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Sophie Kinsella is one of my whole time favourite rom-com authors. She is predominantly known for her Shopaholic series.

Her first novel in the series, “The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic” (also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic) hit the UK bestseller list in September 2000. The series includes eight other novels such as “Shopaholic Abroad” (also published as Shopaholic Takes Manhattan), “Shopaholic Ties the Knot”, “Shopaholic & Sister”, “Shopaholic & Baby”, “Mini Shopaholic”,Shopaholic to the Stars”, “Shopaholic to the Rescue” and “Christmas Shopaholic”.

Kinsella has also written numerous bestselling stand-alone novels including “Remember Me?” and “Twenties Girl”.

Kinsella started her first novel at the age of 24, under her real name, Madeleine Wickham. After the initial success of her novel, she has written a few others before starting her Shopaholic series.

Now, whether you’re a fan or not, you’re going to love this complete list of Kinsella novels. After all, you have a plethora of rom-coms to choose from!

Complete List of Sophie Kinsella books

Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series In Order

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The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic/ Confessions of a Shopaholic

The first book in the popular Shopaholic series follows Becky Bloomwood, a journalist at Successful Savings. She leads a glamorous life and spends a great deal on fashionable outfits. In reality, however, she can’t afford anything with her little salary! Yet she has no intention to put an end to her shopping spree!

Shopaholic Abroad/ Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

In the second book, Becky has a new job as a financial advisor on a London Morning Show and a handsome boyfriend Luke. Soon both are about to travel to New York. But then again Becky’s spending addiction can ruin her future.

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Becky and Luke are moving forward in their relationship. As a personal shopper, Becky seems to get enough shopping done and getting paid for it. But Luke’s unexpected proposal makes everything hectic! As both parents get involved in the wedding plans, things are getting out of Becky’s hand!

Shopaholic and Sister

Becky and Luke return after their lavish ten-month long honeymoon. When her parents reveal about a sister from her father’s previous relationship. Becky is overjoyed and wants to be best friends with her. However, her new sister Jess is studious and thrifty and nothing like Becky!

Shopaholic and Baby

A lot has happened in Becky’s life since the last book. She has a new job and is expecting her first baby. Also she is very busy setting up a designer nursery. But when she finds out that the celebrity obstetrician she was eager to meet is Luke’s ex-girlfriend, there is going to be trouble in paradise!

Mini Shopaholic

Becky Brandon is a busy mother now. Her two-year-old Minnie is a handful and seems to make a mess of everything! Moreover, money seems to be a problem for everyone now. Becky wants to throw a surprise party for Luke, but again she is not sure how…

Shopaholic To the Stars

Sophie Kinsella’s 7th book in the Shopaholic series features the beloved Becky in L.A. Becky can’t want to unleash the A-list lifestyle she always wanted. From shopping trips to yoga retreats, she is ecstatic! Now she wants to become a personal stylist to the celebrity her husband is working for.

Shopaholic to the Rescue

Now it’s time for Becky to take a break from her extravagant life and find her missing father. Both her father and her best friend’s husband has disappeared. Now the entire family is on a look out for both across the country, from L.A. to Las Vegas.

Christmas Shopaholic

Becky Loves Christmas. The family dinner at her parents’, neighbourhood gatherings AND Christmas shopping. But this time Becky is the host of the family at the Christmas party. Although she has a lot to take care of-from her sister’s vegan turkey to little Minnie’s special jumper, what concerns her the most however is her ex-boyfriend and his arrogant new girl friend!

Sophie Kinsella’s Standalone novels

The Party Crasher

Effie is devastated to learn about her father and beloved step-mom’s divorce. Since then she is estranged from her father and loathes the new (much younger) girlfriend, Krista. Which why she declines Krista’s invitation to the house—cooling party. But, she goes anyway with a hidden agenda.

Love your life

Ava decides to go to Italy to enrol for a writers’ retreat. Participants are required not to share their real names, so she goes by Aria. Shortly after she met a guy named Dutch from the neighbouring group, and fell in love. But when it’s time to pack up and move on, it tuns out that they’re a polar opposite couple?

I owe you one

Fixie got her nick name because she likes to fix things. She wants to help everyone and doesn’t learn to say no to anything. That’s how she ends up saving a stranger’s laptop in a coffee shop. And he thanks her by giving a IOU on a coffee sleeve. Although she laughs it off, when time comes she has to use it.

