13 Fun and Unique Book Club Ideas for Your Next Book

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Starting a book club is fun, but keeping it interesting can be tough. You might worry about people losing interest or running out of things to talk about. In this post, I’ll share a few ideas to keep your book club meetings engaging and fun. I’ve got 13 unique suggestions to spice things up, making sure every meeting is one to look forward to. From themed gatherings to fun games, these tips will keep your discussions lively and ensure everyone in the group stays excited and involved.

Tips for Hosting a Book Club

Here are a few tips to have the best book club meeting.

  1. Choose the Right Books: Pick books that will generate discussion and interest among your members. Consider rotating the book selection duty among members.
  2. Set Clear Expectations: Be clear about what’s expected in terms of preparation and participation. Make sure everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions.
  3. Create a Friendly Atmosphere : Encourage open and respectful dialogue. Make sure everyone feels listened to and appreciated.
  4. Keep It Organized: Set a regular schedule for meetings and stick to it. Use tools like group chats or email lists to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Entertaining Book Club Ideas

  1. Themed Potluck: Coordinate a meal where each dish corresponds to a theme or setting from the book.
  2. Character Dress-Up: Have members dress up as their favorite character from the book for the meeting.
  3. Author Q&A: If possible, arrange for the author to join your discussion via a video call or in person.
  4. Book Pairings: Choose a wine or cocktail that matches the mood or setting of the book and share it at the meeting.
  5. Field Trip: Organize an outing related to the book’s setting or theme, such as a museum visit or a walking tour.
  6. Book Playlist: Create a playlist with songs that reflect themes or periods covered in the book and play it during your meeting.
  7. Movie Night: If the book has been adapted into a movie, watch it together after discussing the book, then compare the two.
  8. Artistic Expression: Encourage members to bring a piece of art they created that was inspired by the book, whether it’s a drawing, painting, or craft.
  9. Literary Games: Incorporate games like quote matching where members match quotes to characters or literary trivia based on the book.
  10. Guest Speakers: Invite a local expert or a professor to discuss themes or historical context relevant to the book.
  11. Reading Challenge: Set a challenge related to the book, like reading a related novella or exploring another work by the same author.
  12. Book Swap: At the end of the meeting, have a book swap where members can exchange books with each other.


I hope these ideas and tips can help make your book club an engaging and enjoyable experience for all members. Let me know what other tips you find helpful.


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