22 Steamy Books Like Anna Todd’s “After” You Should Read Immediately

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Books like After

It was in 2013 that author Anna Todd began writing the After Series in the Wattpad. Since then the novel has reached more than two billion readers on the platform! 

Once published, After became a worldwide phenomenon book series! As well as the New York Times bestselling series. The series has been translated into 35 different languages and has sold more than 15 million copies.  

The story follows Tessa Young who is smart and ambitious young girl. She has a boyfriend at home. She always preferred to live an easy life. But when she meets the handsome hunk Hardin Scott with a sexy British accent and tattoos in the college, she is intrigued by his uniqueness. But Hardin has never been friendly or warm towards her. In fact he is often rude and mean. Yet she wants to discover the real Hardin Scott. She wants to know whether this spark is real and worth fighting for. 

Anna Todd’s After is the most talked-about book of hers. The romance novel offers a unique reading experience. You’ll be intrigued by the spark between Tessa and Hardin for sure. Even if you’ve read the Wattapad version of Anna Todd’s YA novel, you shouldn’t miss the printed version of the novel. After is an easy read that presents a simple story in the most remarkable way. 

And if you’ve already love reading this young adult romance book, and looking for similar books like After, you’ll love this post. 

This post features 22 unforgettable love stories like After. You’ll be delighted to know that the books in the list are similar to the After series in so many ways. 

Fans of Anna Todd’s After can enjoy emotional romance novels packed with unforgettable characters. You’ll fall in love with so many romantic pairs who have the same hot chemistry as Tessa and Hardin. 

More books to read after After

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

In this addictive, intense love story, Abby Abernathy finds her dreams contested by an encounter with Travis Maddox, the handsome hunk at her university.

When Abby resists his charms, Travis cannot resist digging his claws into her and tricks her into his life with a bet. The consequences are simple; if Travis loses, he cannot be with her for a month, if Abby loses, she has to spend that month living in Travis’ apartment. Could this be an unlikely match made in Heaven? Or is Travis’ obsession too great for anything real to happen?

Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster is a perfect college romance if you’re looking for books like After. Just like Tessa, Abby instantly falls in love with the irresistible bad boy, Travis Maddox. 


Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden-Mills

In the list of best books to read after Anna Todd’s After, next comes a highly emotional dark romance novel that is just as beautifully written as the After series. 

Ava hates the Camden Prep Sharks. They’re rich, popular, and pompous. In other words, they’re everything she hates, especially after one of them ripped her world apart. However, things get complicated when Ava receives a love letter from one of the Sharks and is left wondering exactly which of them is harboring feelings for her. Could it be Knox, the weak quarterback? Or maybe his equally uninteresting brother, Dane? Or, horrifyingly, what if it comes from her ex, Chance?

Ilsa Madden-Mills’ dark romance novel delves into heavy topics and takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as they follow Ava on a tough, unique journey whilst she seeks to answer a hard question: Can enemies become lovers?

If you want to read captivating young adult books like After, get this book immediately! 


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

This bestselling romance series follows the life of hopeless romantic Lara Jean who keeps a very special kind of memoir, love letters.

Cute and normal, you might think, well, that would be the case if these were letters from one lovebird to another. In Lara’s case, however, every letter kept in her hatbox is one for every different boy she’s loved. It’s easier to put feelings into writing than to say them, hence why Lara pours her heart out through pen and paper.

And the best part? The letters are for her eyes only. The only problem is, however, the day comes when she mails them, and suddenly a great many more eyes have their sights on her undeclared words.

Spicy and steamy new adult romance book series like After can absolutely take your breath away. And To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is no way different. So add Jenny Han’s novel in the list of recommended books similar to After.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is an easy to read romance with many feel-good moments. 


Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Just inches away from securing a promising career and an MBA, the intelligent and dedicated Chloe Mills is forced to make a tough decision. Until now, she’d been able to keep her future and her attraction to her handsome – yet atrocious – beautiful bastard of a boss, Bennett Ryan.

