25 Must-Read Brother’s Best Friend Romance Books

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Explore the list of best brother’s best friend romance novels.

So if you are in search of feel good, light hearted fake relationship romance novels that feature brother’s best friend trope, get ready to indulge in these great books. 

From Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love to Elsie Silver’s A False Start, so many books that are surely going to be among your favorite romance novels. 

Let’s start reading these best books from your favorite romance trope. 

My recommendations for Brother’s Best Friend Romance

If you ask me I would say definitely recommend Christina Lauren‘s Beautiful Player as the first choice.

I am a huge fan of their engaging storytelling. Plus the book offers many steamy scenes for the lovers of open door romance.

Also Elsie Silver’s A False Start is also another great choice.

Best Brother’s Best Friend Romance Books to Read 

A False Start by Elsie Silver

The fourth book in the Gold Rush Ranch Series is a small town romance novel that narrated a forbidden love story. 

We have Nadia, who’s all tangled up in this brother’s-best-friend situation with Griffin. 

They had shared a kiss together years ago but now as they  start to interact with each other, their true feelings begin to surface. 

Griffin is Stefan’s one and only bestie. She’s his best friend’s little sister.

And he is insisting he’s not good for Nadia. 

Meanwhile, Nadia is  caught between wanting a deeper connection and just, well, something more physical. 

If you loved Elsie Silver’s, Chestnut Springs Series or Gold Rush Ranch Series you would be addicted to Nadia and Griff’s journey.

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Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren 

Beautiful Player is the story of a grad student, Hanna Bergstrom , and her brother’s  flirty friend Will Sumner. 

Her overprotective brother blames her for having no social life, she decides to  go out, meet people, and begin dating. 

The only man who can help her is the dashing, womanizing Will Sumner, who’s not just a playboy but a venture capitalist too. 

At first, Will was skeptical about this challenge but after a wild night that leads them to the bedroom, he is clear about his goal.  

The author duo Christina Lauren is one of my favorite rom- com authors. Whether it’s The Unhoneymooners or Love and Other Words, their stories always make my heart melt. 

So, if you’re up for a smart and sexy romance, the third book in the Beautiful Bastard Series is a great choice


99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

99 Percent Mine by SallyThorne is brother’s best friend romance book with plenty of fun and flirty moments. 

So we have our main character Darcy Barrett, who’s had a crush on Tom Valeska, since they were practically kids. 

But there’s a catch: Tom is her twin brother’s best friend. I mean, talk about bad timing, right? 

Darcy always  had to settle for “good enough” in her love life because her heart’s been set on Mr. Perfect since she was eight. 

Fast forward to Darcy and her brother inheriting a dilapidated cottage from their grandmother. Their mission: restore it to its former glory and sell it. Darcy’s initial plan? Get outta there ASAP. But then, Tom shows up and he’s single for the first time in almost a decade . 

So now Darcy decides to stick around and work on the cottage with Tom, and sparks fly. And this time  Darcy’s determined to make Tom hers.

If you loved The Hating Game or Second First Impressions, you would absolutely enjoy reading this unforgettable slow-burn romance.


Could Have Been Us by Corinne Michaels

Could Have Been Us is a friends-to-lovers and brother’s best friend romance. 

We have got Stella, who’s been in love with Jack since she was sixteen.  

He has always kept his distance because of a promise not to touch her. Their past is full of secrets and heartache.

But then, something changes. Their history is complicated, especially after a life-changing night when they were eighteen. 

But Stella’s never really stopped loving Jack, and when they kiss again, it’s a game-changer.

Check out this romance novel if you are into the tales of  love, secrets, and second chances. 

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Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

New York Times bestselling author of It Ends With Us crafts a love story  about love, loss, and the unexpected places your heart can take you. 

The story starts when Tate Collins meets Miles Archer. 

It wasn’t a love-at-first-sight scenario. 

The only thing they share is a magnetic attraction that’s hard to ignore.

Miles doesn’t want love, and Tate is too busy to even think about it, so they settle for the physical side of things.

