26 Top Mafia Romance Books That Deliver the Best Thrills

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Are you ready to dive into the list of best mafia romance books filled with thrilling excitement and irresistible passion? 

If you’re a fan of dark mafia romance novels featuring alpha males, sexual tension, heart-pounding adventures, AND forbidden romance, you’re in for a treat!  

This blog post lets you indulge in books like The Sweetest Oblivion and The Kiss Thief that are going to be your favorite mafia romance books.

The best part about these novels is that most of them are available on Kindle Unlimited, so you can start reading them immediately!

The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

Nicknamed Sweet Abelli for her docile nature, Elena is the favored daughter, the perfect mafia principessa. But things have changed. 

Now all she can see in the mirror’s reflection is blood staining her hands like crimson paint. In New York’s secret criminal world, Elena’s sister is going to marry a guy named Nicolas Russo. He’s a powerful and dishonest mafia boss. When Elena first meets him, she doesn’t like him because he’s rude, but she still feels attracted to him. He tells her what to do and makes her feel excited.

Elena is starting to realize that she likes dangerous things and finds him attractive. But she knows she can’t get involved with him because it would cause a big problem. Plus, everyone says you shouldn’t fall in love with a Made Man like him.

In The Sweetest Oblivion join Elena as she discovers what it truly means to find love in the most unexpected places.


Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower

Monster in His Eyes is a dark and gripping romance story in which the lines between love and danger blur. Meet Karissa Reed, an eighteen-year-old college girl trying to navigate the complexities of life. Abandoned by her father and sheltered by her mother, Karissa is both naive and insecure, seeking happiness and peace in a new city as she attends college in NYC.

One fateful encounter with Ignazio “Naz” Vitale, a captivating and enigmatic thirty-six-year-old man, changes everything for Karissa.

In Monster in His Eyes, be prepared for a gripping tale of love, danger, and the struggle to reconcile the darkness within a person with the irresistible pull of their charm. Karissa’s journey will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as she grapples with her feelings for a man she both loves and fears.


Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark

  • #1 Best Seller Romantic Suspense
  • #18 in the Kindle Store

Get ready for an enemies-to-lovers mafia romance in Brutal Prince that promises intense drama and a marriage of convenience. Protagonists  Callum, a member of an Irish mafia family, and Aida, from an Italian mafia family, despise each other. To unite the families, their parents force Aida and Callum into a marriage of convenience.

The story follows Aida and Callum as they navigate their forced union, filled with animosity and attempts to harm one another. 

Despite Callum’s undeniable good looks, she keeps her heart locked away, convinced that she could never love a brutal prince. Brutal Prince is the explosive first novel in the Brutal Birthright series that delivers a stand-alone story with a satisfying HEA (Happily Ever After) and no cliffhangers. 


Cruel Paradise by J.T. Geissinger

Prepare yourself for the electrifying second installment of the Beautifully Cruel series by J.T. Geissinger—Cruel Paradise , starring the captivating Killian Black.

Killian Black, also known as Liam Black, is the powerful head of the Boston Mafia, ruling over the dark underbelly of the city. He is a man feared by all, a gangster, a mobster, and a lethal killer. Living a solitary life in his penthouse apartment, no one dares to cross him or steal from him. That is, until one fateful night when a trio of women break into one of his warehouses, stealing something that remains shrouded in mystery.

As the story unfolds, you will find yourself swept away by the dangerous allure of Killian Black. Cruel Paradise delivers a thrilling blend of passion, suspense, and the complexities of forbidden love.


Crow by A. Zavarelli

Here is another thrilling romance set in the world of the Irish Mafia, Crow. Mackenzie, determined to locate her missing best friend Talia. So decides to infiltrate the Irish Mafia, suspecting their involvement in Talia’s disappearance. Mackenzie and Talia share a deep bond, having grown up together on the streets. 

Her plan takes an unexpected turn when she catches the eye of Lachlan Crow, a rising leader within the Irish ranks. As Mackenzie delves deeper into the organization, Lachlan becomes intrigued by her and is determined to uncover her secrets. However, their intense connection is fraught with tension and mistrust.

The story keeps readers on the edge of their seats as the suspense builds. Just when you think you have everything figured out, new twists and turns keep you guessing until the very end. 

There are several intriguing supporting characters who contribute to the pace of the story.  If you are looking for a thrilling, suspenseful, and steamy mafia romance, Crow is a great option. 


