26 Book Covers With The Perfect Fall Vibes

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Explore the perfect book covers that will give you the best fallvibes. 

As the leaves change colors in the fall in the northern hemisphere, book lovers feel a strong pull toward the warmth and comfort of a good book.

Reading books with autumn vibes is wonderful. But if the books also have pretty cover designs with fall colors, it’s a match made in heaven. 

That’s why you are going to love this curated list of books that are perfect to read in your favourite season! 

From Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy romance A Court of Thorns and Roses to Tananarive Due’s anticipated fall release, The Reformatory, you will have so many books to add to your autumn tbr list. 

Dive into these stunning novels with covers for that time of year when leaves change color.

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett

In Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett, we’re introduced to the spirited Josie Saint-Martin, a budding photographer with dreams as big as the opposite coast she longs to conquer. But fate has a different plan when she returns to her historic New England hometown to run the family bookstore. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with the town’s resident bad boy, Lucky Karras, her childhood best friend turned rebel.

Their reunion is far from warm, but a twist of events, including a disastrous pool party and an accidental act of revenge, brings them together in an unexpected way.

Lucky takes the blame for Josie, leaving her wondering why. As she delves deeper into their changed lives, Josie discovers a different side of Lucky, one that ignites her heart with his dark humor and captivating smile.

In Chasing Lucky Jenn Bennett weaves a heartwarming journey as Josie and Lucky’s story unfolds against the backdrop of a charming New England town.

And it’s just the right book for the cozy sweater weather.


The Iron Raven by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Raven is the first book in Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey fantasy series. 

The book in the trilogy follows  Puck, King Oberon’s right-hand jester character from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” as he finally gets the chance to tell his own story.

The story brings together familiar characters the Iron Queen Meghan Chase and her prince consort, Puck’s longtime rival Ash. 

They must join forces and face a new and ominous threat that predates the existence of Faery itself. The story promises a blend of fantasy, danger, and intrigue as they embark on a perilous adventure to save Faery and the human world from impending chaos.


Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco follows Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria, who are witches living secretly among humans. 

One fateful night, Vittoria falls victim to a brutal murder, and Emilia’s heart shatters as she discovers the desecrated body of her beloved twin sister.”

Devastated,  she sets out to find her sister’s killer and to seek vengeance at any cost, even resorting to forbidden dark magic. 

In her quest, she encounters Wrath, one of the Wicked princes of Hell, who claims to be on her side and is investigating the series of murders. 

However, Emilia soon realizes that with the Wicked, appearances can be deceiving, and nothing is as it seems. 


The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny

Next up on the list is a captivating mystery thriller that not only promises an enthralling story but also sets the perfect autumn mood with its cover design with gorgeous shades

In Louise Penny’s The Brutal Telling Chief Inspector Gamache returns to the peaceful village of Three Pines, only to have it disrupted by a shocking murder. The victim is discovered in Olivier’s Bistro, setting off a complex investigation.

As Gamache delves deeper, he uncovers mysteries involving a hidden cabin in the wilderness, valuable antiques, and a web of lies in the seemingly idyllic village. The trail leads him on a journey across the continent, guided by clues that range from classic literature to cryptic messages in spiderwebs.

Ultimately, Gamache returns to Three Pines to confront a brutal truth that lies at the heart of this intricate and gripping mystery.


Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier 

Everyone wants to read a gothic romance in autumn. So don’t look further than 

Daphne du Maurier’s timeless classic, Rebecca.

The story revolves around Maxim de Winter’s timid new bride, who grapples with the daunting challenge of filling Rebecca’s formidable shoes and escaping the pervasive shadow cast by her predecessor. As the fleeting summer fades, the shadow of Rebecca’s legacy grows longer and darker, threatening to engulf both Manderley and its inhabitants.

Rebecca is a masterpiece of gothic suspense and also a perfect romantic movie based on the book, that you might want to watch on a cozy autumn night. 


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas 

In A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, we are introduced to the fearless nineteen-year-old huntress, Feyre. Her life takes a terrifying turn when she kills a wolf in the woods, unleashing the wrath of a fearsome creature demanding retribution.

Feyre is forcibly transported to a treacherous, mystical realm she had only heard of in legends, discovering that her captor is not a mere beast but an immortal faerie who once ruled her world.

As Feyre adapts to her new and perilous surroundings, her initial icy hostility towards the faerie, Tamlin, transforms into a blazing passion that defies the lies she has been told about the beautiful yet perilous Fae realm. However, an ominous shadow looms over the faerie lands, ancient and malevolent, threatening Tamlin and his entire world.