However, almost immediately, they find out they can’t stick to the rules. 

Hearts get involved, promises get shattered.  

If you want to read a contemporary romance book featuring brother’s best friend romance AND unforgettable characters, Ugly Love should be on your reading list. 

Also once you finish it check out  books like Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love post for more similar books. 


To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise

To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise can be summarized into a story of first loves, shattered dreams, and unexpected reunions.

Meet Olive, who’s had a massive crush on her brother’s childhood friend, Jason Thorn. 

He was her first real crush, the guy who made her heart race and her cheeks turn bright red. But, he is also the one who broke her heart into a million pieces. 

Once he moved away after a family tragedy, Olive was more than ready to forget he even existed.

Fast forward to today, and Jason Thorn is a big-time movie star.

Olive, on the other hand, is a budding writer, and she’s penned the book that’s about to hit the big screen with Jason as the star. 

Sounds like a dream come true, but nope, it’s not that simple. Life throws a curveball, and suddenly Olive finds herself on the verge of becoming Jason Thorn’s wife.

To Love Jason Thorn is not just brother’s best friend trope but also enemies to lovers romance filled with second chances, fake relationships, alpha males and hot and steamy romance.  


Twisted Love by Ana Huang

Twisted Love is a story of Alex Volkov, a man with an icy heart but a fiery spirit when it comes to one woman.

Alex, carries the heavy burden of a haunting past that won’t let go. 

Because it has little room for matters of the heart. 

That is until he meets his best friend’s sister, and suddenly, there’s a crack in that icy facade. 

On the other side, we have Ava Chen, a free spirit  who is haunted by memories of a childhood she can’t quite remember. 

But despite her terrible past, she sees beauty everywhere, even in the heart of a man she should stay away from.

The first book in Ana Huang’s Twisted Series is a brother’s best friend meets opposites attract kind of romance with a dash of suspense. 


The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan Quinn

The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan Quinn. It’s all about Bram and Julia. Bram is best pals with Rath, who happens to be Julia’s older brother. 

Now, Bram’s got a major crush on Julia, but she’s not falling for his usual charm.

 Bram  decides to get closer to Julia by pretending he needs her help to find a date through her dating service. 

The book dives into stuff like forbidden love, friendship bonds, and the struggles of love in complicated relationships. 

As the story goes on, you’ll get a mix of deep emotions, passion, and humor. Bram’s determination and Julia’s smarts make for an interesting love story.

I am sure you will  enjoy the witty banter and the whole tug-of-war between what they want and what they should do. 


Playing for Keeps by Kendall Ryan

The main character, Justin, is a hockey player. 

He accidentally sent a flirtatious message to his teammate, Elise Parrish, after their team won the championship. 

This caused Justin to have strong feelings for Elise, which he has been trying to get rid of for three months. Now, he’s determined to prove his worth to Elise, but she might not be easily convinced. 

For Elisa, Justin has been her childhood crush for decades.  So does that mean these two were meant to be together? 

If you love a steamy hockey romance featuring a hot hero, Playing for Keeps is for you. 


Fall Into You by Caroline Frank

Now, you are going to love this cozy fall romance with brother’s best friend trope.

 Fall Into You” delves into a close-knit Italian family’s dynamics, skillfully weaving a love story that entwines familial challenges. 

Liza loved her Italian family and their strong ties to tradition. But when Matt re-enters she can’t help but fall for him right from the start. And that’s why she really begins to question her family’s involvement  in her life. 

Especially when her brother forbids her from dating Matt. 

And that’s how  Liza and Matt decide to keep their relationship a secret. 

Fall Into You promises so many charming moments that will captivate  you from the first page. 

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The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst

The Marriage Mistake is a marriage of convenience romance with brother’s best friend romance trope. 

This is the story of Carina Conte who has  grown up in a large Italian family where she often felt like an ugly duckling of the family. 

She has also had a crush on her brother Michael’s best friend, Max Gray. the new CEO of Michael’s bakery empire and a close friend of the Conte family 

Despite her MBA and a job in Michael’s bakery empire, Max barely notices her.

