17 Fall-themed Cozy Mysteries For Autumn

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Dive into the list of the best fall-themed cozy mysteries.

It is that time of the year when the leaves turn to brilliant shades of red, gold, and orange. 

The air is crispy and every book lover wants read cozy fall reads such as a fall-themed cozy mystery series. 

And that’s why this blog post is all about the best cozy books about autumn, Halloween and everything in between.  

Grab a blanket, snuggle up, and prepare to embark on a journey through the captivating and suspenseful tales of autumn.

Halloween Hijinks by Kathi Daley 

Halloween Hijinks by Kathi Daley is a delightful concoction of Halloween spookiness, heartwarming camaraderie, and a dash of romance.

Set against the backdrop of a town buzzing with Halloween festivities and a zombie apocalypse on the loose, it follows the adventures of animal control officer Zoe Donovan. Just days before Halloween, Zoe stumbles upon a chilling discovery—a dead body in the basement of a haunted house.  

But the mystery she’s about to unravel is as intricate as the web of emotions she’s caught in, especially with her former nemesis Zak Zimmerman in the mix. 

Zoe, along with her trusty companions Levi, Ellie, and her canine sidekick Charlie, embarks on a thrilling quest to uncover the truth.


A Biscuit, a Casket by Liz Mugavero 

 Set in the charming small town of Frog Ledge, Connecticut, A Biscuit, a Casket  introduces us to Kristan “Stan” Connor, the brains behind a thriving business that crafts top-notch organic treats for our beloved four-legged friends. 

The community has embraced her wholesome creations, believing they’ll extend their pets’ lives. However, not everyone in Frog Ledge is destined for a longer existence.

As Halloween approaches, Stan is enlisted to cater a delightful doggie costume party hosted by the Happy Cow Dairy Farm, known for its organic dairy products and a spooky corn maze experience.

But the merriment takes a chilling turn when the lifeless body of farmer Hal is discovered within the maze. Initially, suspicion falls on his wife, but Stan soon uncovers a labyrinth of potential culprits, from disgruntled family members to shadowy business connections. 

Liz Mugavero serves up a delightful blend of mystery and intrigue in this engaging series opener. Perfect cozy mystery with the fall vibes to read this autumn. 


Farmcall Fatality by Abby Deuel 

Farmcall Fatality is the first book in the Mandy Bell DVM series. 

The story follows veterinarian Mandy Bell, as she inherits a clinic and home in the welcoming town of Crestview after her classmate’s passing. 

Her peaceful life takes a dark turn when she stumbles upon a murder during a farm call. Determined to clear the town’s name, Mandy, with her loyal Border Collie, Lyle, as her sidekick, investigates the crime. 

As the story unfolds against the backdrop of a Halloween Hoedown, readers are treated to a charming blend of small-town veterinary life and a gripping murder mystery. 

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Lord of the Wings by Donna Andrews

Lord of the Wings is the nineteenth book in Donna Andrews’ New York Times best-selling mystery series. Yet another cozy mystery book that promises a laugh-out-loud adventure with the charming Meg Langslow. Caerphilly, Virginia, has been transformed into Spooky City, USA for Halloween. When a mysterious fire and a body disrupt the festivities, it’s up to Meg to save the day. 


Witches’ Bane by Susan Wittig Albert 

Witches’ Bane by Susan Wittig Albert brews up a captivating tale as herb shop owner China Bayles finds herself entangled in a chilling Halloween mystery. 

In a cozy Texas town, what begins as innocent Halloween festivities takes a sinister turn when a brutal murder shakes the community. Adding to the shock, China’s friend Ruby, a practitioner of tarot and astrology, is accused of witchcraft by a local minister and becomes the prime suspect.

With her legal background and herbal expertise, China Bayles steps up to unravel the truth behind this gruesome crime and clear Ruby’s name. 

Susan Wittig Albert masterfully weaves together elements of Halloween intrigue, witchcraft accusations, and small-town charm in this spellbinding mystery. 