Surprise me

When the doctor told Sylvie and Dan that their marriage can last for as long as 68 years, both start to panic. What if they get bored of each other? How can they keep their marriage fresh and charming? So Sylvia launches “Project Surprise Me”, which involves planning little surprises for each other. But during the process, things go horribly wrong.

My Not So Perfect Life

Katie is an ambitious young girl from Somerset. She left the hometown to pursue her dream life in London. But early hours and a tiny apartment is not what she had in mind. Just as she hopes to have a better life, she is fired from her job. Disheartened, she returns to her family.

Can You Keep a Secret

Everyone has secrets, but Emma Corrigan has quite a few. She hides them from her family and boyfriend. But then one day she spills them out, each and every one of them! To a stranger on a plane! And the worst part? the stranger turned out to be her new boss!

The Undomestic Goddess

Samatha is a corporate lawyer and a workaholic. She has been working almost everyday of the week for seven years to be a partner of the firm. However, when she makes a huge mistake, her world comes crashing down. Devastated she flees the city only to take up a job as a housekeeper. But the thing is she has no clue about how to do household tasks.

I’ve got your number

As Poppy Wyatt was about to marry the man of her dreams things start to fall apart fast. First she loses her precious engagement ring in a hotel fire drill and her mobile phone. While searching for the ring, she grabs an abandoned phone she finds. It turns out that phone belongs to business man Sam Roxton. But Poppy who firmly believes in the “finders keepers principle” is not ready to hand over the phone!

Twenties Girl

While attending her aunt Sadie’s funeral, Lara starts to hear a voice. Although she blamed her overactive imagination at first, the voice seems to become louder and demanding. And it turns out that it’s the voice of her aunt herself. She wants Lara to find the missing Dragonfly necklace, for without it she can’t rest.

Wedding Night

This is the story of two sisters- Fliss and Lottie. Lottie seems to have a troubled love life. When her boyfriend doesn’t propose, Lottie ends the relationship with him and got married to an old boyfriend. A boyfriend with whom she has had no contact for over fifteen years! However, her sister Fliss is determined to do anything she can to stop her from this marriage.

Remember me

This is the story of Lexi, who after escaping from a car accident finds out that she is living a whole new life. A millionaire husband, a designer wardrobe and a personal assistant, yet she has no clue how it all happened!

Sophie Kinsella’s children and teen novels

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Fairy Mom and Me

Ella Brook wants to be a fairy when she grows up. But first she has to learn from her mom, who is a fairy. Occasionally Ella has to help her as she tends to forget the spells. A charming novel for little readers.

Mummy Fairy and Me: Fairy-in-Waiting

The second book in the Mummy Fairy and Me series, is filled with fun and adventure. There are more enjoyable characters and magical things. And Ella is the happiest among all these.

Mummy Fairy and Me: Unicorn Wishes

In the third book in the magical series things get a little more adventurous. There are flying cars, a unicorn and more importantly, Ella gets her own magical wardrobe.

Mummy Fairy and Me: Mermaid Magic

The fourth book in the magical series features enchanting episodes. Mummy fairy and Ella have more fun decorating kitchen. And Ella gets to swim with beautiful mermaids!

Finding Audrey

The main character Audrey is suffering from an anxiety disorder. She never leaves the house and gets extremely uncomfortable whenever someone visits her house. But Linus, one of her brother’s friends, is finally able to help her to overcome the fear.

Sophie Kinsella’s Short Stories

Shopaholic on Honeymoon (Shopaholic #3.5)

This short story features the centre character from the Shopaholic series-Becky. Now married, Becky and Luke are on a long honeymoon, travelling from Venice to India and South America. However, as usual Becky didn’t forget to indulge in some shopping.

Six-Geese a-laying

Mom-to-be Ginny joins the antenatal class along with other smart mothers. She is pretty confident about her ability to become the best mom. However, shortly Ginny learns what’s it like to be a mom in real life.

Novels of Madeleine Wickham

Sophie Kinsella’s real name is Madeleine Wickham. Before becoming popular as Sophie Kinsella, she wrote a few novels under her original name. These novels seem to be a lot more different than her typical Kinsella novels.

More authors like Sophie Kinsella

There you have the complete list of Sophie Kinsella novels.

What are some of your favourite Kinsella novels? Let me know in the comments!


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