Meanwhile Max is well aware of Carina’s feelings for him, but he knows she’s strictly off-limits due to her being his best friend’s sister.

But everything changes after a passionate one-night stand. 

If you love a good book that offers a mix of humor, sizzling chemistry, and heartwarming moments get this book asap. 

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The Roommate Situation by Katie Bailey

Here is another brother’s best friend romance with roommate romance trope

In The Roommate Situation our main character Jess  decides to run away to her brother’s house in Atlanta for a fresh start. But here’s the twist – her brother conveniently forgets to mention that about his friend  who happens to be living in his house. 

 Conor Brady, is currently residing in the spare bedroom while he renovates his enormous house.

There are a million reasons why she shouldn’t fall for Conor, but their chemistry is off the charts. 

And that means she’s got a bit of a situation on her hands. 

If you’re into romantic comedies with a side of swoon, this one’s for you.


The Off Limits Rule by Sarah Adams

If you loved When In Rome or The Cheat Sheet , you will absolutely adore Sarah Adams’ new romantic comedy  The Off Limits Rule.

It’s the first book in It Happened in Nashville Series

We find our protagonist Lucy moving in with her older brother due to financial struggles. 

It really felt like a fun reunion, until she meets Cooper, her brother’s best friend

Her brother vehemently opposes the idea of her dating Cooper, considering him everything she should avoid: flirtatious, adventurous, commitment-phobic, and undeniably attractive. 

Our protagonist acknowledges her brother’s concerns but can’t resist the magnetic pull of Cooper’s pretty blue eyes.

The Off Limits Rule navigates the complexities of forbidden attraction and the irresistible allure of what one shouldn’t have.


Walk on the Wilder Side by Serena Bell

Walk on the Wilder Side is the second book in Serena Bell’s Wilder Adventures Series

It chronicles  the life of Brody, a self-proclaimed bad boy. 

He is trying to host a book club on his boat, but things don’t exactly go smoothly. 

Brody is determined to make things right, and the only way to do so is by offering a fantastic girls’ night out.

Now, the interesting part is when Brody’s best friend’s sister, Rachel, enters the scene.  He has been trying to avoid her. It’s not as easy as he thought. 

As they spend more time together, their attraction grows, and there are lots of unexpected things that are about to happen. 

I think the unique setting and the cute love story make it the perfect book to enjoy among others in the book list.


Done and Dusted by Lyla Sage

Lyla Sage’s debut novel Done and Dusted is a small town cowboy romance that follows the smart and ambitious  Clementine “Emmy” Ryder.  

She has always planned her life very well and even built a fulfilling career centered around her passion for horseback riding. 

But then a devastating accident shatters her world  forcing her to return to her hometown. 

And then she meets that notorious bad boy of Meadowlark, Luke Brooks who is also Emmy’s older brother’s best friend. It’s been a long time since they first met, and he seems quite different from what she thought he would be.

Emmy’s got too much on her mind to think about romance. But what about Luke? Will he ever be able to open his heart to her ? 

In Done and Dusted , Lyla Sage masterfully weaves a tale of love, longing, and second chances. 


Where Good Girls Go To Die by Holly Renee

From the author of A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows comes a steamy contemporary romance that you wouldn’t be able to put it down.

Livy has had a crush on Parker since forever. He’s her brother’s best friend, and everyone knows those guys are off-limits!

But, come on, can you blame Livy for going for it anyway? 

But of course, good things rarely come easy. Parker decides to shatter Livy’s heart into a million pieces, and it’s heartbreaking watching her spiral out of control.

So she decides to run away from the mess, and four years later, she’s still trying to glue the pieces of her heart together. 

But now here he is again. She didn’t expect to see him again, and guess what? He looked every bit the bad boy she knew he was

Where Good Girls Go To Die has EVERYTHING you want, a fast-paced plot,  sizzling chemistry, and so many emotions. 