Nail Biter by Sarah Graves 

In Nail Biter by Sarah Graves, Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree’s life takes an unexpected turn as she trades her Wall Street power broker role for homeownership in the charming town of Eastport, Maine. 

With dreams of turning a beachfront property into a lucrative rental, Jake and her best friend Ellie White become landlords to an eccentric group of aspiring witches. But their newfound venture takes a dark twist when Jake stumbles upon a lifeless body on the property during a stormy night.

The victim, a small-time thief and street preacher with a violent message, was far from a beloved figure in Eastport. As Jake investigates, she’s drawn into a web of scandal, secrets, and a mysterious box hidden in her own home’s foundation.

With the help of her bewitching tenants, including an ex-cop, a con man, and a mute teenager, Jake uncovers a complex mystery that goes beyond witchcraft and may involve a kidnapping or something even more sinister.


A Killer Maize by Paige Shelton 

In A Killer Maize by Paige Shelton, Becca Robbins finds herself in an unexpected reunion with her ex-husband, Scott Triplett, at the Swayton County Fall Festival. The place where she’s selling her homemade jams and preserves.

 However, the festival takes a sinister turn when it becomes a crime scene. On her second day there, the Ferris wheel operator, Virgil Morrison, is discovered dead from a gunshot while hanging from his rickety ride.

As Becca observes Scott’s suspicious behavior and strange occurrences around the fairgrounds, she begins to fear that her ex-husband might be involved in the murder. 

A Killer Maize promises a suspenseful journey through a maze of mystery. 


Hallowe’en Party  by Agatha Christie

In Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party, a chilling tale unfolds at a Hallowe’en party in a quiet village. Joyce, a feisty thirteen-year-old, claims she once witnessed a murder, but her story is dismissed by the guests. Later that night, Joyce is discovered dead in a tub of apples used for bobbing.

The enigmatic detective Hercule Poirot is summoned to uncover the truth behind this perplexing case. As he delves into the eerie atmosphere of the party, he must determine whether he’s dealing with a single murderer or a more sinister double-murderer plot. 


A Gala Event by Sheila Connolly 

Up next is a cozy mystery book by the New York Times bestselling author of Picked to Die. 

 The latest book in Orchard Mystery follows orchard owner Meg Corey and her fiancé Seth Chapin who are juggling wedding plans with the last of the fall harvest. 

However, their peaceful preparations take an unexpected turn when ex-convict Aaron Eastman returns to their small town of Granford, Massachusetts, in search of answers about a tragic family fire from his past that led to his imprisonment decades ago.

Touched by Aaron’s sincerity, Meg is determined to help him uncover the truth behind the cold case. 

As she pieces together the clues, it becomes evident  there’s another hidden secret that could reveal a far more sinister truth. 


Halloween in Paradise by Kathi Daley

Halloween in Paradise by Kathi Daley immerses readers in the whirlwind of Halloween festivities, high school dramas, and a chilling murder mystery. 

TJ, working at the local high school, finds herself entangled in a web of events during the annual Halloween craze. She must assist a student dealing with cyberbullying and another coping with a personal tragedy, all while trying to maintain order.

Amidst the chaos, Samantha Colton, a reporter from Second Look, arrives to investigate an unsolved murder from a decade ago—the death of a popular student after a homecoming dance. 

The timing couldn’t be worse, as the graduating class returns for their 10-year reunion, bringing together all the old suspects. When Samantha herself becomes a victim, TJ is thrust into a race against time to uncover a murderer willing to kill again to safeguard their dark secret.


Trick Or Treat Murder by Leslie Meier 

In Trick or Treat Murder, the town of Tinker’s Cove is buzzing with Halloween preparations, from haunted-house parties to ghostly galas. Lucy Stone, a busy mother, finds herself caught up in the festivities as she juggles baking, creating costumes and caring for her newborn baby.

But beneath the Halloween cheer, a dark threat looms. An arsonist is on the loose, turning the town’s fires into something more sinister—murder. When the oldest house in town goes up in flames, taking its owner’s life, the hunt for the arsonist escalates into a murder investigation.

