23 Best Romance Audiobooks for 2023: Steamy & Swoon-Worthy

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Get the list of best romance audiobooks that deserve to be on everyone’s audiobook library.

I have been a fan of good romance audiobooks with the best narrators for a few years now. Given that romance is one of the most popular genres, it’s no surprise that everyone loves listening to romance audiobooks over and over again.

I love listening to the best romance audiobooks because they are predictable and happily-ever-after books. Listening to fun and lighthearted romance stories can instantly lift your mood.

Whenever I feel panicky or sad, I grab my phone and find some good romance audiobooks to listen to on Audible. 

And the best part about these popular Audible romance books is that they are read by the best voice actors in the industry. Narrators you won’t be able to stop listening to.

So if you are in search of deliciously funny, and swoon-worthy best romance audiobooks to listen to in 2023 you’re in for a real treat.

You’ll find the best romance audiobooks that are filled with addictive plots, steamy scenes, and crackling banter!

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Why is this the best list of romance audiobooks?

Here are the top reasons why I think this romance audiobook list is the best.

  • You can listen to books from romance sub-genres

If you love listening to romance audiobooks just like me, you want to listen to books from romance sub-genres such as contemporary romance, historical romance, fantasy romance, romantic comedy, and many more. So I have actually included the best audiobooks from most of these sub-genres.


  • You will find books featuring the best romance audiobook narrators

Whether you’re looking for the best narrated audible romances, romance audiobooks with multiple narrators, or just simply great narrators, there are many options to choose from.  Note: if you are in search of the best audiobook narrators, find my recommendations of best audiobook narrators!

  • You can get to listen to these audiobooks for FREE

Who wouldn’t love to listen to some great romance audiobooks for free? Here are a few ways that you can listen to romance audiobooks from the list for free. 

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Now, it’s time to start listening to the best romance audiobooks!

Good romance audiobooks to listen

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series is probably one of the best romance audiobooks that you’ll ever listen to.

The heartwarming time travel romance following the life of World War II nurse, Claire Beauchamp Randal and her mysterious journey to an 18th-century Scottish highland is widely accepted by readers around the world. Davina Porter is a fabulous narrator, whose effortless voice act performance elevates the overall experience of the book.  


The Choice by Nora Roberts

The third and final book in Roberts’ The Dragon Heart Legacy series, The Choice follows The Awakening and The Becoming.

These stories are set in the beautiful world of Talamh, which is connected to other worlds by portals, and where magic is absolutely real. In the past books, Breen Siobhan Kelly, who was raised in the world of Man, discovered Talamh. She found out that her Grandfather was the dark god Odran, whose plot to conquer Talamh and Breen had been thwarted. Breen is just now coming into her newfound power and is learning to find joy in her life again after so much pain.

The Choice looks to be Breen and Keegan’s biggest adventure yet, and fans of the series up until this point will not want to miss it.


The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

Bridgerton is a fast-paced, heart-stopping steamy historical romance audiobook,  that everyone should listen to.  You might have seen the Netflix series based on Julia Quinn’s New York Times bestselling novel, even if you didn’t, you won’t regret listening to this humorous romance audiobook.  Author, Jill Barnett even described  Julia Quinn as a contemporary Jane Austen! 

I am sure you’ll have to agree to that because the charming story of Daphne Bridgerton is indeed reminiscent of Austen’s greatest novels.  Also veteran narrator Rosalyn Landor’s impeccable narration is a treat for the ears.   And once you’ve finished listening, explore books like Bridgerton, for similar book recommendations. 


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s classic romance novel needs no introduction. The love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy might be already familiar to you, but listening to Rosamund Pike narrating it is a whole new experience. She has a smooth and elegant voice that seamlessly captures the wit and tone of Austen’s writing. Her pacing is always on point, which makes the audiobook Pride and Prejudice quite easy to follow.  Without a doubt, the moment I heard the narration, Rosamund Pike became one of my all-time favorite romance audiobook narrators! I was even excited to find that she also narrated, Sense and Sensibility, The Great Hunt, and many others


Book Lovers by Emily Henry

I had to include this enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy audiobook for so many reasons.