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Make Me Yours by Melanie Harlow

Make Me Yours is a small town single parent romance featuring brother’s best friend trope.

Cheyenne is a kindergarten teacher, and a self-proclaimed reasonably responsible adult. 

At thirty years old, she has a crush on hot single dad next door Officer Cole Mitchell. 

In a moment of weakness  Cheyenne sends a dirty text to Cole, listing all the steamy things she’s been daydreaming about. 

But she didn’t mean to hit send! Oops!

Cole, in all his hotness and protectiveness, not only sees the text but also responds with an enthusiastic “go on.”

Cole is everything Cheyenne ever dreamed of – sexy, a devoted father to his little girl.  So does that mean she will get to say the words she has always dreamed of? 

Make Me Yours promises lots of fun and sizzling chemistry. 


Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author  Mariana Zapata is back with another captivating romance novel that includes unexpected attraction and workplace shenanigans!

Our protagonist Iris Taylor has found a job in Austin after months of unemployment back home. 

But  it’s not the occasion for celebration because her new boss, Dex Locke, is a complicated man with a bad reputation. 

He’s her brother’s friend, a widower, and an ex-felon. He’s also quite rude and terrible with time. 

Iris thought she had options, but sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you end up in the last place you expected. 

And the last thing they ever expected was each other.

Will Dex and Iris’ tumultuous workplace relationship turn into something more? 

There are lots of reasons to read Under Locke. It’s a slow-burn motorcycle club romance  with alpha males, grumpy sunshine tropes. 


If Only You by Chloe Liese

Next up is a swoon-worthy brother’s best friend sports romance that’s hotter than a summer’s day.

 Ziggy is tired of being underestimated. 

Now she’s got the best  plan to boost her image, and it involves none other than Sebastian Marchand, her brother’s best friend and teammate. 

Seb’s in a bit of a reputation rehab himself, and Ziggy suggests they team up for a fake friendship with some real perks. 

Hockey career on the line, he’s ready to pretend to reform, just to save his life from falling apart. 

So when Ziggy offers a public “friendship” to help both their images, he can’t say no.

He’s kept his distance from Ziggy for a very long time. 

Because she had no intention of  jeopardizing one good friendship he has. 

But in their scheme, he’s convinced there’s no risk. 

Little do they know that what starts as a transactional arrangement will blossom into a love like no other.

If Only You is the sixth book in the Bergman Brothers Series. And it’s the perfect book to read for charming romantic comedy lovers. 


The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry

Brittainy C. Cherry’s The Silent Waters is all about  big moments that leave you breathless, 

We meet the protagonist Maggie, who goes through a tough time. She can’t speak or express herself. But she finds comfort in her friendship with Brooks Griffin

Their special bond helps them deal with life’s challenges until something really sad happens and changes everything.

This is the third book in the Elements Series

The Silent Waters is a special friends-to-lovers story that shows the wonderful and challenging sides of love.


Josh and Hazel’s guide to not dating by Christina Lauren

The last book in the list is again from author duo author Christina Lauren. 

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating tells the story of two people who have no intention of dating.  

First up, we have Hazel Camille Bradford, a whirlwind of energy with the mouth of a sailor. 

Most men can’t handle her, but that’s their loss. She’s got a heart of gold, loves her army of pets, and has an unfiltered way of speaking.

Then there’s Josh Im, who’s known Hazel since college. 

Her wild, playful nature clashed with his mellow restraint from the moment they met. 

From the infamous shoe-ruining incident to unintelligible post-surgery emails, Hazel has always been more of a spectacle than a peer in Josh’s eyes.

 But after a cheating girlfriend turns his life upside down, spending time with Hazel becomes a breath of fresh air.

If you love a fun and lighthearted romance that defies conventional dating norms, then this book is your next must-read.

Also, did I mention that this book also includes friend-to-lovers, grumpy sunshine, and summer read tropes?


Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter

Olivia Marshall  gets a message asking “What are you wearing?” from a random wrong number. 

But instead of being awkward, it turns into this sizzling, anonymous relationship that starts brightening up her life.

