28 Steamy and Hot Romance Novels With Great Characters

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Explore the list of hot steamy romance novels, where passion ignites, desires burn, and love blazes like never before.

If you’re a reader who is looking for sexy novels that bring the fantasies of real life to the forefront, you are in for a treat. 

In this blog post, enjoy the best list of best erotic novels with steamy bedroom scenes delving into the depths of human longing and vulnerability.

With narratives that sweep you off your feet these erotic romance books are not just about physical passion, but also about the emotional journeys that come with it.

These slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers , hot workplace love stories are totally smutty!

Whether you’re a first-time reader of these sexy books or a long-time lover, there’s something electrifying waiting for you in each of these steamy books.

Follow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt

Let’s start the list of best sext romance novels with Helen Hardt’s Follow Me Darkly. The book introduces Skye Manning, a determined assistant, and photographer aspiring for a successful career. On the other hand, self-made billionaire Braden Black is used to getting what he wants. When their paths cross, Braden becomes captivated by Skye’s innocence and beauty, determined to make her submit to his desires.

As their relationship progresses, Skye finds herself swept into a Cinderella-like scenario with Braden, until his true colors emerge, revealing a darker side to him. 

The sizzling heat between them intensifies, and Skye falls for Braden despite his complexities.

Follow Me Darkly is a dark romance with an enigmatic hero with plenty of sexual tension.


A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught 

In Judith McNaught’s A Kingdom of Dreams, the headstrong Scottish beauty Jennifer Merrick is forcefully taken from her convent school and brought into the custody of Royce Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore, known as “The Wolf.” 

Jennifer’s fiery spirit refuses to bow to Royce, a fearsome English warrior, and their initial encounters are marked by clashes of will and pride.

Set against the backdrop of historical tension, A Kingdom of Dreams is a tale of pride, passion, and love that transcends boundaries. 

McNaught weaves a steamy historical romance filled with loyalty, danger, and overwhelming love. 


Blackmailing My Dad’s Best Friend by S.E. Law

Blackmailing My Dad’s Best Friend by S.E. Law is one of the best erotic romance novels with forbidden romance troup. The main character Renée, a self-proclaimed troublemaker, discovers an irresistible desire for something Kane, her dad’s alluring best friend, possesses. 

Despite the taboo nature of her feelings, Renée resorts to blackmail, setting off a tumultuous chain of events. Kane, torn between his memories of Renée as a child and his newfound attraction, gets entangled in a high-stakes game. 

As an alpha male uninterested in games, Kane takes charge, leading to unexpected consequences that promise to keep you eagerly flipping through the pages. 

Join Renée and Kane in this sassy, steamy tale as they navigate forbidden desires and undeniable chemistry in a story that’s both daring and irresistibly fun.


You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria 

National Bestseller

Next is a steamy, funny, and lighthearted romance featuring glamorous telenovela stars. 

Jasmine Lin Rodriguez, a soap opera star dealing with a messy breakup, returns to New York City to star in a bilingual romantic comedy for a top streaming service. 

Following her “Leading Lady Plan,” she’s determined to focus on her career and avoid tabloid drama. However, unexpected casting changes pair her with telenovela heartthrob Ashton Suárez.

Ashton, after his last telenovela character was killed off, is eager to impress American audiences. Their careers depend on generating sizzling on-screen chemistry, but their initial encounter proves challenging. 

Despite a rocky start, their private rehearsals lead to a behind-the-scenes romance that rivals the drama of a soap opera. 

You Had Me at Hola explores the challenges of fame, authenticity, and finding love in unexpected places, making it a must-read for fans of romantic comedies and telenovela enthusiasts alike.


The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang 

Helen Hoang’s The Kiss Quotient is a heartwarming and refreshing debut that challenges the notion of predictability when it comes to matters of the heart. 

Stella Lane, a brilliant mathematician, believes in the power of algorithms to connect the world. With wealth but little dating experience, her journey becomes more complex due to her Asperger’s syndrome.

Struggling to connect intimately, Stella decides she needs practice and enlists the help of Michael Phan, an escort with Vietnamese and Swedish roots. 

Despite his initial reluctance, Michael agrees to assist Stella in her unconventional quest to learn all aspects of intimacy. As their lessons progress, a genuine connection forms, revealing the unexpected intersections between logic and love.

With humor and sensitivity, The Kiss Quotient beautifully portrays Stella’s growth as she learns to appreciate the nuances of love and the intricate dance of human connection.


