29 Best Roommate Romance Books You Will Love

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Ready to dive into the best roommate romance books featuring fiery chemistry and simmering sexual tension?

Looking for roommate romance stories featuring sizzling fake relationship, enemies-to-lovers romance, or forced d proximity? Then you are at the right place. 

From quirky arrangements to unexpected encounters,  these roommate romance novels explore the uncharted territories of love that blossom amidst the familiar confines of shared living spaces. 

From Rene Folsom‘s Roommate Romance Series to Elena Armas slow burn roommates-to-lovers romance, there are some great book reccomendations.

Heart You by Rene Folsom 

Heart You is a roommate romance that centers around two female roommates, Samantha and Kara, and their involvement in a steamy sexual triad with a man on Valentine’s Day. 

Samantha battles her intense attraction to Kara, her roommate, viewing it as a forbidden temptation. 

On Valentine’s Day, Samantha finds solace in confiding her feelings to her journal. 

However, her world shifts when Kara arrives home with an attractive man, leading to a night of passionate and provocative games that push the boundaries of their desires.


Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle 

Maybell Parish is a daydreamer and hopeless romantic who inherits a charming Smoky Mountains house from her Great-Aunt Violet. 

Eager for a fresh start, she arrives to find the house falling apart and learns she’s not the sole inheritor—Wesley Koehler, the grouchy yet handsome groundskeeper, is a co-owner. 

Their differing visions for the property collide, and Maybell faces the challenge of coaxing Wesley out of his shell. As Maybell chips away at his exterior, they uncover unexpected connections and slowly let their guards down. 

Twice Shy is a heartwarming tale of compromise, vulnerability, and the delightful journey of finding love when stepping out of one’s comfort zone.


Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams 

The book Roommates with Benefits is a captivating romantic adventure. 

There is Soren Decker, a man who naturally embodies the intriguing blend of a “bad boy” appearance and a kind heart. As roommates, Soren’s well-defined body hides a strong, messy, and sometimes frustrating personality. 

Hayden, the person who shares the living space with him, becomes increasingly annoyed by his habit of invading her personal space and not respecting boundaries. However, beneath this tension, there is an undeniable attraction that quietly grows stronger.

Against a background of unfulfilled desires and the noticeable closeness between them, the story explores the details of their journey.

Roommates with Benefits tells a passionate story that captures the core idea of opposites being drawn to each other and the exciting spark that comes from being close.


Flatter Me by Rene Folsom

 Flatter Me is a sizzling story that chronicles the sexual tension between a female barista and three hot Australian men.

Laney acknowledges the monotony of her life and hopes to embrace life’s simple pleasures.  

Her resolution is challenged when three men with sexy Australian accents walk into her coffee shop, spouting cheesy one-liners in some desperate form of flattery. 

Now her New Year’s resolution is put to the test! 

 Amid their flirty advances, she connects with Trevor, a perfect man with temporary status in the States. 

Laney’s days turn into a mixture of carefree desires and tough decisions, making her question what she truly wants from life.  

Will her passionate heart be able to handle the likes of Trevor and his mates? 

As the story unfolds, the promise of future developments adds intrigue and excitement.


Promise You by Rene Folsom

Promise You by Rene Folsom explores the complexities of family, friendship, and love. Danielle’s perception of her brother shifts dramatically after his return from a shattering overseas tour. To provide better care for him, Dylan invites his battle buddy, Travis, to live with them. As sparks ignite between Danielle and Travis, they’re conflicted by the need for Dylan’s blessing to pursue their feelings.

Travis is determined to earn Dylan’s approval, promising to cherish Danielle. Yet, as their relationship deepens, the lines between friendship and love blur.

Promise You is a story of finding solace and connection in the hearts of heroes, reflecting the complexity of human bonds against the backdrop of Veterans Day.


Spare Me by Tara Sivec  

Delve into this spicy roommate romance – Spare Me by Tara Sivec, where quiet, predictable Ryan Hutton’s life takes a wild turn. 