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a seductive and breathtaking, enemies-to-lovers romance that absolutely captures the essence of autumn feelings and rustic vibes fall in the story and book cover. 


The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende 

In The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende, we are drawn into one of the most cherished Latin American literary works of the twentieth century. 

At the heart of the story stands patriarch Esteban, a man driven by wild desires and political ambitions, yet anchored by his profound love for the ethereal Clara, a woman with an otherworldly touch. 

Their daughter, Blanca, defies her father’s rules by falling in love with a man he disapproves of, which triggers Esteban’s anger.”

However, it is Blanca’s forbidden love that brings him his greatest joy: his granddaughter, Alba, a remarkable and ambitious young woman destined to lead both her family and her country into a revolutionary future.

The House of the Spirits is a multigenerational family saga that unfolds over decades, interweaving the personal and the political into an epic tale of love, magic, and destiny. 

It’s also one of my favorites among fall book covers. 


The Co-op by Tarah Dewitt 

In Tarah Dewitt’s The Co-op, LaRynn and Deacon, who once had a stormy summer fling, unexpectedly inherit a rundown Santa Cruz building.

To save it, they strike a deal: a temporary marriage of convenience. She has the money but needs to be married to access her trust; he has construction skills but lacks funds. Living together without walls, they must navigate emotional barriers while renovating the property.

This steamy marriage of convenience romance is as vivid and beautiful as its cover. 


Just Between Us by Madison Wright

Madison Wright’s Just Between Us is the second book in the Just Us Series. 

The protagonist  Ellie Bates finds herself in a precarious situation. As the manager of her parent’s apartment complex, she’s been told she’s on her last chance, and she can’t afford to break any more rules if she wants to keep her job. Ellie is walking on thin ice, and she knows it.

Things take a complicated turn when Camden Lane moves into the complex, disrupting Ellie’s carefully balanced world. While she can’t deny the strong attraction between them, dating residents is strictly forbidden, and Ellie refuses to jeopardize her position.

With blurred lines and growing feelings, Camden and Ellie must confront a challenging choice. 

Just Between Us is a compelling tale of love, desire, and the difficult decisions that arise when passion and responsibility collide.

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Just Don’t Fall by Emma St. Clair 

In Emma St. Clair’s Just Don’t Fall, we’re drawn into a charming small town romance with a twist. 

Parker finds herself working closely with her brother’s best friend, Logan Barnes, who’s back in their hometown of Harvest Hollow due to injury and bad press. 

Parker’s job involves creating TikTok videos with the local minor league hockey team, and Logan proves to be a challenging subject. 

Unexpectedly, Parker’s old crush on Logan resurfaces as they pretend to be a couple on social media. As they navigate TikTok trends and hockey games, Parker wonders if Logan’s return is temporary and if her heart can handle the possibility of being hurt again. 

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Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia 

In Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Noemí Taboada rushes to rescue her newlywed cousin from a foreboding fate at the eerie High Place, a remote mansion in the Mexican countryside.

Noemí, a glamorous debutante with an indomitable spirit, confronts the mansion’s menacing inhabitants, including her cousin’s enigmatic husband and the patriarch who seems oddly obsessed with her.

As Noemí investigates, she uncovers a dark history of violence and madness hidden within the mansion’s walls. High Place exerts a sinister influence, invading her dreams with disturbing visions, and Noemí becomes mesmerized by its chilling allure.

Mexican Gothic is a  cozy fall read that features one woman’s daring journey into a house filled with secrets and an inexplicable, seductive power.


Pumpkin Spice and Not So Nice by Becky Monson

Up next is a fall romance with Jenna Peterson, who seems to have a talent for dating emotionally unavailable men.

However, fate takes a whimsical turn when Jenna discovers a mysterious fifty-dollar bill with a handwritten note at her family’s pumpkin patch. The mystery man behind it, Aidan St. Claire, is undeniably attractive but emotionally distant.

Jenna knows she should walk away, yet something about Aidan’s enigmatic aura draws her in. As they navigate the cozy fall nights together, Jenna can’t help but hope that she might get to keep Prince Charming for herself this time.

Pumpkin Spice and Not So Nice is a charming blend of humor, romance, and a touch of mystery.


Later by Stephen King 

Stephen King’s horror novel Later follows  Jamie Conklin, the son of a struggling single mother, who yearns for a normal childhood.

Yet, Jamie possesses an extraordinary and unnerving gift, one he’s been told to keep hidden. He can perceive what others cannot and absorb knowledge beyond ordinary means. However, wielding this ability comes at a price far higher than Jamie could have ever imagined.

