22 Funny & Lighthearted Books Guaranteed to Boost Your Mood

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Funny & light books to read

When I am in a reading slump or trying to get back into reading after a while, I always prefer light reads. Books that are fun, lighthearted and can instantly bring happiness. 

So what exactly is a good light book?

Light books are less intense, and are funnier and filled with laugh-out-loud moments. They are soothing for your soul and can uplift your mood in no time. Not only do these books offer you an escape from reality, but also they give you that much needed break from your daily routines.

For me, Sophie Kinsella has been my go-to author when it comes to choosing fun filled light reads. Her novels are filled with quirky characters, her funny and sweet stories always make one feel happy and relaxed. 

So in this list of lighthearted and fun books you will find novels that offer both comfort and escape. I have included feel-good books from the best writers out there so that you are sure to have a good time reading it. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun book to read on the beach or a light read for your book club, you will be able to find some really great books. These 22 lighthearted, funny books are going to help you forget about your problems for a while and are guaranteed to make you boost your energy. Make sure to grab these light reads just before bed. 

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So let’s get started with fun books to read for adults that are light, uplifting and witty! 

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

When it comes to a perfect light read that will make one laugh, Emily Henry knows how to do it.  Her new book , Book Lovers is a charming romantic comedy filled with funny moments. Nora Stephens, the main female protagonist, does not aim to be the IT girl of modern society; rather, she is busy at her job in a literary agency. All she cares about is her precious clients and her one and only sister, Libby. Later when Libby convinces her to take a girl’s trip to Sunshine Falls, she agrees reluctantly. Once there she meets a fellow editor Charlie Lastra who constantly annoys her in every possible way. 


Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

The story swiftly jumps between two timelines focusing on the compassionate love story of Macy Sorensen and Elliot Petropoulos. There are two love stories that come together in a way that both describe the past and the present scenarios. In the first, Macy meets Elliot and falls in love during her stay at her father’s vacation home. Next we meet Macy after many years, and she has been portrayed as a young doctor engaged to a single father, and she hasn’t spoken to Elliot since their split.While she’s still living with her fiancé, she’s also struggling with her feelings for Elliot. Through flashbacks, we’re able to see some of the tender moments that she’s made in her relationship with Elliot. Christina has skilfully combined the two timelines into the plot by establishing the present emotions as well as many nostalgic memories. Christina Lauren’s novel is a loving light read that can boost your mood from the first page. 


Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Next comes another uplifting, funny light read that will make your day brighter. This adorable love story follows two boys who begin to realise each other’s emotions. Charlie and Nick study in the same school but have never met one another. Charlie is popular in school to have come out as gay while Nick is a popular rugby player. They quickly become friends and begin to care for each other. This graphic novel isa light-touch relationship drama with a sweet and fun romance. 


It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey 

Tessa Bailey is known for writing sexy,  light reads that will make the perfect escape for book lovers. Her latest rom-com ‘It Happened One Summer’ is just that. Piper Bellinger is LA ”It Girl” who has always been a wild child. When her rooftop party goes horribly wrong her step-dad sends her off to her hometown, a small-seaside town in Washington. And that’s where she meets Brendan, the grumpy, big bearded fisherman who seems to take an instant dislike towards her. Will Piper be able to win him over and find a new life in this new town? This sexy and funny book is an instant pick-me up. 


Mad About You by Mhairi McFarlane

The book begins with a breakup resulting from the female protagonist Harriet’s decision to end her relationship with her boyfriend. Harriet is a thirty-year-old wedding photographer who doesn’t want to get married. Instead, she moves to a place that is just down-the-hall distance from her ex-boyfriend, who is from an upper-class family and has never shown her any genuine affection. Soon Harriet leaves her boyfriend and finds herself in a new apartment with Cal Clarke. She quickly realises how comfortable she felt around Cal because of their similar past experiences with their respective lovers. It’s difficult to name Mhairi McFarlane’s books as light read as her novels have multi-layered characters and plot. Nevertheless, I definitely think Mad About You deserves to be in the list of books that are uplifting, charming and funny. 


Guncle by Steven Rowley

Steven Rowley’s light hearted and quirky novel is about a retired TV star who is leading a reclusive life. Because of the recent tragedy Patrick is forced to become the guardian of his niece and nephew. Although he loves to spend weekends with the children, becoming a full-time caretaker isn’t something he is looking forward to doing. Despite begging the fun uncle, Patrick begins to release that parenting includes much more than treats and jokes.  This sweet family story is a fun book choice for light reading. 


Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau

This is a refreshingly fun novel about an oppressed teenager named Mary Jane. Set in 1970s Baltimore we follow fourteen year old Mary Jane who has just gotten a summer job as a nanny for a prestigious family. But when she actually visits the family, it was nothing like she had ever expected. The house is a terrible mess and there is no food in the fridge or table. Mary Jane is even more surprised to see the family’s honest affection towards each other. And then comes the famous rockstar and his equally famous and glamorous wife. And  just like that Mary Jane’s life is about to change forever.  Get ready to spend a summer week at the beach with these light and fun characters. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook version. Not only makes it the story utterly funny and charming but also, you will be able to enjoy the original song from the novel!  


Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto 

This funny murder mystery rom-com follows Meddelin Chan who is going on a blind date. Unfortunately, she ends up killing the date and calls her meddlesome aunts for help. However, disposing of a dead body turns out to be a lot more challenging than they had expected, especially now that their family business is at stake. ‘Dial A for Aunties’ is a well written, fun book to read for adults. You’ll be excited to read laugh-out-loud and nail-biting moments! 


Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher

Marin Cole has never been someone who goes out of her comfort shell. Ever since the death of her mother she is vigilant about her life, never leaving her home city. However, her younger sister Sadie, is an adrenaline junkie and is completely opposite to Marin. So when Sadie asks Marin to join the sisters’ spa weekend, she agrees to join her so that she can keep a watchful eye on her sister. However, things didn’t go as planned when Sadie misses their flight and Marin encounters someone new after a very long time. ‘Meet Me in Paradise’ is a compelling lighthearted book about sisterhood and unexpected love. 


The Candid Life of Meena Dave by Namrata Patel

Photojournalist Meena Dave has never belonged anywhere. She loves her solitary life which includes no permanent address or family. But when she learns about a mysterious inheritance, in historic Back Bay, Boston, the news leaves her totally flabbergasted. The inheritance turns out to be an old apartment which is surrounded by bossy neighbours. Will Meena’s journalistic instinct help her figure out this mysterious house and neighbours? This lighthearted debut novel is filled with fun characters and moments that you wouldn’t be able to put down for a moment. 


Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman

Chani Horowitz was looking for a life-changing book deal when she was hired to write a profile for the up-coming star and her celebrity crush Gabe Parker. And when she meets the young star, the interview turns out to be a weekend together. Although the job has changed the lives of both, their relationship didn’t last long. Now ten year later the duo meets again. This time Chani is divorced and unable to get out of the chaos that the first interview had caused. Will they be able to start from where they had left off? This light read is filled with hot romance and delightful banter. 


Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano 

Looking for a fast-paced, funny and lighthearted novel to boost your mood ? Then you are going to enjoy the story of writer Finlay Donovan and her endless challenges. Finlay’s life is a constant juggling act between her career and family. She is a newly single mother with two young children and no money. While discussing the plot of her new novel, she is mistaken for a contract killer. Soon she will find herself amidst life-threatening events. This perfectly plotted novel is a perfect escape read for adults. 


The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

Author Beth O’Leary’s debut novel follows Tiffy and Leon, who have agreed on an unusual agreement. Both are sharing a flat and a bed but they don’t see each other at all. Tiffany has the day job so when she leaves for work, Leon is back from work. Once Leon leaves Tiffany has the apartment in the evenings. Despite not seeing one another, they manage to communicate with each other through little notes. After a while, their lives begin to intersect and both begin to get to know each other. I love fun light reads that feature unique stories and characters. The Flatshare is one such book that can cheer you up instantly!


The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman 

The Thursday Murder Club consists of four septuagenarians Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ronare who are the residents of Coopers Chase Retirement Village. Every week they get together to discuss cold case muder files.  As each member has had a great career in solving crimes, they still take pride in their skills to solve mysteries. But then comes a unique opportunity to solve a new case. Now it’s time for “The Thursday Murder Club” to roll up their sleeves and solve the case. This character-driven murder mystery is a light read with funny and lighthearted romp.


If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy

The Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy is a swoon-worthy light read that describes the life of a contemporary Cinderella with a different sibling relationship setting. The story begins with a preview of the chubby aspiring shoe designer Cindy Woods, her typical rich and famous mother, and two step sisters, but with a twist. Cindy has a keen interest in shoes and has been looking for a suitable job in the fashion industry for a while. Her stepmother, for a change, is loving and supportive and offers her a last-minute position at a fashion reality show that she is in charge of. There, Cindy meets the charming prince, Henry. Being on a national television show brings a lot of attention to a plus-size woman like Cindy. Soon, her chemistry with Henry and her confidence helps her become a fan favourite.