However, the time has come, and to get what she wants, she’ll have to break her vow of ignoring him and simply getting on with her job to secure a successful future. In Bennett’s world, he’s been doing the same thing, ignoring his beautiful, irresistible assistant, Chloe. Despite his cold exterior, Bennett has an unspoken soft spot for his assistant and is willing to break his own rules to have her.

Luckily for him, Chloe is willing to break her vow. The question is, just how deep will this hot office fling cut? Are they both willing to risk their careers and futures for each other?

If you love reading romance book series similar to After for the sizzling hot chemistry of characters, you should definitely get Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Bastard.

Just like Anna Todd’s novel, the book is filled with passionate and steamy romance. 


Lost & Found by Nicole Williams

Similar to Anna Todd’s After, Lost & Found  is a realistic story that will make you blush throughout. 

Rowen Sterling lives a painful life. For five years, she’s eased that pain with the company of boys, alcohol and general laziness and dismissiveness. But now, high school is long gone. Rowen finds herself headed to her dream art school thanks to her mother taking on the tuition fees… But only if she works hard at the Willow Springs Ranch over summer.

It sounds like a ‘lovely’ summer vacation; cracking eggs for breakfast every sunrise, mucking out the horse stalls, and stepping into the life of Jesse Walker. Wait, who? The heartthrob wannabe cowboy throws a curveball into Rowen’s life and turns her head right to him. The problem is, thanks to her past pain, Rowen knows there’s only one way this kind of story ends; and it’s not happy. She tries her best to stop being attracted to him, though the harder she tries to convince herself, the less won over she is by her own resolve.

The dark secrets of Rowen’s past would always have to come to light someday. Perhaps this summer will be that long-dreaded day for her as she is forced to reckon with what happened to her. Lost & Found is a must-read book to add in the catalogue of books to read like After.  


Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Narrated by Jill Redfield, Sylvia Day’s best selling book explores the road on which Gideon Cross and the head-over-heels-for-him protagonist meet each other.

Their love story will reveal much about both of them, including the revelation that Gideon too has his own demons; such ghosts reflect our protagonist’s own trauma right back at her. But there’s more to that reflection than just misery; there’s also desire and temptation. Our protagonist finds themselves starving for Gideon’s love and soon becomes addicted and obsessed with it. What effect will the lovers’ tormented pasts have on them both? Will it serve to be a bonding experience? Or will it be too great for them to make a go of anything?

If you’ve loved the emotional punch that romance books like After  has, grab this book. 

This powerful novel is a riveting drama that everyone should read. 


It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is known for her scorching love scenes, and compelling story lines. Which is why I think Hoover’s book is quite similar to Anna Todd’s After series.

Like the YA novel After Hoover’s It Ends With Us, it has many layers that narrate the darker side of love.

There’s two sides to every love story, and there’s no better author than Colleen Hoover to explore both sides of a relationship. In this case, there’s Lily and then there’s Ryle. Lily’s the girl who has always kept going and never let her hard life hold her back from anything. She grew up in a small town, though her personality and resolve are anything but. She graduated college and upended her life to Boston.

Now, after standing tall through all her trials and tribulations, she’s proud to be running her own business.Ryle, just like Lily, is determined and dedicated.Well, perhaps ‘stubborn’ is the better term. He’s slightly arrogant, but that ego is brought down by his sensitive side. He’s a neurosurgeon and, just like Lily, has done extremely well with his life. Sparks fly when Ryle and Lily meet.

For Lily, it seems too good to be true, for Ryle, he’s willing to break his ‘no dating’ rule for her, but neither of them seems to know exactly why that is. Things then go from confusing to complicated when, alongside Ryle’s romantic confusion, Lily becomes plagued with thoughts of Atlas Corrigan, her first love. And his unexpected appearance to her life once again.


Him by Sarina Bowen

In Sarina Bowen’s book, Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley, two very dear former friends, are dragged into questions of boundaries and self-discovery.