Temptation by Ivy Smoak 

Ivy Smoak’s Temptation delves into the complex dynamics of a forbidden romance between shy student Penny Taylor and her captivating professor, James Hunter. 

While Penny may seem like a rule-follower to her peers, her secret affection for her professor challenges the boundaries she’s supposed to abide by. Similarly, James has his own secrets concealed beneath his enigmatic exterior.

The charismatic Professor Hunter, once a New York City billionaire, left that life behind to teach, adopting the rule of not fraternizing with students. However, when he encounters a beautiful woman, Penny, the attraction between them is undeniable. 

Despite his resolve to stay away, Penny’s allure and daring nature tempt him to break the very rule he set for himself.

Temptation masterfully captures the tension between longing and responsibility, as well as the exhilaration of crossing boundaries. 


Twisted Love by Ana Huang  

In Ana Huang’s Twisted Love, you meet  Alex Volkov, a devil with an angelic face, haunted by a tragic past he can’t escape.

 Fueled by his pursuit of success and vengeance, he has little room for matters of the heart—until he’s tasked with caring for his best friend’s sister, Ava Chen. Despite their differences, a connection forms that cracks the ice around his heart, setting his world ablaze.

Ava, a free spirit haunted by childhood nightmares, sees past Alex’s icy exterior and recognizes the heart beneath it. Their unexpected bond challenges their pasts and brings them closer, despite the risks. Their love wasn’t supposed to happen, yet it awakens secrets that could shatter them and everything they hold dear.

Twisted Love is the first installment of the Twisted series


Ruthless Creatures by J.T. Geissinger 

In J.T. Geissinger’s Ruthless Creatures, a gripping tale of love, deception, and obsession unfolds. 

The protagonist Natalie’s life took a dark turn when her fiancé disappeared five years ago, leaving her with emotional scars and unanswered questions. 

Her shattered heart encounters a mysterious stranger named Kage, who exudes danger and holds secrets as closely as he does his undeniable allure.

Despite the secrets she senses, an intense connection sparks between them. 

Their interactions are charged with magnetic energy, igniting desires that quickly turn into an all-consuming passion. 


Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

In Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel’s Inferno, Professor Gabriel Emerson is a paradox—respected Dante scholar by day and indulgent pleasure-seeker by night. 

Despite his notorious charm and attractiveness, he’s haunted by a dark past, feeling irredeemable. When Julia Mitchell, a sweet and innocent graduate student, enters his world, an undeniable connection forms, putting both his career and emotions at risk.

Gabriel’s Inferno, delves into Gabriel’s struggle with his past, his attraction to Julia, and the collision of their intertwined fates. 

Amid seduction, forbidden love, and the quest for redemption, Gabriel’s Inferno, offers an enticing exploration of complex emotions. It’s also the best erotic romance for the hardcore fans of Fifty Shades of Grey.


Stone Heart by Katee Robert

Stone Heart by Katee Robert unveils a gripping tale set in the secretive city of Olympus. 

Medusa serves Athena as the enigmatic harbinger of death. Bound by a life debt to Athena, Medusa wields her blade without question, until a new assignment challenges her loyalty. 

Sent to eliminate Calypso, the mistress of influential figure Odysseus, Medusa’s conviction wavers. 

Calypso, unlike her reputation, seems undeserving of death, especially when Medusa encounters her beauty and wit firsthand. As tension mounts, Medusa finds herself drawn to Calypso, and what starts as a calculated maneuver turns into a genuine connection. 

In Stone Heart Katee Robert crafts a riveting narrative where forbidden attraction intertwines with danger. 

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Wallbanger by Alice Clayton 

Let’s move on to the next book on the list. Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger is an enemies-to-lovers sexy romance that introduces you to Caroline Reynolds who just moved into her new apartment in San Francisco. 

Her seemingly fantastic new home comes with an unexpected drawback: the paper-thin walls allow her to hear her neighbor’s vigorous nocturnal escapades with an array of women. The loud noises, combined with her own dating hiatus, lead to sleepless nights filled with fantasies.

When the wallbanging reaches a point where it rattles Caroline’s bed, she decides to confront her neighbor, Simon Parker. 

Clad in a pink baby-doll nightie and fueled by sexual frustration, she meets Simon face to face. The tension between them simmers as they exchange heated words and an unconventional connection forms.

In Wallbanger  Clayton expertly balances steamy scenes and humor, offering you a delightful blend of sensuality and silliness. 


Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn 

In Leave Me Breathless, protagonist Macy Rodgers is not feeling the love. Her love life has been lackluster since a passionate encounter a few months back. 

Her meddling friends, however, believe they’ve found her a perfect match, unaware it’s the same man who set her world on fire in a backseat encounter.

For Seth “Ghost” Warren, cautious and country-loving Macy seems like the last thing he needs, but their worlds collide, intertwining their fates. As a country girl meets a heavy metal rocker, their contrasting lives spark a connection neither expected.

Leave Me Breathless is a sizzling erotic romance that takes you on a journey of unexpected attraction. 

Lynn artfully portrays Macy and Seth’s journey as they navigate the complexities of their differences, past baggage, and the intense chemistry that binds them. 


Remission by Ofelia Martinez 

In Remission by Ofelia Martinez, Dr. Carolina Ramirez’s professional life soars when she learns that her teenage idol, Dr. Hector Medina, is joining her clinical trial team. However, the mentorship takes a complicated turn when he becomes the new boss. 

Despite the warning signs, an irresistible intellectual and physical connection forms between them. But when Hector’s actions lead to a betrayal that shatters her career and heart, Carolina is left to rebuild.

Remission is a steamy, slow-burn medical romance that skillfully navigates the complexities of trust, forgiveness, and undeniable attraction. 


More Than Sexy  by Carly Phillips

Billionaire nightclub owner Jason Dare’s world shifts when he encounters the blonde beauty stranded by the road. Transforming from playboy to her steadfast guardian, he’s resolute about keeping Faith Lancaster safe.

As Jason becomes Faith’s unwavering protector, their connection deepens. He invites her into his life, offering refuge from her dark past. Faith, the talented owner of a candy business, finds herself drawn to Jason’s alpha allure and can’t resist his charms. Despite their reasons for keeping things casual, their desires ignite and their hearts intertwine.

As their worlds collide, Jason’s determination intensifies. More Than Sexy explores the irresistible pull of love and the journey to claiming a love that transcends boundaries. 


Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

  • New York Times Bestseller
  • USA Today Bestseller
  • Los Angeles Times Bestseller
  • Vulture Book Club Pick
  • An Instant Classic and One of the Great Love Stories of Our Time

Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman is a powerful tale of an unexpected and intense romance between a young boy and a summer guest at his family’s Italian Riviera mansion. 

The story follows Elio and Oliver as their attraction turns into a passionate love affair. 

Both initially pretend to be indifferent to their feelings, but over the course of the summer, their obsessions and desires deepen, leading to a profound connection. 

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Riviera and Rome, the novel explores the complexities of attraction, intimacy, and the fleeting nature of first love.

 Aciman’s portrayal of the psychological intricacies of attraction is masterful, making Call Me by Your Name one of the strongest adaptations of a literary text.

Also, I don’t usually say this but It’s also one of the best romantic movies based on books that you should watch! 

Find Me is the second book in the series. 


Introductions by C.L. Stone

In C.L. Stone’s sexiest reverse harem romance Introductions, you are introduced to Sang, a young woman burdened by the weight of her agoraphobic mother and distant father. 

Desiring nothing more than a fresh start and the chance to be seen as ordinary by her peers, Sang yearns to escape the isolation that has plagued her life. 

Being different has always resulted in her being shunned, and she’s desperate to change that.

When her family relocates to a new school district, Sang sees an opportunity to reinvent herself. By a chance encounter, she successfully joins a group of seemingly perfect boys, hoping to find the normalcy and friendship she’s been missing.

Bonds form quickly, but Sang soon realizes that her new friends are harboring their own secrets. These boys are not as ordinary as they appear, and they are connected to a mysterious Academy that they are sworn to protect.

As Sang delves deeper into their world, she grapples with loyalty, trust, and the ever-present element of mystery.

The boys’ allegiance to the Academy and the secrets they guard raise questions about where her loyalties truly lie. The story unfolds as Sang navigates the complexities of friendship, trust, and the allure of the unknown.


Mr. Masters by T.L. Swan 

 T.L. Swan’s steamy love story  Mr. Masters has a unique and captivating dynamic. 

The protagonist, Brielle finds herself in a whirlwind of unexpected situations when she takes a job with Julian Masters, a powerful and older man who happens to be her boss.

Initially, Brielle’s lie  on her resume seems insignificant, but as the story unfolds, the unexpected takes center stage. What was intended to be a job working for a woman turns into a role under the employment of Julian Masters, a man who exudes both power and sensuality. 