Trick or Treat Murder is a suspenseful and engaging mystery that combines Halloween thrills with a puzzling investigation.


A Roux of Revenge by Connie Archer 

In A Roux of Revenge by Connie Archer, the charming town of Snowflake, Vermont, is famous for its skiing in the winter and its delightful soups year-round, courtesy of Lucky Jamieson’s By the Spoonful. As autumn paints the town with golden leaves and pumpkin rice soup aromas, it’s also time for the annual Harvest Festival. However, this year, the festival brings more than just festive cheer—it brings murder.

Lucky’s soup shop is bustling with business, thanks to the influx of travelers who have come to town for the Harvest Festival. Among them is a stranger who seems overly interested in Lucky’s young waitress, Janie, observing her from a distance. Is this newcomer stalking Janie?

When an unidentified man is found dead in a van on the roadside, suspicions about the travelers intensify. As tensions rise and Janie’s safety is compromised, Lucky must collaborate with the travelers to uncover the truth and bring the killer to justice.


Pumpkin Roll by Josi S Kilpack 

Sadie Hoffmiller, a talented cook and amateur detective, is looking forward to spending her favorite baking season of the year making delicious New England recipes in Boston. 

In between she also  babysits her partner’s  three young grandsons.

When the boys insist their neighbor, Mrs. Wapple, is a witch, Sadie tries to befriend her to dispel these notions. 

However, her attempts fail, and when Mrs. Wapple is attacked in her home, Sadie becomes determined to uncover the truth. As she investigates, strange occurrences intensify, and Sadie finds herself in the midst of another life-or-death mystery. Can she solve it before more harm befalls anyone, or will this investigation be her last?


A Stitch to Die For by Lois Winston 

In A Stitch to Die For by Lois Winston, Anastasia Pollack, a magazine crafts editor and amateur sleuth, has a knack for stumbling upon dead bodies in work-related situations.

However, her life takes a disturbing turn when a killer targets her elderly and unpleasant neighbor who lives across the street. As Halloween approaches, a series of unsettling events makes Anastasia suspect that someone is sending her a deadly message, bringing the danger uncomfortably close to home.


Fudge Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke 

Set in October, Fudge Cupcake Murder is the story of bakery owner Hannah Swensen finding herself in the midst of a murder mystery in Lake Eden, Minnesota. The local sheriff is found dead, and her brother-in-law Bill becomes the prime suspect as he challenges the sheriff in an election. 

However, Hannah refuses to believe Bill is the culprit and begins to uncover scandalous secrets and betrayals in the small town. As she gets closer to the truth, she realizes the killer has a sinister plan to silence those who know too much.


Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs

In Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs, Carmela Bertrand is thrilled with Halloween festivities in New Orleans.  But when a local antiques dealer is found dead, she gets caught up in a real-life murder mystery.

As Carmela investigates, she discovers the theft of a priceless death mask and realizes that murder wasn’t the only intention. With a growing list of suspects, she must use her sleuthing skills to unmask the killer and thief before more mischief occurs in the heart of New Orleans. Laura Childs combines Halloween charm with suspense in this engaging mystery.


Murder at the Pumpkin Pageant by Darci Hannah

Up next is a small-town mystery series for your fall reading list. The fourth book in the Beacon Bakeshop Series is called Murder at the Pumpkin Pageant

It’s a good book that features a baker heroine who lives in the local lighthouse with her beloved Newfoundland dog, Wellington.

However, her lighthouse home is rumored to be haunted. 

Now, Lindsey has reluctantly agreed to let her best friend, Kennedy, who is an influencer and podcaster, host a live ghost-hunting investigation in the lighthouse with a professional team.

The initial part of the investigation goes smoothly, but then it takes a terrifying turn, causing the team to panic. As Kennedy and others rush outside, they stumble upon what appears to be the creepy clown costume of the prankster teens hanging from a tree. 

However, when Lindsey’s dog, Wellington, becomes agitated, they make a grim discovery: the clown is not a dummy but a lifeless body.

Murder at the Pumpkin Pageant is a fantastic fall/ spooky read that Halloween thrills with a captivating murder investigation. 