When an NYPD detective enlists Jamie’s unique talents to aid in the pursuit of a killer who threatens to strike from beyond the grave, Jamie’s life takes a chilling turn. This supernatural thriller explores the cost of harnessing such powers and the moral dilemmas it entails.


Circe by Madeline Miller

In Madeline Miller’s Circe we enter the world of Greek mythology through the lens of Circe, a peculiar daughter of the sun god Helios. Lacking the power of her father or the allure of her mother, she discovers her own extraordinary gift—witchcraft, capable of transforming both mortals and gods.

Banished to a remote island by Zeus due to her perceived threat, Circe refines her magical skills, interacts with famous mythological figures, and faces numerous challenges. However, her isolation doesn’t shield her from danger, and she soon finds herself entangled in conflicts between gods and mortals.


Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell 

In Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks, Deja and Josiah are lifelong friends who spend every autumn, all through high school. working at the best pumpkin patch in Omaha.

As seniors, it’s their last season together, and Deja has a plan to make it unforgettable: an adventure to taste all the snacks and see all the sights. It’s their last chance to make memories before saying goodbye, and Josiah may even get to talk to the girl he’s been crushing on for years. 

This young adult fall read is a heartwarming tale of friendship, seizing the moment, and savoring the bittersweet beauty of endings and new beginnings.


Over the Woodward Wall by A. Deborah Baker

In A. Deborah Baker’s Over the Woodward Wall you are introduced to two exceptional children. His precision and orderliness characterize Avery

Zib is exceptional in her unpredictability, embodying the unique qualities that make every child extraordinary in their own way.

These two children live on the same street but inhabit entirely different worlds. However, one fateful morning, an unplanned detour from their usual route to school leads them to an unexpected adventure. They find themselves climbing over a stone wall and into the enigmatic Up and Under—a land filled with mysteries, peculiar creatures, and thrilling adventures.

As Avery and Zib navigate this fantastical realm, they not only seek a way back to their own lives but also discover the importance of finding themselves and each other. 

Over the Woodward Wall is a captivating tale of friendship, self-discovery, and the unexpected adventures that can arise when ordinary paths lead to extraordinary places.


Sword Catcher by Cassandra Clare

In Cassandra Clare’s Sword Catcher, set in the bustling city-state of Castellane, two outcasts, Kel and Lin, find themselves in the midst of world-altering changes. Kel is the body double for Prince Conor Aurelian, destined to die in his place, while Lin, a physician with magical abilities, seeks forbidden knowledge to save a friend.

Their paths collide when an assassination attempt brings them into contact with the enigmatic Ragpicker King. He offers them their deepest desires, but as they delve deeper into a conspiracy that spans the city’s darkest corners and highest towers, they must grapple with betrayal, forbidden love, and the potential for war and chaos.

Sword Catcher is a great book that brings the perfect autumn feelings. 


The Reformatory by Tananarive Due

In Tananarive Due’s gripping historical fiction  The Reformatory, readers are transported to Jim Crow-era Florida in 1950. The story revolves around twelve-year-old Robbie Stephens Jr., who finds himself sentenced to six months at the Gracetown School for Boys, a notorious reformatory.

His offense? He defended his older sister, Gloria, by standing up to the son of the town’s most influential landowner.

As Robbie enters The Reformatory, he delves deeper into the horrifying realities of the Jim Crow South and the nightmarish conditions within the institution. Robbie possesses a unique ability to see ghosts, known as haints, which once brought him comfort after the loss of his mother but now reveals the dark truths of what transpires at the school.

Tananarive Due skillfully weaves together the story of a relative her family never discussed, bringing his tragedy and the experiences of countless others at the institution to life in a riveting and illuminating narrative.


The House of Doors by Tan Twan Eng

In The House of Doors by Tan Twan Eng, set in 1921, Lesley and Robert Hamlyn reside in Penang’s Cassowary House. When the famed writer Somerset Maugham and his secretary Gerald visit, secrets emerge, threatening to alter multiple lives.

Maugham, concealing his homosexuality and facing financial woes, seeks inspiration for his next book. Meanwhile, Lesley’s hidden past connection to Chinese revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat Sen piques Maugham’s curiosity. As their friendship deepens, a surprising tale involving war, scandal, and an Englishwoman’s murder trial unfolds.

Based on real events The House of Doors is a captivating and thought-provoking narrative that skillfully weaves together history, friendship, love, and betrayal against a backdrop of significant change.

 If you are looking for the best books with warm color schemes to read in autumn, you will love this one. 


A Spell of Good Things by Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀

In Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀’s stunning novel, A Spell of Good Things, you are immersed in the complexities of modern Nigeria, where two families find themselves entangled in the currents of wealth, power, romantic obsession, and political corruption.