The playful tension intensifies as their interactions go beyond the realm of employer and employee.

Through playful banter and sizzling chemistry, Mr. Masters explores the complexities of attraction and the irresistible pull between two individuals. 

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Hothead by Stella Rhys 

The standalone book in Stella Rhys’ Irresistible Series is a hot fake relationship romance involving Drew Maddox, a notorious playboy of Major League Baseball, and Evie Larsen 

Both have an awkward first encounter triggered by alcohol and a drunken phone call to an ex, sparks fly between the two. With his bad-boy attitude and her initial annoyance, their relationship begins on rocky ground.

As tabloids misinterpret their interactions, Drew’s agent devises a unique solution: they should pretend to be a couple for the summer. For her, it’s about proving to her ex that she’s moved on; for him, it’s about stabilizing his image after on-field controversies. 

Their arrangement, though purely for show, propels them into a journey filled with genuine arguments and fake kisses. Amid the growing heat, genuine emotions blur the lines between what’s open and what’s staged.

Set against the backdrop of baseball fame and media attention,Hothead weaves a narrative of self-discovery, attraction, and the unpredictable nature of love. 


Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur 

Up next is a steamy queer rom-com by national bestselling author Alexandria Bellefleur. 

The third book in Written in the Stars Book series

The life of Margot Cooper, a firm believer in casual hookups over relationships. 

 Now because of that, she finds herself the odd one out as her friends embark on their own love journeys. However, fate has other plans when she encounters Olivia Grant, her childhood friend, and first love while touring a wedding venue.

The unexpected reunion ignites a rush of emotions in both Margot and Olivia. Olivia’s life hasn’t gone according to plan, having experienced marriage and divorce by the age of thirty. A job as a wedding planner in Seattle presents her with a fresh start, but she never anticipated that Margot would be a crucial part of her new endeavor.

Count Your Lucky Stars is a delightful second chance with the themes of self-discovery, and the complexities of romance. 


Craving by Helen Hardt

In Helen Hardt’s captivating novel, Craving, Jade Roberts finds herself seeking refuge on her best friend’s ranch in Colorado  

After the heartbreak of being abandoned at the altar,  Jade Roberts seeks refuge on her best friend’s ranch in Colorado. Amid her lingering humiliation, she encounters her friend’s enigmatic brother, Talon Steel. 

Despite his reserved demeanor, a transformative kiss ignites a powerful connection that defies expectations.

Talon Steel,  lives a detached existence, taking without giving, until Jade’s entrance into his life. 

Drawn to her beauty, kindness, and generosity, Talon’s desire for her grows into an insatiable craving that terrifies him.

Their relationship crackles with passion, but the shadows of buried secrets cast doubt on their future. 

Craving follows the main characters’ individual pasts, hidden traumas and their newfound connection.


Luca Vitiello by Cora Reilly 

In Cora Reilly’s mafia romance  novel, Luca Vitiello, the protagonist grapples with his dark origins. Born into a legacy of cruelty that courses through his family’s bloodline, Luca Vitiello is raised within the confines of brutality. 

The Vitiello men, himself included, inherit a legacy of monstrosity that manifests in their actions. Abused by his father’s violence and harsh words, Luca’s path to becoming Capo is paved with merciless rule and unflinching brutality.

When Aria becomes his bride, a shift occurs in Luca’s life. Expected to continue the cycle of cruelty, he surprises all by not succumbing to it. 

Breaking her seems almost inevitable given his upbringing. However, the unforeseen transpires: Luca’s heart begins to change in the presence of Aria. Her company challenges his nature, raising questions about his destiny as a ruthless Capo.

Luca Vitiello is a steamy marriage of convenience, and dark romance that delves into themes of power, transformation, and the indomitable force of love. 


From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

In Jennifer L. Armentrout’s mesmerizing novel, From Blood and Ash,” the fate of a realm hinges on the shoulders of a young woman named Poppy.

Destined from birth to be the harbinger of a new era, Poppy’s life is marked by solitude and restriction. As a Maiden, she is forbidden from touch, gaze, speech, or pleasure, all while preparing for her Ascension to prove her worthiness to the gods.

Yet, the weight of this duty is a burden she grapples with. Longing for more, Poppy finds herself drawn to Hawke, a guard with striking golden eyes sworn to ensure her Ascension.