As the high school bowling coach and algebra teacher on Summersweet Island, he’s content with his nerdy, rule-following ways—until a fiery stranger gives him an unforgettable kiss in his favorite pizza place. Suddenly, he’s reevaluating his identity as the obedient nice guy.⁣

Danica Brewster sought refuge on the island to escape her judgmental family and embrace freedom. Little did she know her new roommate would be the same pizza-place kisser. Despite their complications, the memory of that kiss pushes them to defy their comfort zones.⁣

United by their unexpected connection, Ryan and Danica discover that problems can’t be ignored—they’ll resurface with even more force. 

Spare Me captures the essence of transformation, taking chances, and embracing the unexpected—even when it comes to matters of the heart.


From the Embers by Aly Martinez 

In From the Embers by Aly Martinez, tragedy leaves Eason carrying Bree from a blazing house, only to realize she’s not his wife. 

They forge an unexpected bond, healing together as Eason, a single dad, moves into Bree’s guest house. Amid guilt and grief, their connection grows, filling the void in their hearts. As Bree’s smile returns, their love blossoms, born from the ashes of their pasts.

Yet, buried secrets threaten to ignite anew. In this poignant story, their healing journey leads to a love that’s destined to rise from the embers and ignite their lives.


Bind Me by Rene Folsom 

Bind Me features a curious woman named Lily and her dominant male roommate Chaz engaging in light BDSM scenes. 

Lily becomes intrigued by Chaz’s dominant nature and sexual prowess when she accidentally witnesses him dominating another woman. 

She is fascinated by his skill in bringing intense pleasure to his partners. Lily desires Chaz’s touch on her own body and begins to subtly submit to him in their daily interactions. Excitement ensues when Chaz invites Lily to his art show, and her alluring outfit sparks passionate moments between them.


Her Secret Billionaire Roommate by Bree Livingston

Bestselling author Olivia Weber’s future hangs in the balance, her overdue book putting her publisher’s plans at risk.

Sent on a creative retreat to a Montana cabin, she stumbles into a surprise guest, Gabriel Saxon, billionaire CEO of Saxon Publishing. What starts as an unexpected encounter turns into a stranded coexistence due to an impending snowstorm.

Her Secret Billionaire Roommate is a clean roommate-to-lovers romance with a blend of unexpected romance, a battle of hidden identities, and the warmth of love kindled in the midst of a wintry landscape.

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The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas  

Up next is a slow-burn, roommate romance The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas

Rosie’s secret romance writing career faces a block, until Lucas, her Instagram crush, enters her life. A ceiling collapse leads to shared living, and a daring experiment ensues a series of dates to ignite her inspiration. Amidst cultural collisions and genuine connection, this short, sweet read explores how love and inspiration can bloom unexpectedly.


Roomies by Christina Lauren 

Christina Lauren’s Roomies is a marriage of convenience romance set against the backdrop of New York City’s bustling streets. 

Holland Bakker finds herself irresistibly drawn to a talented street musician she encounters daily. Fate intervenes when she’s rescued by Calvin McLoughlin, a charming stranger who vanishes before she can properly thank him. Armed with the desire to help him, she secures an audition with her Broadway mogul uncle, unaware that Calvin’s visa has expired, throwing a wrench into his dreams.

An unexpected twist leads Holland to impulsively marry Calvin, a secret that she keeps from him. As their relationship deepens amidst the glittering world of Broadway, they discover that their feelings are more than infatuation. Amidst the drama and pretense of the theater, they both come to realize that authenticity is far more powerful than any performance.

Roomies is a spellbinding tale of serendipity, love, and taking chances. 


The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary 

Beth O’Leary’s bestselling novel, The Flatshare is a quirky adventure featuring Tiffy and Leon, who are about to embark on an unconventional living arrangement. 

Tiffy urgently needs an affordable place to stay, while Leon, who works night shifts, requires some extra income. Their solution? Sharing not just a flat, but a bed – all without ever meeting face-to-face. 

