5 Tips to Read WAY More Books Every Day in 2020!

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Do you know the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk used to read 10 hours a day! That’s insane! Don’t you think? Who can read for ten hours!

If he was on Instagram for 10 hours that would have been more sensible and easy to relate! What do you say? That’s what we do, don’t we?

Nonetheless, let’s just try to moderate social media and start reading more books, shall we? To help you with that, I am going to discuss some tips to read more books in 2020.

5 Tips to Read WAY More Books Every Day in 2020!

Before we begin,let me ask you something. Are you genuinely interested in reading like Elon Musk? Or your purpose of reading is to impress your future interviewer? If you chose the latter, I get you, because I have been there. I used to read a book or two in a year just to impress the interviewer. Some of you may be still confused about “the interviewer” part!  Let me describe it to you.

You are in a job interview. (Any job, this is more of a common situation). All of a sudden the interviewer is curious to know about your hobbies! You have already created a list in your head even if there is hardly anything worth labeling “hobby”.

Instead of asking “ What are your hobbies” He goes, “Do you read?

Panic attack!!! Your list doesn’t have the answer to this unexpected question.

Considering the two books you read in ten years, you are tempted to say no, but you don’t want to disappoint him either, so unwillingly you answer “Yes”!

He is excited. Perhaps he reads 100 books a year and thrilled to ask you about your favourite authors and genre and so on.

Needless to say, it was an unpleasant interview for you. I experienced it myself and I still remember those cringe-worthy job interviews.

Even if the above situation is new to you, I am sure at some point a bookworm would have come to you and would have shown a genuine interest in your reading.

These moments do exist but it’s up to us to decide whether to change or continue the same way

My primary aim through this post is to help YOU to read more event hough you have failed numerous times.

I was also in a similar situation for years. Despite being a literature student, I couldn’t enjoy reading. When you study English literature you are expected to be someone who reads at least ten books a week, someone who adores the writers. Above all, you are expected to talk in similes and metaphors. Yet I was none of these. Moreover, finishing a book was a herculean task. Articles about how to read more books couldn’t help me at all.

However, guess what? Things are changed! I read about 100 books each year now.

Are you wondering how? I will share the tips with you in just a few minutes. I guarantee that if you follow these tips you will crave for more books. Dickens, Austen,and Shakespeare will adorn your bookshelves.

Ok ok, enough of blabbering, let’s jump into my #5 tips to read way more books every day in 2020.

1: Set the goal for your READING

You may be wondering how to set a goal if you hardly have a clue about what to read. Let’s be positive. Hopefully, you can read 100 books or more in a year with these tips.

As of now, let’s just set a realistic rule. You can decide on a number. How about 10 books per month? Too high? How about 2? I guess too low. Ok, let’s say 4. You set a goal of 4 books per month. Or if you want to calculate per year. 12 times 4?  who knows maths here 🤐. Let me grab the calculator! 48 books per year. Voila!! You set the goal.

Pro tip: Keeping the track of your progress is up to you. I normally use Goodreads for my books. I loved to see the books I read and it is so easy and convenient to use.

And you are done with step #1

Pretty easy right? Who doesn’t like to set goals!!!!

Let’s move on to the next.

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2: Select the right genre for READING

Before grabbing a book in one hand and coffee in another, ask yourself, which story do I enjoy the most? Romantic stories? Horror stories? A Thriller maybe? It’s a pretty long list of choices. As of now just focus on labeling genres.

In my earlier reading days, I chose Chick lits. Those are easy reads with less complex characters. You may include non-fiction books as well.

In my opinion, the tips I share in this post would be ideal for fictional books. Non- fictional books are more of a reference books

Anyway, if you decided your genre, time for tip number 3

3: Short and Sweet books for READING

Before getting into details let me ask you something. ( I know, so many questions, I just love asking them, you know.). Did you enjoy bedtime stories as a kid?

Remember those days when you were on the bed and mother tucked you in under the duvet, prepared you for sleep and read bedtime stories? Do you still remember those stories? We still love them, don’t we? The best days of our lives.

You enjoyed them because those were short and sweet stories of adorable kittens, cunning foxes, friendly Winnie the Pooh, smart and happy-go-lucky Peter rabbit. Oh! How we love those days. It’s the simplicity of those stories that our innocent hearts loved. We weren’t looking for themes or metaphors in the book. We just enjoyed the stories. Laughed at the silly piglet or mad hatter. Short and sweet stories. So If you chose to read fiction, look for children’s books. The best in the world and easy to fall in love with. I bet you finish reading the book in a jiffy.

Even if you choose any other genre go for short pages or abridged versions.

You can always go back and read the unabridged versions later.

And if you didn’t know where to find easy reads, I have a post on recommended reads for 2020 Check here.

Time for tip number 4.

4: Adopt a slow and steady READING Routine

We all know who won the race, don’t we? Slow and steady is the key. Let me remind you that this step is a vital part of your reading process.

You must have heard about the 21/90 rule. If not let me explain! The rule says it takes 21 days to make something your habit and 90 days to make it your lifestyle. Pretty long numbers, but don’t be disappointed, it’s always worth at the end. Always take your time and read. Read every day if possible. First thing once you woke up and the last thing before bed.

In my earlier reading days, I always chose short books. Most importantly, I made sure that I read every day, and guess what, it paid me off.

Of course, it won’t happen the very next day of your reading, slowly and steadily you see the difference. So make sure that you make it a habit.

So before going to the next tip, technically you should have either read or prepared to read your first book. Nonetheless, let’s go the last and final tip.

5: Selecting “the next” READ

What is “the next” after finishing reading a book? Well, I usually spend five minutes or so thinking about characters and places. You know, just enjoying the moment between having finished one story and excited to move on to the next.

For selecting the next book I do a bit of research. For instance, searching through the catalogues of libraries, watching books-related Youtube videos or checking #bookstagram Bit of fun things.

If you love watching youtube book reviews, I’d recommend watching Hailey in bookland. She reviews YA (young adult)novels.

I also love listening to Podcast, if you enjoy podcasts you can listen to books and authors

You may continue reading short books for a while. I continued for a couple of months and then moved to moderately long ones. So you see “The next” is a pretty long process. And that was the last tip.

But, hang on! I have something more!

I have two Bonus tips for you.

Bonus tip 1: Art of neglecting

If you find yourself constantly looking at the page number while reading, oh boy! that book is so boring. What should you do? Stop reading right there and grab the next book and a hot cup of tea.

Bonus tip 1: Art of enjoying:

Always remember to enjoy the story. This is not your high school reading activity where you do the autopsy of each character, themes, metaphors all those boring stuff. For instance, I used to read with a pen and a dictionary to write down new words! But never get to read the whole book. Pay attention to the story and the characters. I am not saying you should never analyze or criticize a book. You may, once reading becomes your habit.

That’s all for today. I hope the tips I shared today can help all the future bookworms out there.

Time for YOUR action:

If you are ready, I want you to create a Goodreads account already. Here is mine.

And if you are plan on reading 100 books like me(yeh yeh), remember to take a membership at your nearest public library. You can save a lot of of books.

Whatever your journey let me know in the comments or mail me at stephy@gmail.com

Stephy George
Stephy George

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