26 Reminders of Him Quotes : Beautiful and Heartwarming

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Dive into the heartwarming quotes from Colleen Hoover’s 2022 novel, Reminders of Him.

Reminders of Him is one of those novels that just sticks with you. The way Hoover tells the story feels like a diary entry from a friend.

It’s a journey that grabs your heart and doesn’t let go. In between the heartbreak and the hope, there are these quotes that hit you right in the feels.

These lines capture the highs and lows of love, the ache of loss, and the resilience of the human spirit.

If you felt what I felt reading Colleen Hoover’s Reminders of Him let’s check out some of these powerful quotes together.

These heartwarming Reminders of Him quotes really need to be re-read every day!

Reminders of Him Summary

Reminders of Him

A troubled young mother yearns for a shot at redemption in this heartbreaking yet hopeful story from #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover. 

After serving five years in prison for a tragic mistake, Kenna Rowan returns to the town where it all went wrong, hoping to reunite with her four-year-old daughter. But the bridges Kenna burned are proving impossible to rebuild. Everyone in her daughter’s life is determined to shut Kenna out, no matter how hard she works to prove herself.

The only person who hasn’t closed the door on her completely is Ledger Ward, a local bar owner and one of the few remaining links to Kenna’s daughter.

But if anyone were to discover how Ledger is slowly becoming an important part of Kenna’s life, both would risk losing the trust of everyone important to them.

The two form a connection despite the pressure surrounding them, but as their romance grows, so does the risk. Kenna must find a way to absolve the mistakes of her past in order to build a future out of hope and healing.

Best Reminders of Him Quotes

“There was before you and there was during you. For some reason, I never thought there would be an after you.”

“People say you fall in love, but fall is such a sad word when you think about it. Falls are never good. You fall on the ground, you fall behind, you fall to your death. Whoever was the first person to say they fell in love must have already fallen out of it. Otherwise, they’d have called it something much better.”

“Now that I’ve forgiven myself, the reminders of him only make me smile.”

“Reading is a hobby, but for some of us, it’s an escape from the difficulties we face. To all of you who escape into books, I want to thank you for escaping into this one.”

“Is that . . . is that a f*cking pigeon?”

“We’re all just a bunch of sad people doing what we have to do to make it until tomorrow.”

“Maybe it doesn’t matter whether something is a coincidence or a sign. Maybe the best way to cope with the loss of the people we love is to find them in as many places and things as we possibly can.”

“Grudges are heavy, but for the people hurting the most, I suppose forgiveness is even heavier.”

“It proves that time, distance, and devastation allow people enough opportunity to craft villains out of people they don’t even know.”

“A good person who had one bad night. It happens to the best of us. The worst of us. All of us. Some of us are just luckier than others, and our bad moments have fewer casualties.”

“Happiness isn’t some permanent thing we’re all trying to achieve in life, it’s merely a thing that shows up every now and then, sometimes in tiny doses that are just substantial enough to keep us going.”

“Maybe the best way to cope with the loss of the people we love is to find them in as many places and things as we possibly can.”

“I want to learn how to talk to people without wishing I could retract every word I said.”

“Sometimes I wonder if we’re all born with equal amounts of good and evil.”

“What if no one person is more or less malevolent than another, and that we all just release our bad at different times, in different ways?”

Have a daughter I have never held. She has a scent I have never smelled. She has a name I have never yelled. She has a mother who has already failed.”

“So, you decide right now, right here. Are you gonna live in your sadness or are you gonna die in it?”

“No matter how much you love someone, you can still do despicable things to them.”

“Now that I’ve forgiven myself, the reminders of him only make me smile.”

“Surely no one dies when they’re at their happiest.”

“I don’t like that the one person I dislike most in this world reminds me of the person I love the most.”

“He smells like limes and bad decisions.”

“It’s as if I’m witnessing her become a mother. It might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“In a matter of a few weeks, I went from hating you to liking you to wanting the world for you, so forgive me if those feelings sometimes overlap.”

“I  never even got to look into the eyes of the human Scotty and I made.”

“Crying seems to be the only thing left in life that I’m good at. Crying and making bad decisions.”

“Regret keeps you stuck on pause. So does prison. When you get out of here, make sure you hit play so you don’t forget to move forward.”


There you have beautiful quotes from Reminders of Him. I really hope these little treasures leave a mark that doesn’t fade.

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