Twisted Emotions by Cora Reilly

Next comes a dark mafia marriage romance book featuring  Nino Falcone,  a man who walks the line between genius and monster. As the trusted right-hand man and brother of the Camorra’s Capo, his lack of emotions is seen as a blessing rather than a curse. However, everything changes when his brother asks him to enter into a marriage for the sake of their crime syndicate.

Kiara Vitiello, a cousin of the New York Famiglia’s Capo, is chosen to be Nino Falcone’s bride in order to prevent a war between their two powerful families. But the rumors she hears about Las Vegas, where Nino resides, send shivers of terror down her spine. Haunted by the betrayal and death of her father at the hands of her own family, Kiara believes that this arranged marriage is nothing more than a ploy to restore honor to her name.

Twisted Emotions is a gripping story that explores the depths of human nature and the complexities of love. It delves into the intricate dynamics of arranged marriages and the profound impact they can have on individuals caught in the web of familial obligations and power struggles.


The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen

  • Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Romance (2019)
  • #1 Contemporary Romance
  • #1 New Adult Romance
  • Amazon Charts Bestseller
  • Washington Post Bestseller

Get ready to meet your new favorite alpha hole in town! From USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author L.J. Shen comes an enemies-to-lovers romance with a twist L.J. Shen, the brilliant author of the Hotholes series, brings you The Kiss Thief a story that will leave you craving more. Enter Mr. Wolfe Keaton, a man who exudes sexiness, attitude, and a ruthless nature that always keeps his true emotions hidden. 

Francesca Rossi, the protagonist, is promised to Angelo Bandini but forced into marriage with Senator Wolfe Keaton due to her father’s sins. As her love story unfolds, she must navigate the complexities of her relationships and ultimately rewrite her own destiny.

 The Kiss Thief is an enemies-to-lovers mafia romance novel that begins with hate, anger, pain, and heartache but evolves into something far beyond your expectations and a happy ending.  

Author L.J. Shen is known for creating the best alpha holes in the book world, and The Kiss Thief is no exception.


The Master by Kresley Cole

Prepare for a sizzling and steamy love story in The Master by #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole. In the second book in the  Game Maker series, you’ll experience a clash of desires as cold as a Siberian winter and as fiery as the Florida sun.

Maksimilian Sevastyan, a wealthy and powerful politician with ties to the Mafia, has always preferred tall, obedient blondes to satisfy his complex needs. That is until he meets a defiant brunette whose alluring presence challenges his legendary self-control.

Catarina Marín was once a privileged young wife, but her world crumbled, leaving her with no choice but to start working as an escort in Miami. When she encounters her first client, she’s taken aback by his stunning looks, but his explicit plans for her make her hesitant to proceed.

In this game of pleasure, the stakes are high, and they both want to win. As their passionate encounter ignites an uncontrollable flame, they yearn for more. 

The Master is an enthralling mafia romance book with a plethora of scorchingly hot scenes that will leave you breathless. 


Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

In Bound by Honour, a modern mafia fairytale, Aria Scuderi finds herself in a perilous situation. Born into one of Chicago’s leading mob families, she is a beautiful mafia princess. However, her beauty becomes a curse when she is forced to marry Luca Vitiello, a brutal man known for his acts of violence.

 Luca is destined to become the Capo of the New York Famiglia, and his reputation precedes him with tales of bloodshed and his captivating yet dangerous demeanor.

However, Aria cannot escape the arranged bond: She can’t elude someone like Luca, who is willing to pursue her to the ends of the earth. To survive in this marriage, she realizes that she must gain Luca’s affection and find a way into his heart. 


The Maddest Obsession by Danielle Lori

The Maddest Obsession tells the story of Gianna, a woman who carries a hidden fear of the dark, and Christian, a man who rules over the darkness. Gianna presents herself with a sparkling disguise, wearing tight dresses, and high heels, and laughing loudly to conceal her panic attacks.

The Maddest Obsession is a mafia romance with a strong female lead that explores the tumultuous relationship between two people. Although seemingly incompatible, they find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other.


Forget-Me-Not Bombshell Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

Forget Me Not Bombshell is a dark standalone Mafia romance novel written by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, who are bestselling authors featured on the Wall Street Journal #1 list. The story revolves around Anya who finds herself sold to the Butchers, a powerful London mob known for their sinful and greedy empire. Despite hearing rumors about their ruthless rule, Anya discovers that reality surpasses her fears.

