15 Spring and Summer Books Your Kids Won’t Put Down

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Spring and Summertime books for kids

Isn’t Spring the most cheerful season of all?

The tiny little green sprouts on trees, the bright and vivid blossoms, kids just love playing around. 

But maybe this time you can get the little guys to read a bit about the blooming season. These 15 picture books are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners to learn what’s so special about the spring. 

Awesome spring books for your kids that explain the life of flowers, plants and nature along with some cute little animals to make it extra special!  

From spring picture books to read-alouds you can get a lot of book recommendations for your little ones!

Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole

Spring Books

A beautifully illustrated book that portrays the process of making and nurturing a garden.  It elaborates the step-by-step process of plants along with other insects and environmental factors that contribute to the life of plants and flowers.  This is both an educational mini-guide and a springtime picture book for your kids to fall in love with spring time 

Old bear by Kevin Henkes

The whimsical story of an old bear will immerse you into cozy and colorful pages. In his dream he is a cute little cub again, enjoying the colorful seasons in his forest. Each page is carefully illustrated with a seasonal theme. Best kids’ book about seasons! 

Marshmallow by Clare Turley Newberry

An adorable and lovable story of a  baby bunny who is the new member of a home that already has a pet cat.  The vivid illustrations of baby bunny and cat is something kids would love. More Than the pictures, the story itself is charming and engaging. 

Hum and Swish by Matt Myers

An endearing book for kids who love to spend time alone. Jamie is a creative girl who loves her own space and “me” time. She is at the beach focused on her art projects.  A lovely book that reminds both parents and kids that it’s awesome to be an introvert. Great books to get your kids reading on the beach in the summer weather!

Summer: An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur

It’s a collection of twenty-six poems arranged in the alphabetic order that expresses distinct aspects of summer. The eye-catching illustrations make it amusing to read. A mirthful book that will bring forth the beauty of summer to the minds of kids

We are the gardeners  by Joanna Gaines

The ultimate book that explains the adventures of gardening. The trials and tribulations of gardening are beautifully illustrated. Undoubtedly,  the best book to introduce the world of gardening to the little one! 

Plants can’t sit still by Rebecca E. Hirsh

A fun and insightful way to explore the life of plants. Through  lyrical texts, the book narrates the plants’ characteristics. How plants react to nature and how roots and flowers find their comfort zones.  A great book for little budding botanists.

It’s Summer! by Linda Glaser

A simple yet delightful read for children to observe Summer seasons!  How the environment, plants and animals react to the sunny weather. It also has some fun ideas for seasonal activities.

And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano

A cute little story of a boy and his dog who are tired of gloomy winter.  The lovely illustrations capture the feeling of them perfectly. Simple story to remind everyone of the value of patience. 

A Seed Is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston

The only book on the list that may seem a little too focused on education. This spring and summer learning book teaches fascinating facts about seeds and plants. However, don’t worry if your child is not too interested in theoretical texts! The bright and artistic illustration makes it less tedious! 

The Most Beautiful Thing by Kao Kalia Yang

Inspired by author Kao Kalia Yang’s childhood experiences,  the book discusses how little things can bring abundance of love and joy to ones’ life. A heart-wariming read for the little ones to enjoy during the sunny weather! 

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

A beautiful story of a mother and daughter planting seeds and bulbs and nurturing them to a lovely backyard garden. The vivid illustration adds the perfect spring and summer feeling to the book. As a parent, you might also cherish revisiting your childhood memories of exploring the flowers and garden.

The Honeybee Book by Kirsten Hall

The adorable little book is perfect for children to enjoy the spring and summer vibes. The best book to introduce the life of a little honey bee to the world. The breathtakingly gorgeous illustrations alone can excite the little guys.

Goldfish on Vacation Book by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Probably one of the best summer read-alouds for your toddler. Based on the true story of Hamilton Fountain in New York City, this is an absolutely charming story to inspire both parents and kids. Perfect bedtime read to your kids after an exciting summer beach day! 

Letters from camp Book by Kate Klise

Letters from the Camp book is a mystery novel written as a letter. Colorful and whimsical illustrations make the novel extremely appealing for children. This quirky, fun, intriguing book is best for kids to enjoy their summertime, reading.

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