How to Become a Bookworm Fast: (28 Easy Tips)

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How often do you find yourself lost in the world of books? 

For me, it was almost never. I’d rather curl up on the sofa to watch my favorite TV show than read a Nicholas Sparks novel

I couldn’t really understand the need for reading endless hours or the agony over the death of a fictional character!

I always thought bookworms are queer introverts spending hours and hours reading endless piles of books in their cosy habitat. 

But you know what? Things have changed!!

Ironically, I do spend countless hours reading now! And I am well pleased with the fact that I am a bookworm. I am counting the days until I get to read a new book from my favorite author Santa Montefiore or long for lazy weekends to reread my favorite Harry Potter series!

Now let me give you some great tips that helped me read more. These are easy and practical tips to make you a bookworm in time!

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How to read more and become a bookworm in 2021?

1. Set the environment for reading  

A quiet and peaceful environment is always the best way to enjoy a good book, so doing a little “prep” to make a cozy reading nook is really fun. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant project. Making a hot cup of tea or coffee or your favorite beverage can complement a comfortable reading environment.

If you’re looking for a super soft and comfy reading chair that’s easily foldable,  convenient for storage, and easy transportation, this reading chair is perfect. If you’re into extremely comfy hammock grab the cotton rope hammock chair!

2. Track your books

Tracking your books is so much fun. Not only can it keep you accountable but also make you feel accomplished. You can use digital tools like google docs or notes. To make it more exciting use printables. Etsy has many printables to help you track books. But guess what, I know a good store that can get to beautifully illustrated printables!

The Creative Muggle Store

You can grab the illustrated reading tracker from my Etsy store. Track your books and have some fun coloring these gorgeous illustrations.

3. Read short books

You don’t always have to read 500+ pages to be a bookworm. Short and quick reads are great to help you get out of a reading slump. Reading a few hundred pages of a book makes you a bookworm faster. Short stories and short classics are great places to start. You can read them between your long classics or a 1000 page historical fiction. Start with these 32 easy short classics or 31 short books from contemporary novels.

4. Read first thing in the morning

Best-selling author Stephen Guise in his book “Mini Habits” explains how small habits can bring tremendous change in our routine and habits. So if you want to be a bookworm try and read immediately once you wake up. Reading first thing in the morning can help you motivate for the rest of the day. If you find it hard to incorporate this habit, start with reading the mini habits itself. 

“One small step + desired behavior = high probability of further steps” ― Stephen Guise, Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

5. Set up a Goodreads account

Create a Goodreads account if you haven’t already. This is an amazing online platform to explore books. Along with finding your next reads, you can also track the reading progress of each book. This website also allows you to create numerous lists such as  “want to read”, “currently reading” etc. Another exciting thing is that you can also win FREE BOOKS if you participate in giveaways. They also have a variety of reading recommendations posts to explore more books.

This is one of my favorite posts- Goodreads Employees Share the Books They’re Reading This Summer

6. Get a library card

Did I tell you that I’ve read 100 books, all borrowed from the library? Imagine if I had to buy all of them? Borrowing books from the library is probably the cheapest way to read more books. Having a library membership is such a blessing. From memoirs and cookbooks to romance and gardening books you can read a ton. Unlike the last decade, nowadays you can get online access to free e-book and audiobook catalogues. ( I do recommend you check with your local library to confirm this service). Library cardholders can also have access to movies, music, and magazines. 

Here are 7 ways to support your local library.

7. Read key insights from non-fiction books

Some may prefer self-help books to fiction. Non-fiction books help you with productivity, self-esteem. But unlike a novel, self-help books may seem tedious or repetitive. That’s why I recommend Blinkist – It has 15 minutes of insights from more than 4000 best nonfiction books that you can read or listen to. The best way to get the most out of Non-fiction books in a short time.

Get a free 7-day FREE listening to books from- Career & success, Society & Culture, Science, Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Health & Nutrition, and many more!

8. Set reading goals 

Personally, I love setting yearly reading goals on Goodreads. In a way that has helped me read more books in a realistic timeline. It also makes me accountable. However, you can always set a few distinct reading goals to make it as fun as possible. Maybe things like reading more non-fiction books in the year or incorporating more classics in your reading list. Anything that makes you inspired to read more.

