28 Steamy Cowboy Romance Novels Tor Read in 2023

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Steamy cowboy romance novels for lovers of hot and sizzling love stories.

Western romance or cowboy romance is usually set in rural America and usually follows an action hero and a pretty heroine getting involved in a gripping and intense relationship. 

You will find books that are predominantly set in a countryside ranch. And there are super sexy alpha male cowboy protagonists that are going to be your favorite book boyfriends. 

And if you’re someone who enjoys a variety of themes within Western romance, you have lots of choices. You’ll find a lot of books that are similar to the Cowboys of Cold Creek Series. There are steamy cowboy romance novels, dirty western books, cowboy reverse harem books, and great western books about cowboy and city-girl romance. You’ll also be able to enjoy these cowboy fiction books as a series, so make sure to check out the complete list of Western romance series to read them in order. Also, you are going to find many new authors from the cowboy romance genre.

Besides, most of the Western romance books are available in kindle unlimited so make sure to sign up for the Kindle digital subscription for unlimited reading. 

And if you’re an audiophile you’ll be delighted to know that you can actually enjoy these romance novels as audiobooks. So make sure to get an Audible subscription to enjoy hot cowboy romance audiobooks. 

Now, let’s get into these gripping Western books!

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet  by Lorelei James 

The second book from the popular erotic western saga Rough Riders Series is a second chance romance novel that follows a widow, Gemma. When she hires a foreman for her ranch, she never expected to find love in him. Gemma and Cash were supporting characters in the first book,Long Hard Ride.  So you’d be delighted to read more about them in this book.

If you love reading dirty western books with sexy cowboys this book is for you. Make sure to check out other books in the Rough Riders Series here


The Cowboy’s Best Friend by Jessie Gussman 

Ames and Palmer are childhood best friends. While Palmer loves to spend his time living in his family’s ranch in North Dakota,  Ames is an Olympic athlete and loves to explore the world. Despite their differences in personality, both have been great friends. But things are not going well with Palmer, as he is struggling to pay bills.

One day  he receives a letter from a billionaire about a possible inheritance, under one condition that he will get married and stay in North Dakota. When he informs Ames about the letter and its content, she decides to introduce some of her girl friends to him.

The first book in the Sweet Water Ranch Western Cowboy Romance series is a clean contemporary western romance novel with lovable characters. 


Cowboys & Wedding Woes by Natalie Dean 

In the sixth book from Baker Brothers of Copper Creek Series, we follow  Sean Baker who is running the family ranch after his father’s death. He is determined to lead a lonely life without a soul mate. But then his rival, the neighbor next door, approaches him with a strange proposition. She wants him to get married to her and combine the farms.

Will Sean accept this unusual business arrangement? This unconventional western romance is a 2022 bestseller among book lovers. 

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Once Upon a Cowboy by Maisey Yates

If you’re a fan of sexy alpha male stories, you’ll love this short cowboy novella, Once Upon a Cowboy.

This is the story of Belle and Adam who are drawn to each other in the most unexpected circumstances.  When Adam’s mother-in-law announces the arrival of a housekeeper,  Adam doesn’t have the slightest interest in hiring her. Yet, he allows her to stay in his house with his children.

And that’s when everything starts! This is a quick contemporary western romantic tale to enjoy in 2022. 


Montana Desire by Josie Jade

Looking for country romance books with emotional depth and drama? Then Josie Jade & Janie Crouch’s 2022 novel Montana Sanctuary is a great choice. 

We follow Evelyn Taylor who is unable to leave behind her past. It’s been four years since she has been forced to run away from her past. Now she finally ends up in Resting Warrior Ranch, a property owned by former US Navy SEALs. One of who is going to be someone that can change Evelyn’s life.

An epic page-turner worth adding in your list of must-read contemporary western romance novels. 

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Cowboy Bikers MC Lawmen: Fisher by Esther E. Schmidt 

If you’re into gritty cowboy novels with thrilling, and action-packed plots you’ll love this one. Both Portia and Fisher are determined to solve a case and that’s how they meet for the first time. Fisher is part of guys who are involved in solving cases as well as running a ranch. Portia is someone who firmly believes in her instinct to solve cases.

Which is how she ends up in Cowboy Bikers MC Lawmen. 

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A Nanny for the Grumpy Cowboy by Hanna Hart 

This country romance book features a grumpy overprotective cowboy and a carefree girl who is hired to be the nanny.

Single dad Drake is unable to control his anger all the time. Now his new nanny seems to be giving him a hard time. The nanny, Freddie Dover realises that there is a cold side to her grumpy cowboy boss and is determined to win him over.  T

his small- town western romance is a sweet and clean love story for adults. 

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Cowboy Heat by Sable Hunter 

New York Times bestselling author Sable Hunter is known for sexy cowboy books with swoon-worthy romance.

