2023 Summer Reading Challenge For Adults (with Printable Checklist)

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Summer reading challenge

This is a fun summer reading challenge for adults

Reading challenges are always fun to do, especially during the summer. When you have more time to read, choosing the right book can be overwhelming. Not only can reading challenges help you make reading entertaining, it can also make you feel accomplished. 

In this post, I am going to help you have a fun and creative summer reading challenge ideas! 

I have never been someone who has done many reading challenges, but I think it’s time to start a new book reading challenge this summer! 

So if you’re struggling to find a new author or a new genre, this book reading challenge can definitely help you discover new books and authors. 

I have put together 30 summer reading challenge ideas for you. So if you’re planning a summer road trip or summer holiday at a dream location, make sure to grab this reading challenge ideas with you so that you can read more books.

Make sure to download the Summer reading challenge printable so that you can have the list with you. 

Book with “summer” in the title

Isn’t it fun to read books with summer in the title for this summer reading challenge? Here are some of my favorite books that have the word “summer” in the title. 

You are looking for more charming books with summer in the title, check out this post-

30 Charming Books With ‘Summer’ In The Title (Perfect To Add ToYour Beach Bag)

Debut novel of a female writer

I am always fascinated to read the debut novels of female writers. You’ll explore new talents that will take you to the lives of numerous characters that you haven’t read anywhere else. For this summer reading challenge you can also read the debut novel of your favourite female writers. 

Here are a few recommendations of the debut novel of a female writer

Book under 100 pages

Whether you’re looking for a book to read between your break or just before bed. Short books are fun to read. I had no clue that there are many short books that are actually under 100 pages. One of my most favourite is ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I have written a blog post where you can find short books under 100 pages. 

Book with a female name as title

In this list of summer reading challenges for adults, next comes a unique challenge to read a book with a female name as title. Many popular books have taken the names of the protagonists as titles. One of my all time books with a female name as title is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

Check out this blog post to find more book recommendation for this summer reading challenge.

32 Fiction Books With Female Names As Titles

Fiction book set in India 

The best way to know about a new country is to grab a book set in that particular place. Being an Indian, I am always excited to read novels that are set in my country. So if you’re looking for an interesting book reading challenge, why not grab a book set in this colourful country with a diverse culture.  

Here are a few of my favorite books that are set in India.

Book set in a tropical location/ Island

I don’t think any summer reading challenge would be complete without including a feel-good tropical adventure novel. To be honest, I haven’t really been able to get the hype behind books that are set in exotic locations. Most of those novels seem to have a similar premise where main characters meet on an island or travel together to an island and end up having a relationship. But when I read ‘The Unhoneymooners’ by Christina Lauren, I understood why these books are so popular. Despite the familiar premise and characters I really enjoyed reading it. There were some fun-filled moments that stood out. So why not include a book set in a tropical Island in your 2022 summer reading challenge? 

Book narrated by a child

There is a certain charm in reading books by child narrators. Not only do these books offer new perspectives but also unique storytelling that gives you a great reading experience. 

Here are a few books that fall under this reading challenge. I have also included books that are narrated by teens. 

Historical fiction set in England

I am a huge fan of historical fiction novels. I really admire the time and effort authors put in to write novels that are set in a completely different era. So in this list of delightful summer challenges, why not read historical fiction set in England.

Here are a few historical fiction novels set in England. 

Find more historical fiction books that are set in England in here: Compelling Historical Fictions Set In England

Audiobook narrated by multiple narrators

When it comes to listening to audiobooks, narrators play a very significant role. I don’t think I will ever be able to listen to an audiobook with a dull voice actor. Interestingly, just recently I found out that listening to an audiobook narrated by multiple narrators can actually transform the reading experience. All of a sudden you are drawn into a whole new world and you might wonder whether you’re actually listening to a play. So if you’re looking for fun summer reading challenge ideas, try an audiobook narrated by multiple narrators.

Here are my favourites list of audiobooks narrated by multiple narrators.


Memoir written by a black woman 

Memoirs are inspiring and motivating. When you read life stories of black women who have created their own path, it can certainly encourage you to create one of your own. Every year I make sure to include at least one memoir written by black women. So if you’re up for the challenge, here is the list of memoirs written by black women that should be in your summer reading challenge list!  

Memoir written by a black woman. 

Book turning into movie in 2022

Watching your favorite book characters is always fascinating. You will also be excited to see whether these characters turn out to be the way you had imagined.  When I was watching the movie ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, I remember thinking that the young Scott looked exactly like how I had imagined. 

So here are the list of books turning into movie in 2022

Book set in the Victorian Era

Next in the summer reading challenge is a book that is set in the Victorian Era. I love reading books that were written in the Victorian Era, such as ‘Jane Eye’, but this challenge is to read contemporary novels that are set in the Victorian Era( 1837-1901).  

Find the book recommendations for books set in the Victorian Era.

Book with a long title

How long is too long for a book title? When it comes to choosing a good book I judge a book by its cover and its title. For some reason, I think books with long titles offer delightful stories. Although I know it’s not always the case, I would like to believe so.