Murder, Take Two by Carol J. Perry

In Murder, Take Two by Carol J. Perry, reporter Lee Barrett, a Salem, Massachusetts native, and amateur sleuth, finds herself entangled in a murder case with eerie historical ties. When the murder of a respected local professor, Samuel Bond, appears to be a chilling copycat of a killing that occurred almost two centuries ago, the town is thrown into a state of unease. Assistant professor Cody McGinnis, who had differences with Bond and even taught a course on the historic murder, becomes the prime suspect when his fingerprints and a ladder are discovered at the crime scene.

Carol J. Perry pens a suspenseful mystery that blends Salem’s rich history with a contemporary murder investigation. 


The Cider Shop Rules by Julie Anne Lindsey

In The Cider Shop Rules by Julie Ann Lindsey, Autumn has arrived in Blossom Valley, bringing with it ripe pumpkin patches and a bustling season for Winona Mae Montgomery and her Granny Smythe’s cider shop. The town is in the midst of its Fall Festival, complete with Civil War reenactments and vibrant Blue Ridge Mountain foliage. A highlight of the festival is Jacob Potter’s pumpkin farm, offering hayrides, piglet races, pumpkin picking, and a corn maze.

However, the festivities take a dark turn when Mr. Potter is discovered dead, hidden beneath a tarp in the back of Winnie’s pickup truck. This shocking discovery shatters Potter’s reputation as one of the town’s most beloved citizens. With all eyes on her, Winnie becomes determined to solve the murder, but she’s not alone. The killer is also watching, desperate to protect a harvest of secrets buried in the orchard.

Julie Ann Lindsey crafts a cozy and suspenseful mystery, drawing you into the charming atmosphere of Blossom Valley and the apple cider shop, where the scent of freshly pressed apples infuses the air, while delivering a thrilling tale of murder and secrets.


Bitter Harvest by Wendy Tyson 

Bitter Harvest is the story of Megan Sawyer who is leading an idyllic life in Winsome. Her Washington Acres survived its first year, the cafe has become a local hotspot, and Megan’s romantic relationship with a charming Scottish veterinarian is thriving. However, as summer transitions into fall and the town gears up for the grand Oktoberfest celebration, something darker begins to brew beneath the surface.

When the owner of the town pub dies in a bizarre accident, Megan becomes suspicious that foul play may be involved. Unfortunately, her concerns fall on deaf ears in the festive autumn atmosphere of Winsome. Determined to uncover the truth, Megan must navigate the town’s obsession with seasonal festivities and dig deep to unearth the secrets hidden among the falling leaves.

Set against the backdrop of an autumnal small town, Bitter Harvest is a cozy murder mystery to read in the fall. 


Digging Up the Remains by Julia Henry

In Digging Up the Remains by Julia Henry, Lilly juggles multiple responsibilities, including hosting a haunted house, serving on the town’s 400th Anniversary Planning Committee, and preparing for the fall harvest festival  10k fundraiser. Her busy schedule leaves her with little patience for prickly newspaper reporter Tyler Crane, who has been digging for dirt on Goosebush’s prominent families.

However, when Tyler is discovered dead on the race route just before the start, questions arise. 

As Lilly and her Garden Squad delve into the investigation, they find themselves navigating through a thorny maze of suspects. 


No Parm No Foul by Linda Reilly

In the second book in the Grilled Cheese book series Carly Hale is looking forward to the crisp Vermont weather and serving gourmet grilled cheeses at her Grilled Cheese Eatery in Balsam Dell.  The upcoming Halloween food competition is her chance to shine and impress the locals.

However, trouble brews when Ferris Menard, the owner of Sub-a-Dub-Sub, holds a grudge against Carly. A confrontation between them escalates, and Menard accuses Carly of sabotage, vowing to ruin her. 

Things take a chilling turn when Menard is found dead in his own kitchen the morning after the competition, with a steak knife lodged in his heart.

Carly soon realizes that Menard had numerous enemies, and if she doesn’t unravel the mystery and identify the real culprit, she or someone she cares about might end up in hot water. 