Anxious People by Fredrik Backman 

In this list of fun and light reads next comes a deeply funny, well-plotted novel  by New York Times Bestselling author Fredrik Backman. Primarily it is the story of a failed bank robbery. When the robbery goes horribly wrong, the robber jumps into an apartment viewing and turns viewers into hostages. However, what is supposed to be a shocking incident turns out to be a place to open up and find solace in one another. Unlike other novels in this post, Backman’s novel handles a lot more complex themes such as marriage, parenting and society. 


The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner

The summer place begins with Veronica’s wish for a family get-together. After  her husband’s death, her daughter Sarah moved to New York and her son Sam was away, the house suddenly became empty. When Ruby, her granddaughter, announced that she was engaged to her boyfriend, the entire family suddenly got excited together for a wedding. The storyline slowly moves with Sarah struggling and having second thoughts about her marriage and her decision to let go of an old lover while also questioning her logic regarding her desire to become a professional pianist. Meanwhile, Eli, Veronica’s son-in-law, is consumed by a secret that could ruin his own and other relationships. Jennifer Weiner’s novel is a light read that is filled with family secrets and hot affairs. 


 Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson

Phoebe Walsh, a true crime genre enthusiast, is all set to write her Ph.D. dissertation on the same. In order to write her article, she decides to move to Florida, her late father’s house. There she meets her new neighbour Sam who offers her to help move stuff into the house. While Phoebe is completely smitten by his charming behaviour, his suspicious activities make Phoebe more alarmed, and as a crime genre obsessor, she begins to investigate Sam on her own. Thompson has cleverly blended crime and romance, which makes the reader intrigued till the end of the book. ‘Love in the Time of Serial Killers’ is funny, smart and a perfect light romance novel to read in 2022. 


The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

One of Florence Day’s secrets is that she’s the ghostwriter for a well-known romance writer. She also has a secret about being able to see ghosts. Florence was a front-line rom-com writer until she got her heart broken and found it difficult to write romantic stories because of the obvious lack of love in her life. Later her handsome yet harsh editor Benji Andor shuts her down on her next book deadline, making her very downhearted. Like that wasn’t enough, she receives the terrible news of her father’s demise and sets to go back to her hometown after a decade. The story takes an unforeseen turn when Florence encounters Benji at her father’s funeral. The Dead Romantics is Poston’s refreshingly fun, and easy to read book that will make a light summer read.  


 To Love and Be Loved by Amanda Prowse

After a humiliating and traumatic experience, Merrin decides to leave her present life and build a new one from scratch where she can mould herself into a different person. However, after six years, fate has other plans for her, as she is forced to return to the same village. Slowly, she begins to re-evaluate her life choices and her future endeavours. This poignant story about love and family is a sweet and uplifting tale for the lovers of lighthearted books. 


In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

Minutes after getting fired from her Job, Fanny is running into a series of humiliating events. Firstly, her beloved silk dress got torn by the subway doors, and she had to face quite a wardrobe malfunction. Later, a charming stranger named Hayes Montgomery III comes to her rescue. What was supposed to be a meet-cute turns out to be catastrophic. Now all this is on the internet, making them the famous subway couple where a dashing prince saves a damsel in distress. Now, even after Fanny and Hayes part ways, they keep bumping into each other in various circumstances. Even if they both enjoy each other’s company, will they ever be a hot couple?  This light read is a perfect romance novel for the fans of Christina Lauren and Abby Jimenez. 


The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams

‘The Reading List’ is a captivating story about the power of books to transform lives. It is the story of widower Mukesh and his ordinary-routined life where he lives in the London Borough of Ealing with his introverted granddaughter Priya. Priya is a profound bookworm and doesn’t communicate a lot which is why Mukesh tries to explore the local library so that he can connect more with his granddaughter. Meanwhile, teenage Aleisha, who was working at the library, finds a crumpled-up piece of paper with a list of life-changing books. She later finds Mukesh juggling with many reading options and decides to pass on the list to help him overcome his predicament. The Reading List is an easy to read sweet novel that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.


What funny and lighthearted novels do you read when life gets hard? Let me know in the comments,



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