Firstly, it’s written by Emily Henry, who is known for writing sweet and steamy love stories. And secondly, the audiobook is narrated by Julia Whelan. She has narrated over 400 audiobooks!!. So it suffices to say she is one of the best audiobook narrators who has been loved by, many including me.

Book Lovers chronicles the life of Nora Stephens a literary agent at the top of her game, who doesn’t see herself as anything close to the heroines she’s read about all her life.

During one summer holiday, she meets Charlie Lastra, the moody editor from back home who she can’t seem to escape from. You’ll absolutely fall in love with a witty, sassy, and utterly charming love story.


Last on the List by Amy Daws

Last on the List is a single dad, billionaire romance. Protagonist Cozy Barlow is looking to enjoy her second gap year and forget about her past.

This is until her sister convinces her to interview for a nanny position for a certain high-maintenance client. That client is Max Fletcher, a CEO, millionaire, and single dad. He’s not a fan of Cozy on their first meeting, but Max’s daughter feels the complete opposite.

This leads to Max reluctantly hiring Cozy, who appears to loathe the greed and corporate power that he represents.

The two are at odds until the power goes out one night, and they learn how they truly feel about each other. 


House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas 

Sarah J. Maas’ Crescent City series is popular for its richly imaginative world-building and snarky humor.

The first book in this contemporary fantasy illustrates the life of Bryce Quinlan who appears to have a normal life until her best friends are brutally killed by a demon. This leaves Bryce alone, in pain, and desperate to avenge her friends. This leads her to Hunt Athalar, a fallen angel with unbelievable powers. While currently enslaved to the Archangels, helping Bryce with her journey could see him receive his freedom.

This story sees the pair tearing Crescent City apart in an attempt to find the culprit, and in the process, they discover a deeply dark and powerful secret that threatens to destroy life as they know it.

Narrator Elizabeth Evans is beyond fabulous while narrating this inventive fantasy romance.


The Last Hours in Paris by Ruth Druart 

Set largely during the peak of World War II in Paris, the full cast narration of World War II romance tells the tale of love persevering in even the most painful times. This compelling story takes place in England, and France during the 1960s.

The historical fiction follows Elise Chevalier, who has tragically lost her fiance in the horrors of war. Now stuck in France among the enemy, Elise must conceal her rage.

We also hear the story of Sebastian Kleinhaus, who has been forced to join the Third Reich, despite despising everything his new uniform stands for. We eventually jump ahead to 1963 to hear the story of eighteen-year-old Josephine Chevalier, who learns unbelievable secrets about the past.


Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World by Benjamin Alire Sáenz 

The sequel to the epic queer romance Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, this young adult LGBT love story follows the aftermath of our protagonists falling for each other in the first book.

And I absolutely loved Lin-Manuel Miranda’s narration in the first book. His voice is fresh, youthful, and friendly and absolutely matches the character. So it’s exciting to see that he is narrating the sequel as well.

In Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World, we get a closer look at Ari and Dante’s relationship.

As the two begin navigating their newfound love for each other, Ari undergoes a terrible loss that changes everything.

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How the Grump Saved Christmas by Claire Kingsley

This lovely, small-town holiday romance is perfect to read at any time of the year. The novel follows the journey of Isabelle Cook, who is faced with a dilemma this Christmas. Her family farm, which is the location of Tilikum’s Christmas Village, is in dire straits.

Unfortunately for her, the only one interested in purchasing it is Elias Stoneheart. The wealthy, grumpy businessman has been promised a promotion if he can only get the Cooks to sell their farm. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Isabelle is Elias’ ex, which only complicates things further.

Will Isabelle’s genuine love for the holidays’ force Elias’ heart to grow three sizes this year?