As the story unfolds, you’ll dive into their delightful world filled with quirky circumstances, meddling exes, demanding jobs, and the unexpected challenges of sharing a life without ever being in the same room. 


The Right Move by Liz Tomforde

Ryan, the charismatic Captain of the Chicago Devils, is suddenly faced with a predicament when he’s labeled an unapproachable loner by the team’s GM. 

Enter Indy, his sister’s vivacious best friend, who becomes the solution to his problem. 

What starts as a pretend relationship soon blurs the lines between reality and pretense. 

As they navigate their charade, feelings intensify, and the chemistry between them becomes undeniable. Indy’s participation isn’t one-sided either; with an upcoming wedding and an ex-boyfriend in the mix, she finds herself caught in a web of emotions. 

The Right Move  is a roommate romance that beautifully explores the complexities of relationships, the clash between fake and genuine feelings. 

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Wasted Words  by Staci Hart

Wasted Words is a delightful rom-com featuring an unexpected pairing: Tyler Knight and Cam Emerson. 

Cam’s convinced that Tyler, the handsome ex-tight end, is worlds apart from her flannel-clad, bookish world. 

She shelves him with unattainable celebrities, while she occupies her own cozy corner as a book barista at Wasted Words. Tyler, ever the optimist, sees a different story. His career twist led him to Cam, his stunningly unaware roommate. Despite her insistence on boundaries, Tyler senses a connection that transcends her lines. 

This modern-day Austen-inspired tale, Wasted Words is a charming exploration of unlikely matches, witty banter, and the universal truth that love can rewrite even the most stubborn narratives.


My Best Friend’s Ex by Meghan Quinn 

My Best Friend’s Ex is a small-town, roommates-to-lovers romance that will put you into a good mood instantly.  It follows the spunky protagonist Emma who is currently given two choices in life either to embrace a cardboard abode or shack up with the alluring Tucker Jameson. 

She chooses the latter, which seems harmless, considering Tucker is a good friend who’s nursing a broken heart. 

With a focus on finishing her nursing degree and Tucker hung up on his ex, the last semester appears straightforward. 

But she couldn’t be further from the truth.

From rules to tantalizing dinners, their camaraderie takes an unexpected turn. 

Quinn masterfully weaves a tale where roommates turn irresistible, secrets surface under black briefs, and longing builds to a crescendo. 


Beyond What Is Given by Rebecca Yarros

Get ready to dive into Beyond What Is Given by Rebecca Yarros – a fiery romance that sizzles with chemistry! 

Lt Grayson Masters is a determined student in the Apache helicopter course, and his roommate is a stunningly distracting Samantha Fitzgerald.

 Their clash of personalities sparks off the pages, as Sam’s boldness chips away at Grayson’s defenses. As they unravel each other’s secrets, they find themselves falling for one another – a love they can’t afford. 

With a dash of humor and a twist of fate, Beyond What Is Given is a rollercoaster of emotions that explores love’s complexities in the midst of life’s turmoil.


Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

Blurred Lines is a friends-to-lovers roommate romance perfect for fans of Alice Clayton and Emma Chase. 

You follow Parker Blanton and Ben Olsen, whose instantaneous connection during college evolves into a deep, platonic friendship. 

Sharing an apartment in Portland, they’re content in their adult lives. However, when Parker’s relationship crumbles unexpectedly, her curiosity about Ben’s casual approach to dating takes a turn. Their experimentation with casual sex shifts the dynamics, leading them down an unexpected path.

The arrangement seems ideal – sensational physical chemistry coupled with unwavering friendship. Yet, complications arise when possessiveness and jealousy intrude, putting their bond to the test. 

Blurred Lines is a thrilling exploration of love, desire, and the unforeseen consequences of taking risks. 


Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood 

From the author of Love Hypothesis comes a sizzling roommate romance chemistry in which science and attraction collide in the most unexpected ways. 