Four years ago, something very ‘unexpected’ happened between them that drove them apart; it was just some drunk fun, what harm could it have caused? As for Ryan, forcing his straight friend into a bet that seriously strained their friendship remains the biggest regret of his life. Now, after all this time, at the national championship, it’s time for them to confront each other, giving Jamie the chance to ask questions and Ryan the chance to apologise.

Of course, the chemistry between the two old friends is too much to keep at bay, and inevitably, they end up right back where they were four years ago. Could one more night of sex really do any more harm than already has been done to them? Never mind that, how about six entire weeks? After all, that’s how long they’re going to have to be around each other for now that they’re both coaching together at the same summer camp.

Him is a steamy and enchanting MM romance novel that narrates the clever and sweet love story. If you’re looking for stories similar to After, Sarina Bowen’s Him is a great book to read. 


Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame

Next in the list of novels similar to After comes a forbidden love story with complex characters.

Eden Munro takes a chance on her estranged father and heads out on vacation with him to Santa Monica, California. What she hadn’t realised, however, was that she was taking a chance on more than just her father by going on this holiday; she meets his new family, which includes three stepbrothers for her.

The eldest brother, Tyler Bruce, quickly takes a liking to his new stepsister and Eden is welcomed into his friend group. Not before long, however, things get messy, as with each new experience that Tyler shows Eden, the more she fails to resist the fact that she is falling for him.

This mad, mad world of romance and confusion gets even more complicated when Eden meets Tyler’s obsessive girlfriend as well as a guy who gets in between her and her stepbrother, determined to win her heart. The story of this young girl has so many dark layers. 


Lethal by Cassandra Robbins

Cassandra Robbins takes us on a long story of streets and secrets; this is the life of Blade McCormick.

The first thing you need to know about Blade is probably the easiest to comprehend: He’s a bad man. Blade is a very stereotypical criminal, all smoke and leather and always acting off his high testosterone levels. But this story’s not all about him, no. There’s also Eve, the girl who can tell Blade is nothing but trouble right from ‘Hello’. Regardless, Blade still manages to worm his way towards her lips. The touch of the skin, the hot, wet kiss – That’s all it takes.

The thing is, Eve’s not exactly a good woman either. Has the big bad motorcycle gang boss finally met his match? There’s certainly fear and tension in the air, though just who is afraid of who exactly?

The book has everything that you will look for in a steamy romance book: secrets, heartache, and passion. 


Promise Me by Ashlee Rose

Ashlee Rose’s mature novel features hot and sexy scenarios that keep the reader engaged and flushed throughout.

This hot romance has two sides: Conor’s side and Darcey’s side. Conor once promised his dear friend that he wouldn’t go anywhere near his sister, and promises were everything in that friendship… But the temptation was too strong. Conor gave into his desires and took a bite of the forbidden fruit; the forbidden fruit known otherwise as Darcey Sawyer. He’s waited four years, but at last, Connor can finally have the queen to his king. As for Darcey, she’s always had the hots for her older brother’s best friend. He was everything that she shouldn’t want in one boy.

The queen had to play the long game, but finally, she could sink her claws into her king. The question is, what will happen to their ‘kingdom’ when their mutual connection finds out?

Promise Me will take you on an emotional roller coaster similar to Anna Todd’s After series. 

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Manwhore by Katy Evans

Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint; contrary to his last name, he’s quite the sinner. Each party he holds raises hell, and if the seven deadly sins were a person, he was greedy. He’s got everything any man could want; women throwing eyes at him everywhere he turned and more money to spend than he knew what to do with – Perhaps he made the true deal with the devil. Just what exactly is the deal with this guy?

Our curious protagonist is assigned to investigate Malcolm and what she finds could change her career forever and make her the hotshot in the journalism industry. What secrets does he keep? What makes him just so fortunate and privileged? One thing’s for sure, our protagonist’s life will be changed forever as she errs closer and closer to the truth. The headline question? Why does ‘Saint’ make her want to sin?