And guess what? The guy on the other end is none other than Colin Beck, who’s always seen Olivia as his best friend’s annoying little sister. 

But when she moves in with them, he realizes she’s grown into quite the distraction. 

He thinks he can keep his distance, but then he figures out that she’s the mysterious Miss Misdial he’s been texting for weeks.

If you’re into witty, feel-good romances, Mr. Wrong Number is going to be a great read. 


Dirty Like Brody by Jaine Diamond

Dirty Like Brody by Jaine Diamond, and it’s a childhood-friends-to-lovers story with a lot of angsty drama. 

Brody Mason has been in love with Jessa Mayes  for a very long time. 

But she did something that has hurt him quite badly. And because of which he turns out to be grumpy and moody.  and he’s often grumpy. 

All the while,  Jessa seems to have a perfect life with her beauty and music career, but she has a secret. 

Now, Jessa is  about to do so;ething unexpected, she is coming back home to be a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding. Which means she is about to face that one man from her past, the man she thought she had left behind. 

If you like stories about getting a second chance at love with lots of drama, Dirty Like Brody might be just right for you.


My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend by Max Monroe

My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend by Max Monroe, and it starts with a bang. Well, not literally, but almost. Mabel, who prefers to be called Maybe, is very much alive and active, but her self-respect seems to be in a tough spot.

She accidentally sends a series of incredibly embarrassing text messages. 

She didn’t send them to some random person; she sent them to Milo Ives, who’s not just any guy. 

He was  the star of all her teenage fantasies, and now a billionaire hunk.

If you’re into romantic comedies with a dash of blush-worthy moments, this billionaire romance might be right up your alley. 


Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend by Lauren Landish

The last book recommendation in the list is a marriage of convenience, brother’s best friend romance where the main character gets asked by her brother’s best friend for a fake relationship

There is no way Luna is going to accept Carter’s  proposal. 

They’re total opposites in every way: he’s this tall, charming, workaholic, and she’s short, shy, and an artist. 

But then, things get interesting and suddenly, the fake marriage starts feeling dangerously real. 

Never Marry Your Brother’s Best Friend is a hot and steamy romance that offers so many laugh-out-loud moments. 



So are you ready to dive right into these steamy, hot brothers best friend trope romance novels? Let me know what other tropes you love to read.

Frequently asked questions romance tropes

  • What are romantic tropes?

Romantic tropes in novels are like themes or story patterns in love stories. They help make romance novels more fun and engaging. 

  • What type of romance is most popular? 

The most popular romance is contemporary romance, which is about love in today’s world . But historical romance, which is about love in the past, is also a popular subgenre. Another one is romantic suspense, which adds some mystery or excitement to the love story. 

  • Why choose romance tropes? 

Writers like to use romance tropes because they make it easy to tell a good story that people like. And the best part is, even though they’re common, writers can change them in interesting ways. 

  • What is the brother’s best friend trope? 

The brother’s best friend trope is a popular romance trope where the romantic interest is the best friend of one of the main character’s siblings, often a brother. This trope typically involves a forbidden or secret romance as the sibling may not approve of the relationship, leading to tension and conflict.

  • What is a sibling’s best friend trope? 

The sibling’s best friend trope is similar to the brother’s best friend trope but can involve a romantic relationship between one of the main characters and the best friend of their sibling of any gender. 

  • What are some great  brother’s best friend romance recommendations ? 

Here are a few popular books that incorporate the brother’s best friend trope:

  • A False Start by Elsie Silver
  • Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren 
  • 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne
  • Could Have Been Us by Corinne Michaels
  • What are some steamy brothers best friend romance books authors ?

Must-read steamy brothers best friend romance books authors are

  • Elsie Silver
  • Christina Lauren 
  • Mariana Zapata
  • Max Monroe
  • Meghan Quinn


Overall brother’s best friend romance tropes are a fun, entertaining romance sub-genre. My favorite from the lists are Christina Lauren‘s Beautiful Player and Elsie Silver’s A False Start .

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