Eniola spends his days running errands for the local tailor, collecting newspapers, and sometimes begging as a result of his father’s job loss. 

Despite his challenging circumstances, Eniola dreams of a brighter future.

On the other hand, Wuraola is the golden child of a wealthy family. She has become an exhausted young doctor in her first year of practice, and she is romantically involved with Kunle, the passionate son of a rising politician.

Their lives intersect when a local politician takes an interest in Eniola, and a sudden act of violence disrupts a family gathering. 

“A Spell of Good Things” is a beautifully written novel that sheds light on Nigeria’s socio-political landscape and the intricate web of human connections that bind us all together, irrespective of our backgrounds.


Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery

Emily of New Moon, offers a glimpse into the life of a young orphan girl, Emily Starr. 

Raised by relatives after her father’s tragic death from consumption, Emily’s story is portrayed with a greater sense of realism compared to the more romanticized Anne novels. Emily is a character Montgomery considered to be closer to her own personality, and some of the events in the Emily series draw from Montgomery’s own life experiences. 

It’s also a perfect classic fall book to read. 


You, Again by Kate Goldbeck

 You, Again by Kate Goldbeck, follows two polar opposites, Ari and Josh. 

Ari is a carefree, commitment-phobic comedian who prefers casual relationships, while Josh is a driven Manhattanite with aspirations in the culinary world and dreams of finding “The One.” The only thing they have in common is their involvement with the same woman.

Years later, after facing painful breakups, their paths unexpectedly cross again. This time, their chance of meeting leads to an unlikely connection and the start of a friendship. As they navigate the challenges of post-breakup life, they find solace in late-night Netflix binges, online dating escapades, and their witty bickering.

You, Again is a delightful romantic comedy that explores the dynamics of co-ed friendship and the complexities of modern love.


The Bellwoods Game by Celia Krampien

The Bellwoods Game, a spooky middle-grade novel, reminiscent of “Small Spaces” and “Doll Bones,”  follows a girl named Bailee who hopes to improve her social status by participating in the Bellwoods Game in the haunted woods of Fall Hollow.

The game, a Halloween tradition, involves three sixth graders venturing into the woods to ring a bell, with the winner supposedly granted a wish and the power to protect the town from Abigail Snook’s vengeful spirit. 

However, as Bailee and her friends play, they discover that the game’s true nature is much darker than they imagined. As they confront unexpected challenges and unsettling truths about each other, they realize that something sinister is lurking in the woods, threatening them all. 


Meet Me on Love Lane by Nina Bocci

Meet Me on Love Lane by Nina Bocci is a romantic comedy novel about Charlotte Bishop, who reluctantly returns to her hometown of Hope Lake, Pennsylvania, after facing professional setbacks in New York City.

To her surprise, Hope Lake is thriving, and Charlotte finds herself reconnecting with her childhood friends and beloved grandmother. She also discovers her dream job running a local florist shop and becomes entangled in a love triangle with two of Hope Lake’s residents, a high school English teacher, and a charming town doctor.

This is the perfect romance book set in fall that explores dilemma of choosing between two men and two cities.


Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver narrates the tale of Nathan Price, an ardent Baptist preacher, and his wife and four daughters who embark on a missionary journey to the Belgian Congo in 1959.

Packed with their faith and possessions, they believe they’re ready for their new life, but Africa proves to be a place where everything they brought, from seeds to their religious beliefs, undergoes catastrophic change.

The story unfolds as a suspenseful epic, chronicling the family’s tragic downfall and their incredible journey of survival and transformation over three tumultuous decades in postcolonial Africa.


The City of Brass S.A. Chakraborty

The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty transports readers to the enchanting streets of 18th-century Cairo, where Nahri, a cunning con artist, thrives by tricking Ottoman nobles with her skills in palm readings and zars.

She firmly disbelieves in magic, considering her own abilities mere sleights of hand. However, her perception shatters when she unintentionally summons a mysterious djinn warrior, revealing the existence of a magical world she thought belonged only in stories.

Set against a backdrop of scorching deserts, mythical creatures, and legendary cities, Nahri finds herself irrevocably tied to Daevabad, the fabled City of Brass. Within its gilded walls, ancient grudges among the six djinn tribes simmer, and Nahri soon discovers that true power is both ruthless and unforgiving.

Magic cannot shield her from the treacherous currents of court politics, and even her cleverest schemes may lead to deadly consequences.

The City of Brass is a perfect fall read, where the allure of magic and the complexities of political maneuvering blend seamlessly to create an immersive and captivating experience.


There you have the best list of books with fall book covers.

Don’t forget to share the list with your bookish friends and autumn book club members.

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