9. Listen to audiobooks

They are great during busy days! Try LibriVox or lit2go for FREE Audiobooks!

Did you know your brain can’t really differentiate between reading and hearing a story? A study fromthe Journal of Neuroscience suggests that the brain maps they created from both audio and visual input looked identical.  And honestly, audiobooks make my life less boring. I don’t think I would be able to do my daily chores without listening to my favorite narrators. If you want to start listening right away here are the 16 best audiobooks for road trips. Scribd is my go-to app to listen to audiobooks since it is much cheaper than Audible. However, not all releases are available immediately.

I listen to 5-8 audiobooks in a month through Scribd. It’s an amazing platform I use for listening to audiobooks while I cook or take a walk. So if you love listening to books just like me, enjoy 60 days of FREE Reading with Scribd. Click Here to Get your FREE Books!

10. Write a book review

Basically, by writing a book review you are either recommending a good book or informing your fellow bookworms that “that’s a terrible book”.  Either way, it is a good practice to expand your reading comprehension as well as reading habit. I try to write book reviews on Goodreads although I am not really consistent with it (working on it!). You can also refer to my book reviews on the blog- Safe Haven book reviews.

If you’re still not sure how to write a book review , here is an helpful post. How to write a book review

11. Read books set in different geographical places 

You may not be able to travel to Italy for your next vacation, but you can definitely grab the enchanting novel set in Italy-Under the Tuscan Sun to explore the picturesque Italian countryside. Stories from around the world can help you explore the people, weather, history, geographical differences, and many more things. Another great book I highly recommend is Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns. An incredible book that will take you through 30 years of Afghan history. 

Want to read more books from around the world? Check out this post- 49 Incredible books from 49 different countries.

12. Carry a book with you  

Name three things you carry always in your bag! Does that include a book? If not it’s time to make that a habit. Carrying a book is going to make a better reader. Whether you’ve got a doctor’s appointment or waiting for your friend who is always late, books can save you from the long waiting hours. Most importantly, reading books can give an impression of curious and intelligent minds. 

Here is a list of mini books to carry in your bag.

13. Join bookworm groups on social media

Love using social media? Then take advantage of it to read more books. Join amazing groups to discuss book recommendations, bestselling books, new releases. Some of my favorite FB groups for bookworms are We Love Reading BooksBooks Books, and More Books. You might not know but you can also join spaces on Quora. Essentially, these are communities that share similar interests such as reading, technology, etc. You ask questions on spaces or you can submit answers to some. 

I have created a space  Book Recommendations-The Creative Muggle. Join the space now to ask book-related questions or get tons of book recommendations. 

14. Watch the movie after reading the book

Watching a movie after reading a book can either excite you or disappoint you. Movies are comparatively fast and the story progresses a lot quicker. However, books let you understand each character in depth. This is why I don’t always watch the movie if I had read the book. But this can somehow convince you to read more books.

15. Read more books from the same author

Once I find my favorite author I always try to read as many books as possible. Although it’s not guaranteed that you love all of them, but you’re certainly going to enjoy a few! Santa Montefiore is an all-time favorite author. I’ve probably read 12 of her novels. Over the years, I have also look forward to reading more novels from a few authors – Elizabeth Acevedo, Kristin HannahFredrik Backman.

Fredrik Backman’s “Anxious People” is one of the best novels I have read. And easily made me a fan.

16. Read different genres

I have always loved reading romance novels. But I have to confess that it does get repetitive at times. Now, I’m trying to diversify my reading a bit. And it has changed my perception of novels. From characters to the theme, each genre has its own characteristics. Self-help books and historical fiction to fantasy and adventure, there are many more to explore.

17. Look for symbolism in the story

Symbolism allows readers to visualize scenes and situations in the story. Writers adopt this system to take their writing to a whole new level.  Writers like Emily Bronte, George Orwell, William Shakespeare often have symbolic references in their novels. 

Even J.K Rowling uses symbolism throughout the Harry Potter series. The scar of Harry Potter symbolizes his bravery and his emotional sensitivity.

