11 Super Simple Ways to Develop A Reading Habit That Stick

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Wondering how to cultivate a reading habit? Forget diving into lengthy classics or accumulating unread books. Setting aside specific daily time helps, but it’s not the sole secret. I embraced books at 27, despite a non-reader past. If you’re eager to start, here are my top tips for developing a reading habit. It’s not as challenging as it seems. Let’s dive into effective ways, and check out the recommended reading list in the blog post.

How To Start a Reading Habit: 11 Tips

#1 Locking in Your Time

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Instead of diving into your first book impulsively, establish a routine that suits your daily life. If you have a busy schedule, integrate reading during your commute. Orkeep a book by your study desk if you’re a student. Bedtime readers can place a book by their bed. Build a consistent habit by incorporating reading into your daily routine—find the time that fits best for you.

#2 Why You Read Matters

The key question to ask is why you want to get into the habit of reading. Is it family pressure or the influence of book communities like Bookstagram or BookTok? Identify your personal motivation. For me, reading was genuinely enjoyable, and I yearned to learn about diverse people, places, and cultures.

#3 Snuggle Up with a Book

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Snuggling up with a book doesn’t require fancy furniture or expensive blankets. Find a comfy spot—mine’s the couch, and I recently added a reading chair for extra comfort. Whether it’s music or scented candles, discover what makes reading enjoyable for you. Personalize your reading space to create the perfect ambiance. Need inspiration? Check out reading nook ideas on Amazon.

#4 Small Goals, Big Wins

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I love setting small reading goals, like aiming for five books a month or 50 books a year. Lately, I’ve embraced reading challenges to add creativity and variety to my habits, exploring different genres. If you’re keen on setting reading goals, Goodreads is the ideal platform. Create a yearly goal, organize books you want to read, and you’ll effortlessly read every day in no time.

#5 Finding Your Book Match

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I will be honest. Finding the right book is tricky. even for a seasoned bookworm like me. Not every read is a winner—some are captivating, while others can be tedious. Consider opting for short books. to save time on stories that might not engage you. Discovering your favorite genre is another key tip; personally, I’ve found thrillers to be incredibly captivating. Check out Best Short Books You Can Read In One Sitting

#6 Libraries are Your Best Friend

Consider getting a library card—it’s saved me a lot. A library membership has become a crucial part of my reading routine, offering an affordable way to access and enjoy new books.

#7 Gadgets for Book Lovers

Not into gadgets, but a few tech tools have enhanced my reading habit. Investing in Bluetooth headphones for audiobooks lets me enjoy books during chores or walks. Though initially hesitant, I got a Kindle Paperwhite—perfect for flights with a vast collection of books.

#8 Tracking Boosts Your Habit

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Tracking my yearly reads has become a simple and enjoyable way to build a daily reading regimen. Using Goodreads, I jot down my favorite books and give ratings—an easy and fun process.

#9 Exploring More from Writers You Love

Having a favorite author enhances your reading experience. As a fan of British Romance author Santa Montefiore, I appreciate her enchanting stories set in beautiful countrysides with charming historical references. The aesthetic appeal keeps me hooked, making me read more regularly.

#10 Truly Enjoy Your Time

Reading isn’t a chore—it’s something to enjoy daily. When it starts feeling dull, take a break. Listen to a book podcast or watch a reading-related YouTube video. Better yet, take a quick walk in nature to refresh your mind.

#11 Give It Time

You can’t establish a regular reading a routine in two days. So make a plan that makes you comfortable. 


Hope you cultivate a consistent habit of reading. It takes time, so stay committed. If I did it in my late 20s, you can too. Happy reading!

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Stephy George

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  1. I can relate to that. To some extent audiobooks have helped to stick to one book at a time.

  2. I start a book, and then am in the mood for something lighter or heavier or religious and I end up reading about four books at a time. And then I feel guilty because I haven’t finished any of them!

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