In Under One Roof, you meet Mara, an environmental engineer, who finds herself living with her nemesis, the infuriatingly hot Liam, a big-oil lawyer.

As the two navigate the dynamics of sharing a space, they discover each other’s quirks and layers. While their initial interactions are tense, proximity brings understanding and unexpected emotions to the surface.

In Under One Roofexplores the balance between irritation and attraction, showcasing how love and science can intertwine in the most surprising and delightful ways.


The Roommate Situation by Katie Bailey 

Get ready to laugh and swoon in The Roommate Situation by Katie Bailey.

 Meet the irresistible Conor Brady, a premier house flipper, who’s become the unexpected roommate of 28-year-old Jess. 

 After a string of misfortunes, she flees to her brother’s home in Atlanta, only to discover that her brother’s away and Conor has taken over the spare bedroom.

As hilarious situations ensue and undeniable chemistry sparks, Jess finds herself in a predicament. Conor might be off-limits for a million reasons, but the attraction between them refuses to be ignored.

The Roommate Situation is a  roommate lover story and also one of the swoon-worthy romance audiobooks


Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon 

 Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon follows Dr. Sloan Copeland after a difficult divorce and a cross-country move, Sloan is left without a caregiver for her kids. 

When Rafe Whitcomb enters the scene, he’s not only an exceptional caretaker but also a culinary wizard, ruggedly handsome with a bearded charm.

As Rafe becomes an integral part of their lives, sparks ignite between Sloan and him, building an undeniable connection. The story unfolds with warmth and humor, as they navigate the challenges of single parenthood, burgeoning attraction, and a shared home.

Rafe is a standalone romance that epitomizes fluffy goodness and low-angst delight. Featuring a charismatic, tattooed ginger hero who excels at both child-wrangling and baking. 


Share You by Rene Folsom

This roommate romance novel is all about hot sexual ménage à trois between a young couple and their hot new tenant.

Kelli’s life journey uncovers a vibrant truth: desires mold destinies and negativity has no place in genuine happiness. Her unwavering determination sets the stage for a story that ignites on a scorching summer day. 

Enter Nick, her husband, suggesting they rent a room in order to make ends meet. Kel knew it was the only way they could continue to afford their lovely home.

After several grueling tenant interviews, they finally rented the room to the sexy, long-legged blonde, causing Kelli to reassess what she really wanted.


Rounds by Nikki Castle 

5 Rounds is an enemies-to-lovers sports Romance by Nikki Castle, where sparks fly between Remy and Tristan, two forces of nature with nothing but friction between them. 

When eviction strikes, Remy finds herself reluctantly bunking at her friend’s place, where his self-assured roommate, Tristan, resides.

The tension between them is palpable, as Remy battles her distaste for the cocky MMA fighter. What follows is a clash of personalities as they navigate living under the same roof. Their witty banter and undeniable chemistry set the stage for a compelling story of hidden feelings and vulnerability.

In 5 Rounds Remy and Tristan’s journey from animosity to something much deeper will keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to witness their transformation from rivals to lovers.

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The Co-op by Tarah DeWitt

“Love and construction don’t mix” is the mantra, and for LaRynn Lavigne and Deacon Leeds, hate and construction seem equally doomed. 

Their fiery teenage fling was far from a solid start, but fate weaves a twist when they inherit a crumbling Santa Cruz building together, binding their futures.

Struggling with the mess, they concoct a unique plan: LaRynn, with the funds but a marriage requirement, and Deacon, with construction skills but lacking finances, agree to a temporary marriage. The goal? Fix the property, turn a profit, and move on.

As they navigate walls both literal and emotional, they realize that hiding behind defenses becomes difficult when sharing a home without barriers.

Tarah DeWitt’s The Co-op is a riveting story of enemies-turned-reluctant-partners, where personal growth and understanding intertwine with romance in the most unexpected way.


Like Lovers Do by Tracey Livesay 

Join the heartwarming journey in Tracey Livesay’s Like Lovers Do, where faking it leads to something real. 