Regardless, How the Grump Saved Christmas is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.

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Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

If you’re in search of feel-good, fake dating romance, Things We Never Got Over should be on your list. The swoon-worthy love story with heartbreak and laughter is guaranteed to brighten up your days.

The story follows Knox, who is set on living his life alone with his beloved basset hound Waylon. He isn’t in the market for any drama, even when a runaway bride desperate for help appears at her doorstep. Naomi wasn’t trying to flee her wedding, she was just trying to help her estranged twin, Tina.

Unfortunately for trusting Naomi, it was all a ploy by Tina to take Naomi’s car and money, and to saddle her with the niece she didn’t know she even had. Now Naomi’s stuck in Knockemout, Virginia, with no money, no prospects, and an 11-year-old girl to take care of.

Will Knox be able to walk away back to his peaceful solitary life, or will he be stuck fighting for Naomi?


The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand 

Author Elin Hilderbrand is the queen of beach reads for so many reasons. Her novels are full of secrets and great surprises. The scenic storyline and romantic drama will keep you hooked to the very end. Her latest, The Hotel Nantucket is also another captivating Hilderbrand novel.

Before 1922, the Hotel Nantucket was a gilded age hotspot.

That is until 19-year-old Grace Hadley was killed by a tragic fire in the building. Tarnishing its reputation, the hotel became little more than a run-of-the-mill hotel, before being abandoned completely. That is until billionaire Xander Darling decides to take on the project of restoring it.

This leads him to Lizbet Keaton, who he hires to run the place. As Lizbet gathers up staff, the team faces the challenges of opening up a brand-new hotel and getting people to look past its bad reputation.

Things are complicated by Grace Hadley herself, who refuses to stop haunting the hotel until her sacrifice has been honored properly. 


Fakers by Lucy Lennox, & May Archer 

Fakers is the first book in Lennox and Archer’s Licking Thicket series.

This quirky gay love story is set in small-town Tennessee and sees Brooks Johnson returning to his hometown. This puts him back in close contact with his gossipy neighbors, overbearing mother, and ex-girlfriend who still doesn’t quite believe he’s gay. For safety, Brooks decides to bring along a fake boyfriend to convince her, and to his surprise, his ex-girlfriend has done the same.

As tensions rise with everyone involved, it appears that her fake boyfriend is the only rational person in the entire town, and when he finally gets Brooks all to himself, all bets are off. 


Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez 

By now you know I am a huge fan of narrator Julia Whelan, and here is another soul-stirring rom-com audiobook narrated by Julia Whelan.

Part of Your World is a delightful age-gap romance that follows, Alexis Montgomery, who is content to live her refined city life, that is until she meets the amazing carpenter, Daniel Grant.

After a magical first date with the much younger country stud, Alexis’ life is flipped on its head. Things are complicated further when Alexis has to balance her new relationship with Daniel and the expectations of her ridiculously wealthy parents.

As she continues falling for Daniel, she realizes she’s walking away from her family’s expectations, and the opportunity to save lives as a world-renowned surgeon.

She is forced to make up her mind – give up what she has with Daniel to do what’s expected of her, or abandon her plans to make an entirely new life with him.

Will she be able to make a choice?


The Last Eligible Billionaire by Pippa Grant 

Next, we have a humorous romance audiobook that features a billionaire, grumpy bachelor, Hayes Rutherford. It’s also the story of a woman who’s stuck in a fake relationship with him.

She’s stuck with the distant billionaire to keep over-interested women away from him, and to keep his relatives satisfied. As she begins to break down Hayes’ walls, she begins to see there’s much more to him than his inflated bank balance.

The Last Eligible Billionaire features dual narrators,

Virginia Rose and Teddy Hamilton, which of course makes the love story, fun and engaging.


Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey 

Author Tessa Bailey is an expert in capturing intense chemistry and true friendships between her characters, The Bellinger Sisters series a great example of that. Now we have the second book in the series, Hook, Line, and Sinker which follows Hannah Bellinger who are friends with fisherman Fox Thornton. While Fox is a notorious ladies’ man, having a platonic female friend is an unexplored territory.

Hannah enlists Fox’s help to go after a colleague she’s been crushing on, but as the pair begins to spend more time together, they realize a platonic relationship might not be possible.

Will Fox be able to put his lothario past behind him and commit to Hannah Bellinger?

The sequel to It Happened one Summer is a fresh and contemporary romance audiobook with heartwarming romance and laugh-out-loud humor.   


Every Summer After by Carley Fortune 

Names as one of the hottest reads of summer 2022 by Today, Every Summer After is a second-chance romance audiobook that recounts the nostalgia of young summer love.

A decade ago, protagonist Persephone Fraser made the biggest mistake of her life and left home to live in the big city.

While she’d been keeping a safe distance from home, a call sends her back to Barry’s Bay as fast as she can get there.

This brings her back into the life of Sam Florek, her former best friend who became much more to her for a tragically short amount of time. Persephone returns home to come to Sam’s mother’s funeral, and the two are reunited for the first time in 10 years.

The pair will have to give it all they’ve got to overcome their past and all the time they’ve spent apart. 


Icebreaker by Hannah Grace 

This sports romance with steaming chemistry is winning the hearts of the booktokers for all the right reasons.

Hannah Grace’s first novel Icebreaker is a hockey romance that follows Anastasia Allen, who dreams of becoming a Team USA figure skater since she was 5 years old.

Now that she’s got a full college scholarship to compete for the Maple Hills skating team, her dreams seem more realistic than ever.

That is until her partner gets injured and her dreams seem to disappear right in front of her. Enter Nathan Hawkins, the captain of the Maple Hills hockey team, who’s willing to swap sports just to help Anastasia.

With Anastasia intent on making it big, their relationship will be strictly professional, right?


The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan 

Jenny Colgan is known for writing cozy, small-town romances with feel-good vibes. I love charming romantic comedies that explore the themes of family, relationships, and love.

Her latest, The Christmas Bookshop is yet another addictive Christmas romance that follows a former department worker, Carmen who is in search of a new job. After losing her job she has very few options, one of which is moving in with her sister Sofia, who has a seemingly perfect life. Luckily for Carmen, Sofia has a client who is in desperate need of a retail assistant at his bookshop. Enter Carmen who begins helping out the old Mr. McCredie at his shop.

She’s determined to revitalize the old shop just in time for Christmas, and in the meantime, she’s forced to mend her broken family, and pick between two polar opposite love interests, Blair and Oke. 


Call me by Your Name by André Aciman 

The book that got turned into the wildly successful film, Call Me by Your Name is a heartbreaking coming-of-age romance between Elio and Oliver.

Elio is a precocious 17-year-old boy, and Oliver is an older grad student being hosted by his parents in their Italian home. As the two are forced together in close confinement throughout the summer, they can’t hide their attraction to each other for long.

Over the six weeks of their relationship the two experience such intense passion and intimacy the likes of which they may never find again.

Another fascinating part of this audiobook is that the book is narrated by Armie Harmer, who played Oliver in the movie adaptation. Also, I really recommend watching the movies, because is one of my favorite romance movies based on books.


It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas

The second book in Kleypas’ Wallflowers series, It Happened One Autumn tells the story of American Lillian Bowman, and snobbish British aristocrat Lord Marcus Westcliff.

Lillian is shocked when she finds herself falling for Bowman. Marcus, who is usually in charge of himself, can’t believe that he feels utterly enraptured by Lillian as well.

Will the two be able to overcome their differences and find true happiness together, or will they be left thinking about what could have been?

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There you have got the best romance audiobooks to listen to ASAP.

What are some of your favorite audiobooks from the list?

Let me know in the comments

More audiobooks to listen to in 2023

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