She is now owned by three men: Danny, Church, and Frank. Danny is the leader of the mob, while Church and Frank are his fierce enforcers. This arrangement is part of a peace deal between Anya’s family and the mob, resulting in her being gifted as a bride to the Butchers.

Forget Me Not Bombshell  promises a dark and intense romance, with the protagonist potentially developing romantic relationships with more than one love interest. 


The Mafia And His Angel by Lylah James

The Mafia and His Angel is a romance novel centered around Ayla Abandonato, the daughter of an Italian mob boss, who was promised in marriage to her father’s second-in-command at a young age. Unfortunately, her husband subjected her to daily brutality while her father turned a blind eye to her suffering.

Reaching her breaking point, Ayla decides to escape, running away from her father, her home, and most importantly, her husband. However, her escape takes a wrong turn when she finds herself in the car of Alessio, the pakhan (leader) of the rival Ivanshov Bratva. Despite their families being sworn enemies, Alessio offers her refuge, allowing her to work as a maid in his home.

Although Ayla lies about her true identity, Alessio is inexplicably drawn to her and decides to keep her close. Over time, Ayla finds friendship, love, and solace within Alessio’s world and with him. However, she constantly worries about the inevitable revelation of her true identity and the consequences it may bring.

The Mafia and His Angel ends with a surprising cliffhanger, leaving readers eager for the next book in the series.


Vows of Deception by Rina Kent

Vow of Deception is a highly anticipated trilogy by Rina Kent that captivates readers with its concept, plot, and execution. The book introduces Adrian, a prominent figure in the Russian mafia, who appears to have a successful life as the second most powerful person in the bratva. However, from the prologue, we discover that his wife is missing or presumed dead, leading him to choose Winter, the heroine, to take her place.

Winter, a character with a mysterious past and a history of homelessness, has been struggling to survive after a tragic accident claimed the lives of her mother and baby girl. Adrian, a forceful and dominant figure, barges into her life and transforms her into his wife, Lia.

The chemistry between Adrian and Winter is intense and sizzling, defying description. Adrian is portrayed as strict, dominant, and unyielding, but he also exhibits moments of tenderness and protectiveness toward Winter. 

Vow of Deception explores their passionate and complex relationship, with Adrian providing Winter with the right balance of pain and care. 


Sempre by J.M. Darhower

Sempre is a captivating story that delves into themes of sacrifice, death, love, and freedom. The narrative revolves around two main characters, Haven Antonelli and Carmine DeMarco, who come from vastly different backgrounds. Haven, a second-generation slave, endures a life of hardship, isolation, and abuse in the desert. In contrast, Carmine is born into a wealthy Mafia family, enjoying a life of privilege and excess.

A twist of fate brings Haven and Carmine together, intertwining their lives in a complex web of secrets and lies. Despite their apparent differences, they discover shared experiences and a deeper connection. In a world dominated by chaos, money, and power, they yearn to break free from their circumstances. However, a series of events, some predating their existence, threatens to destroy them instead.

Sempre is a mafia romance that offers a compelling narrative filled with suspense, emotional depth, and exploration of the human spirit. 


The Heir by Sophie Lark

The Heir introduces Leo Gallo, the son of Sebastian and Yelena, in a setting where Mafia families from various parts of the world send their children to Kingmakers Academy. This academy serves as a training ground for the next generation of criminals, where they learn the necessary skills for engaging in criminal enterprises.

However, amidst the students, a strict rule known as Sanctuary is in place, prohibiting fighting and killing. Despite this rule, rivalries run deep, tensions escalate, and unexpected love blossoms in unlikely relationships.

The story invites readers into the world of Kingmakers Academy, where alliances are forged, secrets are kept, and power dynamics shape the interactions among the students. As the heir to the Gallo family, Leo finds himself navigating this complex and dangerous environment.


Sinners Anonymous by Somme Sketcher

Sinners Anonymous introduces Rory Carter, a woman with a hidden dark side and a troubled past. Rory regularly seeks solace and redemption by confessing her sins to the Sinners Anonymous hotline, hoping to find healing for her tormented soul.

In an act of selflessness, Rory agrees to marry the elderly head of the Cosa Nostra to save her father. Despite her angelic facade, she is consumed by bitterness and feels trapped in her role. However, everything changes when her fiancé’s nephew, Angelo “Vicious” Visconti, unexpectedly appears at dinner.

