29 Book Club Questions For The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

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Discussion Guide for The Housemaid by Freida McFadden: engaging questions, snack suggestions, and fun activity ideas

Have you ever imagined starting over with a new identity, only to find yourself trapped in a web of secrets more tangled than your own? That’s the chilling premise of Freida McFadden’s thriller, The Housemaid. The novel pulls us into the life of Millie who takes a job as a housemaid for the wealthy Winchester family, seeing it as her last chance to reset her life. However, she quickly realizes that the Winchesters’ polished exterior hides sinister truths, and her role in their household becomes far more complex and dangerous than she ever expected.

I am a huge Freida McFadden fan, so I was thrilled to read this popular book. I should say I definitely enjoyed reading this addictive thriller. There are so many great things to love about this book, one of which is the plot. I was definitely hooked from the first page. I really liked the fast-paced story and unexpected twists. And I think if you choose this as a book club pick, there are so many discussion-worthy topics to talk about with your book club members. So to help you, I’ve created a set of discussion questions, thematic food ideas, and even included fun activity suggestions to make sure your book club meeting is as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

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29 Book Club Discussion Questions For The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

  1. How does the initial meeting between Millie and Nina Winchester set the tone for the rest of the story?
  2. In what ways did author Freida McFadden  effectively build tension and atmosphere throughout the story? How did this contribute to your overall reading experience?
  3. What are your thoughts on Millie’s character development throughout the novel? How do her background and circumstances influence her decisions and interactions within the Winchester household?
  4. How does Millie’s desire for a fresh start influence her perceptions of the Winchester family initially?
  5. How does Millie manage the complexities of her job and her life under Nina’s roof? What does her strategy say about her character and resilience?
  6. Explore the dynamics between Nina and her family. How do these relationships contribute to the narrative’s tension and intrigue?
  7. How did Nina Winchester’s character complexity and development contrast with Millie’s character arc?
  8. In what ways does the marble hallway symbolize the life of the Winchesters?
  9. What role does the Winchester’s daughter play in the unfolding of the story’s plot?
  10. How does Nina Winchester’s character add depth to the story? What do her interactions with Millie reveal about her personality and past?
  11. In what ways did the attic room set the stage for Millie’s experience and challenges within the Winchester household?
  12. What does Millie’s solitary meals in her tiny room symbolize in contrast to the family meals she prepares?
  13. What are the main themes of the book, and how are they reflected in the characters’ interactions and personal struggles?
  14. Discuss how the author uses Millie’s situation to explore themes of desperation and survival. What does this say about her character?
  15. Explore the theme of deception in the book. How do the lies told by characters drive the narrative?
  16. How does the book handle the concept of identity, and what does Millie’s hidden past suggest about her?
  17. Discuss the roles of secondary characters like Andrew Winchester and Enzo the landscaper. How do they enhance the main storyline and Millie’s experiences?
  18. How does “The Housemaid” compare to other thrillers like “The Woman in the Window” or “The Girl on the Train”?
  19. Discuss the significance of Millie trying on Nina’s white dress. What does this moment represent in her journey?
  20. Considering the narrative’s twist, what clues or foreshadowing did you notice that hinted at the eventual revelation?
  21. How could the author have improved the buildup to the twist to enhance its impact and surprise?
  22. Discuss the ethical implications of using a child character as a plot device. How did this affect your perception of the story?
  23. What are your thoughts on the psychological elements present in Nina and Millie’s interactions? How did these moments influence the story’s atmosphere?
  24. What are the implications of Millie’s imagining what it would be like to live Nina’s life?
  25. Describe the emotional journey this book took you on. Which parts were the most thrilling or unsettling for you as a reader?
  26. How did the pacing of the story affect your engagement with the plot, especially during slower moments?
  27. How did the ending satisfy or fail to satisfy your expectations based on the build-up provided?
  28. What lessons or messages can readers take away from Millie and Nina’s experiences in the story?
  29. Which character in “The Housemaid” did you find the most intriguing, and why? How did the characters contribute to your enjoyment of the story?

Food Ideas For The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

  1. Scones with Jam and Cream – Offer a classic high tea element, which adds an air of refinement and ties into the luxurious aspects of the story.
  2. Mini Quiches – These can be made in various flavors, representing the complexity and the different layers of the characters.
  3. Petit Fours – Serve these small decorated cakes that are both elegant and delicious, mirroring the deceptive allure of the Winchester home.
  4. Cucumber Water and Lemonade – Refreshing drinks that keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable.
  5. Dark Chocolate Truffles – Symbolize the darker themes and secrets hidden within the story.

Creative Activity Suggestions For The Housemaid

Mystery Character Role Play: Prior to the meeting, assign each member a character from the book without telling them which character they’ve been assigned.Each member finds clues about their character hidden around the meeting area (you can use quotes or key traits from the book). They must guess which character they are based on the clues. After everyone has guessed their characters, discuss how well these roles align with their interpretations of the characters’ motivations and actions in the book. This can lead into a deeper discussion about character development and the impact of their actions on the plot.

Cleaning Challenge: Have each member bring an item from home that they would normally throw away or consider junk. During the meeting, challenge each person to come up with a creative use for the item, inspired by the theme of seeing things differently, just like the protagonist sees beyond the surface of the Winchester family. This can lead to a discussion about how things aren’t always what they seem, both in our lives and in the story.

Blind Cleaning Competition: Just like the protagonist cleans the Winchesters’ home, participants can have a fun competition where they try to clean simple objects blindfolded (like polishing a shoe or folding a shirt). This can be both humorous and challenging, reflecting the protagonist’s navigation through the chaotic and secretive environment of the Winchester household.

Spot the Lie Game: Play a game where each member tells three stories about themselves — two true and one false, akin to the misleading tales told by Nina in the book. Others must guess which story is the lie, fostering a playful environment that mirrors the deceptive layers of the story.


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There you have the best book club questions and snack ideas and activity suggestion for Freida McFadden’s The Housemaid.

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