43 It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover Book Club Questions & Snack Ideas + Free Pdf Guide

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Dive into thoughtful book club questions, snack ideas, and book club activities for It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover.

It Ends With Us was one of the most beautiful romance novels I have read. So I was thrilled to read its sequel to explore Lily and Atlas’s universe. I really loved the fact that it was dual perspectives, and we got to learn a lot about Atlas.

The book gives you a lot of heartwarming moments with Lily and Atlas. As a book club book, it really offers so many great themes to discuss.

If your book club has chosen It Starts with Us and you don’t know what questions to discuss , here are 43 best questions.

Although the book was an easy read, you will be surprised to know that there are many questions that can lead to heated arguments.

From themes of second-chance romance to growing up in an abusive family, get ready for a great discussion with book club members.

It Starts With Us Summary 

It Starts with Us is the sequel to Colleen Hoover It Ends with Us.” Even though Lily and Atlas have been apart for two years, Lily is happy for anothe r chance with him. But Ryle, her ex-husband, doesn’t like Atlas being around. The story is told from Lily and Atlas’s views, exploring Atlas’s past and Lily looking for love despite challenges from her jealous ex-husband.


43 It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover Book Club Questions 

Did It Starts with Us make for a compelling sequel? How similar or different did you feel the writing and characters were? 

What was your initial reaction to the reconnection between Lily and Atlas after two years apart?

How do you feel about Lily’s decision to go on a date with Atlas, considering her history with Ryle?

In what ways does the book explore the challenges of coparenting for Lily and Ryle?

How did your perception of Atlas change as you learned more about his past in this sequel?

Discuss Lily and Atlas relationship timeline. 

Were there moments in the book that surprised you, or did you find the plot predictable?

Did you enjoy the two POVs in the book?How do you think the perspectives of Lily and Atlas enhance the narrative?

In what ways does the book explore the theme of forgiveness, especially in the context of Lily’s relationships?

How did you feel about the portrayal of co parenting in the story? Did it resonate with your own experiences or observations?

What do you think about the dynamics between Lily, Atlas, and Ryle? How realistic did it feel to you?

Did the story’s setting play a significant role in your connection with the characters and their journey?

Discuss the theme of second chance romance in It Starts With Us. 

Were there particular scenes or dialogues that stood out to you as particularly impactful or memorable?

How did you interpret the title, It Starts with Us in the context of Lily and Atlas’s relationship?

Do you think the book effectively captures the complexities of love and the choices we make in relationships?

How did you feel about the character development of Lily and Atlas throughout the course of the novel?

Were there moments when you empathize with Ryle, despite his flaws and mistakes?

How did the author balance the romance elements with the more dramatic aspects of the story?

What role do you think Lily’s daughter played in shaping the dynamics between Lily, Atlas, and Ryle?

How did the themes of sacrifice and compromise resonate in the relationships portrayed in the book?

Were there instances where you found Lily’s choices frustrating?

How does the author use dialogue to reveal the characters’ emotions and motivations?

In what ways does the story challenge traditional notions of love and relationships?

Were there any secondary characters whose stories you found particularly interesting or engaging?

How does the book explore the impact of the past on present relationships, especially in Lily and Atlas’s case?

What do you think about the pacing of the story? Were there moments that felt rushed or dragged for you?

How does the author address the theme of jealousy, particularly in the context of Ryle’s feelings towards Atlas?

Were there instances where you found yourself rooting for a particular character’s happiness?

Did you find the portrayal of Atlas’s past and the challenges he faced realistic and relatable?

How do you think the story would have been different if told from Atlas and Ryle’s perspective?

How does the book handle the complexities of blending the past with the present in terms of relationships?

Did you feel a sense of closure for the characters by the end of the story, or were there lingering questions for you?

How did the author incorporate elements of suspense and tension in the narrative?

How does the book explore the concept of self-discovery and personal growth in the context of Lily and Atlas’s journey?

Were there themes or messages in the story that you found particularly resonant or thought-provoking?

How does Colleen Hoover’s writing style contribute to the emotional impact of the story?

It Starts with Us explores more of Atlas’s family. Now, do you think Lily and Atlas were born into a similar family?

Discuss the relationship between Atlas and Josh

What do you think of Lily’s decision not to reveal the abuse in the custody battle? Did she do the right thing?

After finishing the book, how do you think the events of It Starts with Us will impact your perspective on love and relationships?

Did Hoover write everything readers wanted to know about Atlas? Is there any other narrative that should have been added?

How do you think Emerson would react when Lily tells her story? Do you think she will still love her dad?

It Starts With Us Book Club Questions FREE PDF

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Notable Reviews for It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover

This sequel to BookTok phenom It Ends With Us stands on its own, a portrait of the dynamics of domestic violence.” — People

This romance delivers on all the goods that has made Hoover such a sensation on TikTok: frank sex scenes, high-stakes twists, ingenious plotting and capital-D DRAMA.” — New York Post

It Starts With Us Book Club Snack Ideas

  • Tea and Cookies: Create a cozy atmosphere with various tea options and a selection of cookies.
  • Cheese and Fruit Platter: A variety of cheeses and fruits for a light and sophisticated snack.
  • Cupcakes: Great for the theme of  love story 
  • Popcorn Bar: Popcorn flavors and toppings for a fun snack

 It Starts With Us Book Activities 

  • Character Discussion Cards:Prepare discussion cards with questions about each character. 
  • Timeline Creation: Have a timeline activity where members can map out key events in the book. It helps visualize the story’s progression.
  • Book-Related Trivia: Organize a trivia game based on the book. Include questions about characters, plot details, and the author.
  • Book-Inspired Playlist: Curate a playlist that reflects the mood and themes of the book. Play it in the background during the meeting.

Books Similar to It Starts With Us

  • Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren: Similar to Lily and Atlas, this book also narrates the love story of childhood sweethearts. I absolutely loved this second chance romance.
  • The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah: This is a touching story set in the Alaskan wilderness. The heroine, Leni, shares a lot in common with both Lily and Atlas. The book also explores the effects of abuse. I ended up bawling my eyes out. It’s  also one of my favorite Kristin Hannah books.
  • Confess by Colleen Hoover: Another display of Colleen Hoover’s magic in this one. It’s also a young adult romance. I really enjoyed reading this second chance love story.
  • In Five Years by Rebecca Serle: This one is a real tear-jerker. The story is emotionally compelling, much like “It Ends With Us

Frequently Asked Questions About It Starts With Us

  • What It Starts With Us is about?

“It Starts With Us” revolves around the characters Atlas and Lily, who, having experienced love in their teenage years, endeavor to rekindle their relationship as adults. The narrative delves into the complexities and repercussions that their renewed love brings.

  • Should I read It Ends with Us first or It Starts With Us?

Yes, it is better to read It Ends With Us first, before reading It Starts With Us. The first book unfolds from Lily’s perspective, while the subsequent one, “It Starts With Us,” provides a dual narrative, offering insights from both Lily and Atlas.


I hope you have got some discussion-worthy book club questions for  It Starts With Us. Don’t forget to download the FREE pdf printable with book club questions.

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