Angelo is a captivating and dangerous figure, described as a beautiful monster with a sharp tongue and a menacing presence. While some believe he has reformed after leaving the criminal life nine years ago, Rory senses that he is the most dangerous Visconti of all. His cold sneer and seductive drawl ignite a mixture of fear and desire within her.

As the story of Sinners Anonymous  unfolds, it becomes clear that Angelo holds not only Rory’s sins but also his own dark secrets. Their forbidden love blossoms amidst their shared darkness and the complex dynamics of the mafia world. The age gap and their initial enmity only serve to intensify the emotional and physical connection between them.


Sparrow by L.J. Shen

Sparrow revolves around the story of Sparrow Raynes, a young woman named Sparrow living in Boston. She is an ordinary individual until Troy Brennan, a notorious figure in the city, enters her life. Troy is the son of a deceased mobster and is known as “The Fixer,” possessing the power to make or break lives in the city.

Unexpectedly, Sparrow becomes Troy’s wife. He takes her captive, denying her any chance of escaping their shared past and the place they both grew up in. Sparrow feels trapped and confined, her dreams and aspirations overshadowed by Troy’s control over her.

Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding their marriage, Sparrow is aware that defying Troy would lead to dire consequences. She tries to navigate her life under his watchful eye, uncertain of his motives for choosing her as his wife. However, Sparrow remains determined to pursue her dreams, even if it means facing the wrath of the man who has clipped her wings.

Sparrow is a standalone mafia romance novel, providing a full-length story of Sparrow and Troy’s complex relationship. 


The Predator by RuNyx

The Predator delves into the dark and dangerous world of the mob, where Tristan Caine stands out as an anomaly. Unlike the blooded members of the powerful Tenebrae Outfit, Tristan is an outsider with unknown motives, questionable morality, and unmatched skills. He is a lethal force that leaves everyone intrigued and wary.

On the other side is Morana Vitalio, the brilliant daughter of a rival family. While Tristan’s expertise lies in weapons, Morana excels in the realm of computers. Driven by a twenty-year-old mystery, Morana infiltrates Tristan’s home with the intention of killing him, unaware of the deep connection that binds them together.

As their paths intertwine, fueled by hate and fiery chemistry, they must confront not only their shared history but also a greater and more sinister threat looming over their world. Despite their animosity, Tristan and Morana find themselves in a position where only they can confront this danger head-on.

The Predator combines elements of suspense, action, and romance as Tristan and Morana navigate their complex relationship and unite against a common enemy.


Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

Dirty Angels is a captivating enemies-to-lovers dark mafia romance novel written by a bestselling author, Karina Halle. 

 The story revolves around Luisa Chavez, a former beauty queen who has always yearned for a better life and security. Growing up in poverty, she struggles to make ends meet as a waitress in Cabo San Lucas while fending off unwanted advances. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Salvador Reyes, the ruthless leader of a powerful Mexican cartel, sets his sights on her.

Desperate for a way out of her circumstances, Luisa agrees to become Salvador’s wife, trading her freedom and body for a life of luxury that she hopes to share with her parents.

In Dirty Angels Luisa must navigate her way through the treacherous web of cartel politics. Caught between Salvador and Javier, she must find a way to survive and protect herself. 

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Painted Scars by Neva Altaj

Painted Scars is the first book in the Perfectly Imperfect dark mafia series, written by Neva Altaj. The story revolves around a captivating and seductive woman who finds herself married to Pakhan, the leader of the Russian Bratva, a ruthless criminal organization. The marriage is part of a deal, and she must pretend to be in love with her cold-blooded husband, all the while longing to escape his clutches.

Nina, the protagonist, fears her husband and is eager to break free from his control. She puts on a facade of marital bliss while trembling with fear. However, Roman, the Pakhan, is captivated by her ability to deceive others into believing she loves him. He desires her even more because of it and becomes determined to keep her by his side, going against the terms of their deal.

The book explores their complex relationship as Nina navigates her life as a member of the mafia, hiding her true feelings while Roman becomes increasingly obsessed with her. 


The Professional by Kresley Cole

The Professional features  Aleksandr “The Siberian” Sevastyan, an enforcer for the Mafiya. His loyalty to his mafia boss is unyielding until he meets the boss’s long-lost daughter, Natalie Porter. Natalie, a curvy and enticing redhead, captivates Sevastyan’s mind and ignites his blood like no other woman before.