Readers who enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and a perfect cozy mystery will find No Parm No Foul  to be a delightful addition to the reading list.  


Death of a Neighborhood Witch by Laura Levine

In Death of a Neighborhood Witch by Laura Levine, the main character  Jaine Austen’s life takes a peculiar turn when her beloved cat, Prozac, accidentally frightens her grumpy neighbor’s parakeet to death. 

The neighbor, a once-famous Hollywood actress known for her role as Cryptessa Muldoon, has turned into a cantankerous presence in the neighborhood, making enemies left and right.

However, when this former D-list celebrity is murdered on Halloween night with her own “Do Not Trespass” sign, the neighborhood experiences a mix of relief and suspicion. As the prime suspect in this peculiar case, Jaine must clear her name and navigate a sea of quirky characters with hidden skeletons in their closets.

Amidst the chaos, Jaine also finds herself drawn to her charming new neighbor, Peter. With a killer on the loose and her own reputation at stake, Jaine relies on her amateur sleuthing skills to uncover the truth behind the murder.

 Laura Levine crafts a delightful and humorous mystery that is brimming  with fall vibes 


Deadly Brew by Karen MacInerney

Reporter-turned-farmer Lucy Resnick finds herself facing more than just farm chores. Her well has dried up, and her new house is rumored to be haunted. To make matters spookier, a tarot card reading predicts death, and moments later, Bug Wharton, owner of an exotic game ranch, meets a venomous end.

As the local sheriff focuses on a seemingly easy target, witch and mead winery owner Serafine Alexandre, Lucy takes it upon herself to unravel the truth. 

But in Buttercup, where all kinds of eerie things are brewing, Lucy must navigate a web of supernatural occurrences and dark secrets to uncover the real killer before she becomes the next ghostly resident of Buttercup. 

Deadly Brew is one of the atmospheric cozy mystery books with autumn treats, and heartwarming moments. 


A Doomful of Sugar by Catherine Bruns

In the first novel in the Maple Syrup Mysteries Series , You meet Leila Khoury, who has always assumed that her father’s artisanal maple syrup was beloved by all. 

However, she returns to Sugar Ridge, Vermont, to take over father’s business, after his death. And she begins to uncover the untapped secrets of his life.

With her brother facing suspicion, her mother struggling to cope, and the police lacking leads, Leila takes it upon herself to investigate her father’s mysterious demise. As she delves deeper into the case, she realizes that the ending may not be as sweet as she hoped.

A Doomful of Sugar  is the perfect fall-themed book that combines suspense with the comforting atmosphere of a small town. 


A Batter of Life and Death by Alexander, Ellie 

As autumn descends upon Ashland, Oregon, Jules Capshaw  concludes that it’s the perfect time to enter the competitive world of reality television by participating in The Pastry Channel’s show, “Take the Cake.” The grand prize of $25,000 is hard to resist.

However, soon one of the contestants is dead, a victim of foul play involving buttercream. Jules, once a contestant in a fun and tasty adventure, now finds herself entangled in a real-life mystery. As she dusts off her Bavarian Chocolate Cake recipe and dons her apron, she becomes an unwitting detective on the hunt for Chef Marco’s killer.


Fall for Murder by Kathleen Suzette 

In Fall for Murder by Kathleen Suzette, Allie and her husband Alec are enjoying the fall: crisp air, golden leaves, and cozy sweaters. However, their idyllic plans for a fall shopping trip take a dark turn when Allie stumbles upon a dead body in their new house.

Once again, Allie finds herself entangled in a murder mystery, and this time, the local chief of police suspects her involvement. Determined to clear her name and bring the real killer to justice, Allie and Alec must work together to unravel the secrets and motives lurking in their seemingly peaceful town.

With the perfect blend of pumpkin spice and intrigue, Fall for Murder promises another exciting adventure in the Freshly Baked Mystery series.

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So I hope you have found a lot of books to read in the chilly weather. Now it’s time to nestle  in a cozy sweater, and immerse yourself in a world of perfect cozy mysteries

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