Have you got a little more money to splurge for book club gifts?

If you don’t mind spending more on choosing the best book lover gift for your book club friend,  here are five star rated products that bookish people recommend:


I hope you have found the best gifts for your book club members. If you ask me my top three picks would be,

Which of these low-cost book club gifts is your favorite?

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