Ordered to protect Natalie, Sevastyan finds himself irresistibly drawn to her and becomes determined to possess her on his own terms. Despite her initial shock at Sevastyan’s appearance, Natalie, a Ph.D. student, is swept away by his striking presence. He takes her to Russia, exposing her to a world of extreme wealth and indulgence, where she falls deeper under his enchanting spell.

The Professional offers a mix of romance, suspense, and sensuality as the two lovers navigate a world filled with danger and intrigue. 


Carter Reed by Tijan

Carter Reed is a dark romance novel that follows the story of Emma, who is faced with a harrowing situation when she discovers her roommate is being raped by her boyfriend. Faced with a life-or-death decision, Emma chooses to protect herself and her roommate by killing the attacker. However, this puts her in danger. 

In desperate need of protection, Emma turns to Carter Reed, a skilled and lethal enforcer for a rival mafia family. Carter Reed is not only a weapon for the mafia but also has a personal connection to Emma as he was best friends with her brother. The circumstances surrounding Emma’s actions have played a role in shaping Carter into the dangerous man he has become.


Ruthless Princess by Rachel van Dyken

Ruthless Prince is a mafia romance novel by Rachel Van Dyken, known for her New York Times bestselling Eagle Elite series. The story revolves around best friends who are turned into enemies amidst a war within their clique.

The story centered around the forbidden romance between Junior Nicolasi and Serena Abandonato, children of two rival mob families. Their parents, aware of the destructive consequences of past relationships within the families, strictly forbid their children from being together, enforcing a rule of no romance. 

Unable to openly profess their love, Junior and Serena are left with no choice but to hurt each other by selecting different partners. The result is a deep sense of hatred and pain between them.

Ruthless Prince  also explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and complex dynamics. 


Collateral by Natasha Knight

Collateral is a dark mafia romance novel that follows the intense and dangerous relationship between two individuals, one seeking revenge and the other caught in the crossfire.

The story begins when Stefan Sabbioni intrudes into Gabriela’s bedroom on her sixteenth birthday. Filled with an aura of whiskey and death, he places a broken and blood-crusted necklace around her neck, instilling fear within her. Stefan leaves a message for her father, promising to return and take something precious.

Two years later, Stefan resurfaces, no longer hiding in the shadows. He is determined to fulfill his promise and take what he deems precious—Gabriela herself. With a deep-seated desire for revenge against Marchese, the manipulator of his family’s tragedy, Stefan sees taking his daughter as just the beginning. He is prepared to start a war, fully aware that his enemies will align themselves against him to protect their own interests.

Collateral promises a gripping and intense tale of love, revenge, and the dangerous allure of the mafia world.


When Heroes Fall by Giana Darling


When Heroes Fall tells the story of Elena whose life has been marked by disappointments and traumas, leaving her emotionally detached. 

 However, everything changes when they encounter Dante Salvatore, a notorious and dangerous mafioso. Dante embodies everything Elena despises, but fate intertwines their paths when the protagonist becomes Dante’s legal representative in a high-stakes criminal trial.

As the story unfolds, Elena’s focus on winning and achieving personal success blinds them to the undeniable effect Dante has on their heart and soul. The icy barriers around their heart slowly thaw as they find themselves drawn to Dante’s passion and allure. Despite their initial resistance, the protagonist becomes determined to fight for Dante and protect him from the consequences of his actions.

When Heroes Fall explores themes of redemption, self-discovery, and the blurred lines between hero and villain.

This enemies-to-lovers romance delves into the complexities of love and the transformative power it holds, even in the darkest corners of life.


Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy

The last book in the list of best mafia romance novels is  Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy. It is a modern romantic crime story set in Chicago. 

It primarily follows Melody Nicci Giovanni and Liam Callahan who appear to be charitable and influential figures to the outside world, but behind closed doors, they’re engaged in a constant struggle for power. Their marriage was arranged by their fathers to end the violent conflict between the Irish and Italian factions.

Liam, the next in line to lead the Irish, expects a submissive wife he can control. However, Melody is a fearless and skilled Boss in her own right. With her expertise in marksmanship and disguise, she has achieved remarkable success, eliminating anyone who dares to challenge her.

As the Mafia undergoes transformation, Melody and Liam must unite to confront rival bosses who seek their downfall, all while maintaining a façade of respectability. Power, family, and respect hold utmost importance in their dangerous world.


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