Cowboy Heat is a steamy cowboy romance novel that you’ll find yourself reading again and again. The main character Libby is in remission. She is finally getting time to live for herself, although her doctor has warned her about the possibility of the reappearance  of the cancer. When she meets her secret crush the handsome cowboy Aron, she is hoping to live each day to the fullest.

This erotic cowboy romance novel is scorchingly hot and spicy. 

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An Auction Bride for the Grumpy Cowboy by Hanna Hart

This is another charming  cowboy romance fiction to read in 2022.

Theo Rolston is about to purchase a struggling cattle ranch not only to expand his business but also to acquire his inheritance. But it seems that he also  has to find a way to work along with the previous owner.  Hetty knows that her business is going downhill but she feels miserable to sell her beloved ranch to a grumpy cowboy. 

Will they be able to work their way through their differences any time soon? 

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Sarah’s Surrender by Lynda Chance 

When the billionaire alpha male John meets someone he wants he will  just go after it. But this time when he laid eyes on the girl at the gas station, it wasn’t that easy. The more he is determined to have her, the less she is interested in.  Sarah isn’t ready to have yet another bitter life with a guy. As she is only looking for someone who wouldn’t be emotionally attached.

This modern cowboy romance is an erotic exploration of an intense desire. 


Branding the Virgin by Alexa Riley 

The writing duo Alexa Riley is known for their steamy novels with  happy endings.

Their latest book is a heartwarming country romance book with scorchingly hot sexy scens. The story follows Mary Jane who decides to start a family through artificial insemination. But when she comes to know that there was a major error during the sperm transfer, she sets out to find the man to get to know about him.

And that’s how she meets the reclusive cowboy Ty and his ranch. 


Cattleman’s Choice by Diana Palmer

Mandelyn and Carson are  neighbours who have been living on their own ranches. Although Carson has been in love with his neighbour, he considers himself to be unfit among her family. But soon he requests her to teach him to be a well-manned man. As for Mandelyn, she has her own share of secrets. But their chemistry is instantaneous and both are drawn to each other.

This western cowboy romance is sweet and charming. 


A Rancher’s Heart by Vivian Arend 

Tamara hasn’t been making right choices in life and her wrong decisions have brought many repercussions. Now she is in a new town working as a nanny, hoping for a fresh start in life. Caleb Stone is struggling to run his ranch business  along with looking after his  two little girls. He was happy to employ Tamara, as he was desperately looking for a good nanny for his girls. However, he didn’t expect to have an irresistible attraction towards her.

As they begin to spend more time together, they create an uncontrollable sexual chemistry. 


Shared by the Cowboys by Cassie Cole

This standalone cowboy reverse harem romance book features a country girl, Rebecca,who has become a successful writer. Now she is back in the ranch to find inspiration for her next novel. When she finds an opportunity to work in a ranch, she takes it and starts to work with the Cassidy brothers, Mason, Cody & Blake. 


The Christmas Cowboy Hero by Donna Grant 

The first book in the Heart of Texas series follows two individuals who were forced to take up the responsibility of the family at a very young age. When Clayton East returns to his family ranch, he realises they are almost on the verge of bankruptcy and his cattles has been stolen by a teenager. Soon when he learns about Abby Harper, the sister of the teenage boy and their family struggle, Clayton employs him.

This holiday cowboy romance novel is a slow-burn love story with no shortage of scorching hot love scenes.


Lassoing the Virgin Mail-Order Bride by Alexa Riley 

Cash McCallister is a workaholic and spends most of his time on his family farm. Since he doesn’t have much time to start a relationship he decides to get his wife through “mail order bride”- a program solely created to order a wife. Meanwhile, the bride Clare Stevens has no money so takes up the role of a dutiful wife. However, once she arrives at the ranch, the meeting takes a sexy turn.

You’ll love this swoon-worthy  western romance of alpha cowboy and the pretty girl. 


Montana Creeds by Linda Lael Miller 

New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller’s 2009 novel is a spin-off of her McKettrick Men and Stone Creek Series.

Logan Creed has returned home to rebuild the family ranch. As all the brothers have drifted apart, Logan is determined to bring them all back and retain the neglected farm. However, he didn’t expect to see the young Briana and her sons in his brother’s house. Single mother Briana is struggling to take care of her family, when the kind neighbour offers help, she is unable to resist.

A good western cowboy romance book with the elements of family and hot romance. 


Pioneer Dream by Ramona Flightner

The first book in the O‘Rourke Family Montana Saga follows Kevin O’Rourke, who  is a hard worker and dedicated his life to his family. But when he meets the young Aileen O’Keefe on the steamboat trip, his life changes forever. He is desperate to seek her love and spend his life with her. However, Aileen knows that they can’t have a future together.