Their connection defies fate, sparking desire and challenging her beliefs. In a kingdom rife with turmoil and rising from its fall, a brewing conflict threatens all she holds dear. As boundaries blur between right and wrong, desire and duty, Poppy’s heart and world teeter on the edge of upheaval.

The first book in the Blood and Ash Series entwines a rich tapestry of forbidden love, political intrigue, and a world in flux, immersing readers in a realm where gods, mortals, and the lines between them collide.


Dark Lover by J.R. Ward 

In J.R. Ward’s enthralling vampire romance, Dark Lover, the protagonist, Wrath, stands as the last remaining purebred vampire on Earth. 

When a devastating loss strikes, leaving behind an orphaned half-breed daughter oblivious to her lineage, Wrath’s mission takes an unexpected turn.

Emotions intertwine as Beth Randall, the beguiling female, grapples with an unfamiliar restlessness within. Drawn to the enigmatic man who appears in her nights, she finds herself captivated despite her fears of the Brotherhood and their blood-soaked tales. 

Dark Lover, explores themes of vengeance, identity, and the electrifying pull of forbidden attraction. 

Through dynamic characters and a magnetic narrative, Dark Lover, immerses readers in a realm of darkness, passion, and the clash of ancient rivalries.


Praise by Sara Cate  by Sara Cate

If you are looking for hot steamy novels in the office romance trope, start this one right away! 

In Praise the protagonist’s journey from emotional turmoil to newfound self-worth takes an unexpected turn when she steps into a new job under the enigmatic Emerson Grant. 

Battling the scars of a neglectful past, she yearns for validation and finds it in her boss’s unconventional demands. 

As the owner of the Salacious Players’ Club and her ex-boyfriend’s father, he represents both desire and taboo. 

With each word, Cate weaves a magnetic narrative that delves into the complexities of desire, self-discovery, and the risks one takes for approval.


The Lawyer by Marni Mann

The Lawyer by Marni Mann is a sizzling tale of forbidden longing, ambition, and the ultimate choice between fame and love. Kendall agrees to be her difficult sister Daisy’s personal assistant. Despite Daisy’s nightmarish behavior, Kendall takes on the role. Dominick, Daisy’s lawyer, discovers that Kendall is the woman he had a one-night stand with and sees her potential for stardom. Despite their attraction, both struggle with the challenges.

The Lawyer is a sexy billionaire romance that you wouldn’t be able to put down! 


Hooked by Emily McIntire

Hooked by Emily McIntire is a dark contemporary romance and reimagining of Peter Pan. 

We follow the protagonist James’s quest for revenge against his enemy, Peter Michaels. His plan takes an unexpected turn when he meets Wendy, Peter’s daughter. 

Intending to manipulate her, James finds his plan complicated by internal betrayals and growing feelings for Wendy. As their intense relationship blurs lines, Wendy must navigate her attraction to the brooding James while uncovering his dangerous world. 

Hooked is the first book in Never After Series that offers a riveting contemporary romance filled with passion and suspense. 


Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care is a witty and steamy romantic comedy by Ashley Herring Blake. 

This hot queer romance is a clever exploration of seizing opportunities and embracing love in all its intricate forms. 

Delilah Green, a fiercely independent New Yorker with a thriving photography career, finds herself reluctantly returning to her childhood town of Bright Falls. 

Pressured into photographing her estranged stepsister Astrid’s wedding, Delilah plans to make a swift exit. But the sight of Claire Sutherland, one of Astrid’s haughty friends, sparks Delilah’s mischievous spirit. 

As Claire navigates single motherhood and the challenges of her bookstore, Delilah becomes an unexpected and initially unwelcome presence. 

Blake crafts a tale brimming with humor, surprises, and an exploration of connection, as Claire finds herself irresistibly drawn to Delilah’s charms.

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care is a perfect love story about two individuals breaking barriers to find love and laughter. 


The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood 

  • The Instant New York Times Bestseller and TikTok Sensation!
  • As seen on THE VIEW!
  • A BuzzFeed Best Summer Read of 2021

In Ali Hazelwood’s The Love Hypothesis, pragmatic Ph.D. candidate Olive invents a fake romance with the prickly yet magnetic professor Adam to satisfy a friend’s belief in love.

 As their charade deepens, unexpected feelings emerge, shattering their preconceptions and sparking an authentic connection.

 Amidst the scientific backdrop, The Love Hypothesis playfully delves into the intricacies of relationships, vulnerability, and personal transformation. 

Dive into this slow-burn romance with heartwarming moments, steamy sex scenes, and many humorous moments. 


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