18. Read reviews of books  

Whether borrowing from a library or buying online, always read reviews before choosing your next read. As we are spending our time and sometimes money on books it’s vital that we make the right choice… So if you’re going to read a new author or even a new genre, remember to read a few opinions on the story and writing. I always preferred Goodreads reviews, but nowadays I also read a few reviews from amazon.

19. Buy books during book sales

Book Sales are my favorite for a few reasons. Primarily because it’s so good to get a bag full of books without spending too much. Secondly, because I get to find vintage books or classic books in old covers.  Reading books need not be expensive. So always look for book sales before getting books from a store. If you‘re in the US you can find out about book sales here 

20. Read translated literature.

Reading amazing novels from around the world can make you a better reader. As novels often contain the culture, traditions and lives of people of a particular country it can help you explore the new world. This is indeed better than travelling as you are exploring these new cities at the comfort of your home.

Some of the translated version you might want to read right away are– “The Vegetarian” by Han KangOne Hundred Years of Solitude”by Gabriel García Márquez, A Man Called Ove”by Fredrik Backman, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson

21. Read the blurb

Blurb is the short description of the book, mostly written on the back of the book. Most people start reading the book right away without paying much attention to it. But I always recommend otherwise. Read the blurb to get an outline of the story. This can help you decide whether you should read the book or not.

Nothing to see here by Kevin Wilson is one book I picked up because of the blurb ( as I wasn’t impressed with the cover) and enjoyed thoroughly.

22. Set a reminder for reading

We love putting reminders for almost everything right? So why not for reading. Reminders are a great way to help you incorporate any habits.  If you’re still hesitant about it, read this post on the Importance of reminders

23. Read a little more about the author 

One of the things that help me read more is getting to know about authors. Learning more about their favorite books, their love for reading classic literature or the research involved in writing each book made me motivated to read more books. Mostly, I enjoy watching the interviews of Elizabeth Gilbert, Elizabeth Acevedo, and Yaa Gyasi. 

Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert did a research of FIVE years to write the novel “The city of Girls which is set in 1940s New York.

24. DNF the books you don’t enjoy

Don’t feel pressured to read every book you’ve ever picked up. You may not be able to love all books and that’ OK. If I find myself procrastinating my reading for more than a week, I don’t bother continuing the same novel. I will say goodbye to it unapologetically and pick up a new book.

25. Don’t daydream while you read

I know it’s easier said than done, especially when you read a boring book. I am too guilty about it sometimes. The habit of daydreaming often happens when you can’t enjoy a book or when your brain is tired. So I try to avoid it by taking small breaks.  

26. Imagine the scenes while you read

 You may wonder, this is not a movie! But imaging the beautiful description of places or people can make the novel a lot more charming and delightful. You find yourself deep in the story. When you’re reading an extraordinary scene, try to picture it in vivid details. 

“The lighthouse stood defiant against the onslaught of wind and wave, like a knight in a white tunic refusing to surrender even though he is shot through with bullets and his ribs are laid bare.”
― Santa Montefiore, Secrets of the Lighthouse

27. Discuss the books with your partner or friends

As much as I love reading the book, I also love discussing humorous moments from the book. This definitely makes your reading more engaging. Maybe you can even have family reading time to enjoy the story even more!

28. Take a break 

Studies have shown that taking a break can enhance concentration. So even if you are reading the most exciting novel it’s important to take a little time to pause. Maybe take a walk or even just sit a little without doing anything as such.

So there you have 28 easy tips and tricks to help you read more books and become a book lover in 2021.

Hopefully, these tips can make you read more books in less time and more effectively. Now here is a list of 7 books that every bookworm should read. The ultimate bookworm reading list that you don’t want to miss.

Best bookworm reading list

  1. To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee
  2. Anne Of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
  3. A little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  4. The little teashop lost and found by Trisha Ashley
  5. The fault in our star by John Green
  6. Matilda by Roald Dahl
  7. A place to call home by Carole Mathews

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Time for YOUR action:

I really hope I have encouraged you to read more books. If you tried any of these tips let me know! Leave me a comment

Always curious to hear from you,


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