A gorgeous historical western romance novel to read in 2022.


Riding Hard by Lauren Landish 

The second book in the Bennet Boys Ranch series follows Mark Bennet, the eldest brother who is hardworking and responsible for the family ranch. He loves his brothers and mother and is highly protective of them. He doesn’t have time to be in a relationship; but when he meets Katelyn Johnson, the event planner, he is drawn to her. Both find themselves unexpectedly falling for each other. However, Mark is unable to express his true feelings. Until their romance becomes more than just a physical attraction.

This sexy cowboy and city girl romance is a sweet story with dynamic characters and intimate romance. 


Burned by Greta Rose West 

Jack Cade  has a lot going on in his life right now. Ever since his birth mother had abandoned his brothers, he has been taking care of them with the help of his adopted mother. But now she is going through cancer and his business is not doing great either. Amidst all this he meets Everlea Donovan, who just moved to his ranch. She is also going through a lot in her life. 

Jack and Everlea’s story starts slow but quickly turns into suspenseful, humorous and sexy romance. 


Running Wild by Linda Howard, Linda Jones

Carlin Reed is leading an off-grid life, hiding from her stalker. As she travels from place to place she finally ends up in a small town ranch. Although she had intended to stay there for a short while, her instant attraction towards the owner forces her to stay forever. Zeke Decker loves the woman who is working as the housekeeper for the ranch, he senses that she is running away from something, but he is unable to resist her love.

You will be completely entangled  in this steamy contemporary western erotic romance.

This suspenseful story is almost too hot to handle. 


Turn and Burn by Lorelei James 

Turn and Burn is a  steamy cowboy romance audiobook to listen to in 2022.  A

fter a disastrous injury former world champion Tanna Barker has lost her love in barrel racing and has developed a  phobia of horses. On top of all this her family has also gone through unpleasant times. Her mother  has died and her father has sold the ranch. As she lives without any purpose in life, she has one night stand with August Fletcher. Later when she learns that he is a vet and wants her to be with him, she is hesitant to show her true desire.

This western cowboy love story is super hot, sexy and heartwarming. 


Staking His Claim by Lynda Chance 

This wealthy cowboy romance follows 30-year old Raul Vega from Texas who is trying to find the woman who will love him more than his money. As he seems to have only been attracted to cold-hearted and greedy women in his life. When he attends one of his friends’ parties, he meets the college freshman Elaina Ruiz. Elaina is trying to keep her distance from this sexy, alpha male.

This short-novella is a perfect read for the lovers of erotic alpha cowboy romance books and can be devoured in one sitting. 


One Night with a Cowboy by Cat Johnson

This is the first book in Oklahoma Nights series. Becca is a college professor who is looking for a new job. When she gets an interview call in Oklahoma State University she has a one night stand with bull rider Tucker Jenkins. But then they happened to meet again and the spark still exists between them.

A fast-paced cowboy-city girl romance for the lovers of spicy western stories. 


Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna

Shiloh Gallagher  is certain that someone is out there, following her every move. She is unable to step out of her apartment. After being trapped in her own house, finally she decides to travel to Wyoming, hoping it to be a safe haven. Roan is working as a wrangler at Wind River Ranch. When he meets Shiloh, he feels an immediate connection and an urge to protect her.

Set in the picturesque countryside, Wind River Wrangler is a slow-burn sexy cowboy romance story. 


The Valentine’s Curse  by Jodi Thomas 

New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas’ 2018 novel is a heartwarming book about cowboys and the old west. The Valentine Curse follows  a Yankee cowboy named Monroe and a widow Brody,  Valerie Allen, both o are trying to survive their respective lives. When these two loners meet, they are drawn to each other in more than one way.

Grab this compelling western romance novella to add in the reading list. 


Grumpy Cowboy by Max Monroe 

The New York Times bestselling author duo is back with another sweet and swoony grumpy cowboy book.

This enemies to lovers small-town western romance follows the bad-tempered rancher Rhett who is recovering from his knee injury. Rhett’s father decides to provide a house doctor for his son. And there comes  the beautiful doctor Leah. But their meeting wasn’t as sweet as they had expected. However, soon their differences will turn into a sexy romance.

A steamy city-girl cowboy romance book that’ll hook you from page one. 


Triple Dare Heat by Pepper Swan

Triple Dare Heat  is the third book in Pepper Swan’s Cowboy Heat Series. This steamy western romance follows Laine who is looking for a new start after a terrible break up. During her journey to take up the new job at her  aunt’s bar she encounters a few people with whom she feels instant connections.

If you’re a fan of reverse harem books you’ll adore these characters and smoking hot love scenes.

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There you have the list of steamy cowboy romance books to read in 2023!

Let me know what are your favorites from the list,


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