11 Crazy Simple Ways to Develop A Reading Habit That Stick

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 Want to develop a reading habit? Then here is a list of awesome tips that made me a bookworm. 

What’s the secret to developing good reading habits?

Is it reading many super long classics? Or buying so many new books, hoping that you eventually fall in love with reading? Is it allocating a specific time in the day?

If you ask me, I would say it’s kind of true, but not entirely.

You see, I became a bookworm at the age of 27! I didn’t love reading as a child, certainly not as a teenager, and not in my early twenties.

So, if you’re someone who really wants to get into reading, let me help you.

I want to share best tips that helped me develop a reading habit. Enjoying a good book on a regular basis, shouldn’t be that difficult

So let’s get started with the best ways to develop a reading habit. Also, don’t forget to take note of the reading list I am sharing in the blog post.

11 Tips to Develop a Daily Reading Habit

#1 Locking in Your Time

books coffe

Okay, so, what’s the best time to start reading?

Let’s say you just got your first book and you’re super excited to get into it.

Well, instead of jumping right in, the trick is to make it a regular thing. (Of course you can read it right away and finish reading in one sitting, but will you be able to do that again and again?)

Find a time that fits into your day-to-day life.

If you’re someone who works a full-time job and has a long commute, why not make reading a part of your travel routine?

Try spending about fifteen minutes reading while you’re on your way to work.

If you’re a student and you’re up early, just keep the book by your study desk.

And if your days are super busy and bedtime is the only free time you’ve got, keep the book right by your bed.

By working reading into your daily routine like this, you’ll slowly build up a habit of reading regularly.

It’s all about finding a time that works for you.

#2 Why You Read Matters

The most important thing that you should know is answer to the question, why do you want to build a reading habit?  

What’s your reason? Is it because your family asked you to?

Or maybe all your friends are talking about bookstagram or booktok.

But what is YOURS? What do you want to develop a reading habit?

Want to know mine? I thought reading was really fun.

I also wanted to know a lot about people, different places, and cultures.

#3 Snuggle Up with a Book

stay home and read

When I say snuggle up with a book, I’m not talking about needing a fancy furniture or an expensive blanket.

It’s all about finding a comfy, snug spot.

For me, it’s my couch .

I can spend hours on my couch.

I got myself a reading chair recently, just to up the comfort game a bit.

Some people like grooving to good music, others prefer the vibe of scented candles.

Just figure out what makes reading fun for you. It’s about making your reading space feel just right. 

If you are looking for some inspiration check out some reading nook inspirations from amazon.

#4 Small Goals, Big Wins

Best tips to get into reading habit

I absolutely love setting small goals. When I say, I meant setting a goal of reading five books a month. Or 50 books a years.

Recently, I have also been doing reading challenges. It’s another way to reading fun and bring some creativity in to the reading habits. I definitely motivate me to a try different genres.

So if you want to set reading goals, Goodreads is the best place to start.

You can set a yearly reading goal, create a folder for books you want to read. And I promise you will get into the habit of reading books in no time.

#5 Finding Your Book Match

Jenny Colgan books

I will be honest. Finding the right book is tricky.

Even for me, though I have been a bookworm for years. It’s not always easy.

You will read books that are truly addictive and unputdownable, but also books that are boring and almost make you irritated.

My suggestion would be to read short books. That way, you don’t have to spend hours on a story that might not be the best. Check this post to find out more shot books.- Best Short Books You Can Read In One Sitting

Another tip is to find out your favorite genre.

I recently discovered that thriller books are really fascinating.

So these days, I absolutely love reading thriller books.

#6 Libraries are Your Best Friend

I absolutely love books . Also, I want to own books.

However, they can be expensive in the long run.

Therefore, I thought having a library card could save me a lot of money.

Visiting the library has become an integral part of my reading routine, and I highly recommend obtaining a library membership as it’s a great way to access and read new books.

#7 Gadgets for Book Lovers

I am not a fan of gadgets.

I really think that having a few tech tools that can encourage your love of reading is a great idea

It has really helped me stick with my habit of reading books. 

For example, I have been listening to audiobooks. So invested in a good bluetooth headphones so that I can listen to books when I am doing chores or going for a walk.

I never really liked e-books but I relented and got myself a kindle paperwhite. They are really great for flights, and you can have so many books on the Kindle.

#8 Tracking Boosts Your Habit

reading tracker

I have been enjoying tracking the books I have read every year.

I honestly think it’s one of the easy ways to develop a reading habit.

It’s also super easy and fun to do. I just use Goodreads to track by books. I love the feeling of writing down my favourite books and giving ratings.

#9 Exploring More from Writers You Love

Having a favorite author is the best things.

If you read more of their books, it makes your reading better, you understand their special style, and it makes you want to read more regularly.

I am a great fan of British Romance author, Santa Montefiore. I absolutely love the fact that she is a romance author. Her stories are set in beautiful and countrysides and often involve charming historical references. The aesthetic elements of her novels is the primary reason that I actually ended up reading more and more books.  Currently, I am reading the most recent novel- An Italian Girl in Brooklyn

#10 Truly Enjoy Your Time

Reading is definitely not a task.

It should be something that you must enjoy doing in your everyday life.

When you take the joy out of your reading time it becomes dull and boring. 

But you know we are human so sometimes we may not concentrate like other days. So take a break from books. Maybe listen to a book podcast or a youtube video related to reading.

Or even better, just take a quick walk in nature to feel refreshed.  

#11 Give It Time

You can’t develop a reading habit in two days. So make a plan that makes you comfortable. 

Books to Start Reading Habit

I really hope the above mentioned tips can help you become an avid reader and create a lasting reading habit. I also want to give you some great book recommendations to kick start reading habit.

Want more book recommendation to encourage reading habits? Then check this post- 24 Unputdownable Books Guaranteed To Help You Start A Reading Habit

Ready to start reading habit?

Books have helped me understand the world a lot better. I hope it does the same to you.

I have a little exercise for you to start right away.

  1. Choose a book from books to read list I’d recommend- Of mice and Men
  2. Add the book/books in your Goodreads
  3. Start reading immediately
  4. Finish reading the book and leave a review on Goodreads
  5. Write it on your book tracker 
  6. Post in the comment of this post so that I can see your review. 


I really hope you are able to read on a regular basis and develop a reading habit. Remember, it takes time, so stay consistent with your reading. You’ll get there, sooner or later. If I developed a reading habit in my late 20s you can do it too.

Always curious to hear from you,


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  1. I start a book, and then am in the mood for something lighter or heavier or religious and I end up reading about four books at a time. And then I feel guilty because I haven’t finished any of them!

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