Dr. Nicole Allen, a dedicated surgeon with a difficult past, faces a dilemma when her career hangs in the balance after disciplining a donor’s son. Benjamin Reed Van Mont, the family rebel, runs his own business and isn’t ready to settle down. A proposal for a faux romance unfolds when Nic suggests they pretend to be a couple on Martha’s Vineyard in exchange for his family’s help to save her fellowship.

Like Lovers Do is a touching addition to the Girls Trip series that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you rooting for Nic and Ben’s journey from pretense to something undeniably genuine.


When in Rome by Sarah Adams

This popular small-town romance book is all about opposites colliding in the most charming way. 

Burned-out pop star Amelia Rose seeks a break from fame, mirroring Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday, but winds up in Rome, Kentucky.

 Noah Walker, a no-nonsense pie shop owner, finds Amelia stranded and reluctantly offers his help. As he gradually discovers the real person behind the celebrity facade, a connection blooms that neither could have anticipated.

When in Rome is one such roommate-to-lovers romance book that brings together fun love, and the good vibes of small towns. 


Untouchable by Talia Hibbert 

Dive into the captivating world of Untouchable by Talia Hibbert, where sensibility collides with unexpected desire. Hannah Kabbah’s impeccable reputation as a nanny crumbles with one colossal mistake, leaving her career in ruins. Only Nathaniel Davis, a brooding widower with two unruly children, is willing to give her a chance. As prim Hannah steps into Nate’s household, their undeniable attraction makes her job much more complicated.

Nate struggles to resist the allure of his live-in nanny, despite their differing backgrounds. Their connection grows stronger with every stolen glance and late-night rendezvous. 

Untouchable is a  tale of temptation, vulnerability, and the power of love against all odds. 


Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur  

Now, you wouldn’t want to miss this hot and steamy romance that will be swept off your feet.

 Count Your Lucky Stars is the latest queer rom-com by national bestselling author Alexandria Bellefleur. 

The protagonist Margot Cooper has a no-strings-attached rule when it comes to love, having sworn off relationships after a messy past. 

Destiny takes a playful twist when, during a wedding venue tour, she crosses paths with Olivia Grant – her childhood companion, first love, and the one who got away. A decade apart hasn’t dimmed their connection, and sparks reignite instantly.

As fate entangles them further, Margot’s spare room becomes Olivia’s refuge, igniting old flames and new possibilities. 

Count Your Lucky Stars is a heartwarming tale of second chances, rekindled romance, and the potential for love to rewrite the past. 

With Bellefleur’s signature blend of steamy chemistry and sexual tension, Margot and Olivia’s journey promises laughter, longing, and a shot at happiness.


Hook Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey 

If you are looking for a fun and delightful roommate romance book, Hook Line and Sinker by Tessa Bailey is a great choice. 

It’s the story of the charming and carefree King crab fisherman, Fox Thornton. 

Known for his flirty ways, Fox’s reputation takes a twist when he encounters the one woman who isn’t swept away by his charm – Hannah Bellinger. But here’s the kicker: she actually enjoys his personality. The pair decides to keep it platonic, with Hannah even seeking Fox’s expertise to win over a coworker.

Hook Line and Sinker is a  tantalizing rom-com sequel to It Happened One Summer. 

It promises a sweet and hilarious ride as it navigates the fine line between friendship and love.


The Chase by Elle Kennedy 

Chase is an enemies-to-lovers sports romance sexy standalone novel by the New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy. 

Meet Colin Fitzgerald, the tattooed, hockey-loving nerd-jock with an uncanny ability to set your heart racing.  Fate plays its hand as Summer and Colin become roommates, throwing her into a whirlwind of emotions.

With a dash of humor, Summer navigates this maze, juggling college drama, questionable professors, and a future that’s as unpredictable as her feelings. 

The Chase by Elle Kennedy is a rollercoaster of flirty tension and self-discovery that’ll leave you grinning and cheering for love to find its way.


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