So have some fun with this reading challenge with books with a long title.

Book with three star rating on Goodreads

I don’t know about you, but I always make sure to check on Goodreads before starting a new book. I don’t read reviews, but I will have a quick glance at the star rating. However, there are times that I have loved reading a book with low ratings. So in this summer reading challenge grab a book with a three star rating and find out your rating. 

Here are three star rated books ( between 3- 3.7) I have found on Goodreads. 

Book with more than 600 pages

Reading a long book is a daunting task. We need to have a lot more attention span than usual. And if you’re a slow reader like me, reading a long book may last forever. But then we are here for a summer reading challenge so why not give it a try. 

Here are book recommendations for book with more than 600 pages challenge. 

Book written by two or more authors

There are many bestselling novels that are written by two or more authors. I am a big fan of author duo Christina Lauren, and guess what I didn’t know there were two different people. If you want to explore books written by two or more authors, do this summer reading challenge. 

List of books written by two or more authors. 

Book about animal(s)

There is something remarkable about reading novels about animals. I always feel more connected towards them. Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty is one of the best classics I have read and it taught me alot about how caring and loving horses really are. 

Here are book recommendations for a book about animal(s)

A graphic novel

I don’t think graphic novels are just for kids. In fact, every now and then I love reading a story in a traditional comic format. In this summer why not do this summer reading challenge with your kids.

Here are the list of delightful graphic novels to read in 2022


Classic novel you have been meaning to read

We all have that list of classics that we have been meaning to read. I was actually planning to read a few this year, but I haven’t yet. But I hope to read at least one during the summer holidays. So do you want to join me in this summer reading challenge- A classic you have been meaning to read. 

I have a huge list of 150+ Classics to read. So check the post to find the classic books to read for this summer reading challenge.

Book by an author with same first letter as your name

Here is another interesting reading challenge for summer 2022. Find a book by the author whose name starts with the first letter of your name. I actually wanted to make a reading challenge in which you have to find a book written by the author with the same name as you. Later realised, it may be impossible to find an author with your same name. I hope you’ll have fun with this challenge. 

If the first letter of your name is “s” here are a few writers.

Book published in the month of your birthday

I know this is quite a challenge given that some book editions are published in different months. For this challenge, I recommend checking on goodreads as they always mention the month and year of the first publications. Here is the list to find books published in the month of your birthday, for this summer reading challenge. 

Book set in your dream travel destination

Of course everyone’s dream location is different. But I am going to share a few books that are set in my dream locations. 

British chick-lit book

Whenever I need a pick-me- up I always go for feel good British chick lit books. Reading uplifting stories of family and friends instantly cheers me up. So reading a British chick lit as a part of summer reading challenge will make you smile. 

Here are a list of British chick lit books 

Need more British chick lit book recommendations? Check this post- Must-Read British Chick Lit Authors In 2022

Book with floral cover

Like I mentioned earlier, I do judge a book by its cover. And I am a sucker for books with floral covers. Whenever I finish reading a book with a gorgeous cover, I always spend a few minutes admiring the works of the artist. Having a bookcase full of floral book covers is a dream in the making, for sure. 

For now, have a look at the list of books with floral covers. 

Book set in a bookshop

Bookshops are certainly a perfect place for bookworms. Anyone who loves books can absolutely spend hours browsing through books. Which is why you see so many writers have written incredible books that are set in and around bookstores.

Check out the list below to do 2022 summer reading challenge – a book set in a bookshop

Book set in space

There are so many books set in space. Space adventures narrate thrilling stories that bring out the best in our imagination. I was always hesitant to read a book that set in space. But Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary changed my view on sci-fi books. So if you haven’t read any books set in space, do this summer reading challenge now. 

Here are  book recommendations for ‘a  book set in space’ 

Want to read more books set in space check this list-> 17 Epic Sci-Fi Books Like ‘The Martian’


Book with recipes

This is not a challenge to read cookbooks. But stories that have included sumptuous recipes in them. The inspiration for this challenge actually came from reading Stanly Tucci’s memoir, ‘Taste’. 

Here are book recommendations for a book with recipes. 

Non-fiction book released in 2023

As most of the summer reading challenges include fiction books, I thought to add non-fiction book challenges to the list. Many non-fiction books have been released in this year so far. So make use of this opportunity to find your next non-fiction title. Check out this list- ​​Best non fiction books 2023.   

Cowboy romance novel

Cowboy romance or western romance novels are popular among book lovers. Charming stories of strong and powerful heroes. Have a look at this steamy cowboy romance novel list to grab your book. 

Book from your TBR list

It’s fun to add books to your TBR list. But after a while, reading all those books becomes a daunting task. So the last challenge in this 2022 summer reading challenge is to choose one book from your TBR list. I can’t give the book list for this challenge, but I am going to mention books in my TBR list.

There you have fun summer reading challenge prompts for 2023. Don’t forget to download the reading challenge printable in here.

Find more books to read during this summer 2023

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