If you’re a fan of billionaire alpha male romance novels with fascinating personalities you are in for a treat. Not only that, did I mention that Manwhore is just as intriguing and enigmatic as Anna Todd’s steamy novel After. 


The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

The Sweetest Oblivion is a mafia romance that follows the sweet and likeable heroine Elena.

She’s charming and has a loveable answer to everything. The world she lives in is far from romantic, but a romantic she is nonetheless; she’s a true mafia principessa. Elena soon meets Nicolas Russo, the man to whom her sister is arranged to marry. He’s got quite the reputation, even within the mafia. However, it takes not even one encounter for Elena to learn that her soon-to-be-brother-in-law is actually a total ass.

Despite the sharp eyes and handsome looks he throws, he’s a horrible, rude, and unlikable person. She doesn’t like a single thing about him. So why does her heart pound each time they meet? On the outside, Elena is still Sweet Abelli, but on the inside, she’s something far sourer. Escaping one scandal is hard enough, so how will Elena cope with getting involved in a scandal that hits even closer to home?

The forbidden romance is forbidden for a reason, but chemistry is far stronger than any unspoken rule. Elena from The Sweetest Oblivion and Tessa from Anna Todd’s After certainly have many things common.

So if you’re looking for books like After which feature sizzling chemistry and hot hero, get this book. 


Praise by Sara Cate

Emerson Grant knows exactly what to say and do to win a woman over. He tells her how perfect she is. He tells her that she’s his good girl, that she’s worthy of his praise, that she is his; and she loves it.

Emerson has our protagonist wrapped around his finger when she takes on a new job under him and soon has her doing things that don’t quite fit the secretary job description. Despite all the heat and steam, however, there’s still a multitude of reasons as to why this office romance is so wrong. First and foremost, Emerson is the father of our protagonist’s ex-boyfriend. He’s also twice her age and is the owner of a dodgy players’ club.

Yet still, she only wants to hear one thing; his approval. Emerson also only wants one thing; for her to be his. How far will the pair go to get what they want from each other?

Praise is a forbidden romance novel with a unique writing voice that I would highly recommend reading upon finishing After series. 


Begin Again by Mona Kasten

Allie Harper has one wish: To start over again. When she moves to Woodshill for her studies, she feels that maybe she has the fresh start she desired.

However, when she ends up flat-sharing with arrogant, hot-headed Kaden White, it seems her dream has been shattered. At first, it seems as if they’ll never get along. Then, as the dust settles down, Allie realises that Kaden wears a mask and that there may be more to him than she had initially imagined. What’s that tingling sensation she feels around him? Mona Kasten’s first book in the The Again Series is definitely worth adding in the list of book series similar to After .

The book is so well-written that you’ll find yourself falling in love with the story from page one.  


Love Me Never by Sara Wolf

The first book in the New York Times Lovely Vicious series is witty and dark and ideal for anyone who loves books like the After series.

Just like Tessa and Hardin, Isis & Jack are fascinating characters. 17-year-old Isis Blake has steered clear of love and romance for more than three years now. Since that fateful day, everything about her has changed. She’s 85-pounds lighter than she was back then and now has four rebellious purple streaks in her hair. As she starts her new school, she quickly learns that the rest of the girls yearn for one thing; Jack Hunter.

He’s as cold as ice and has never been out with anyone from the school, yet  he’s got heads turning down every corridor. He’s unbothered, but then, Isis punches him in the face. The game is on, but what’s the prize?


The Words by Ashley Jade

If you are in search of books like Anna Todd’s After that you can finish in one sitting, The Words by Ashley Jade is a good book to start.

Ashley Jade has crafted a second chance rock star romance novel that tells the incredible story of love and loss. 

I was just an awkward, introverted geek that no one gave a second thought. Or at least, if they did, it was thoughts of hatred and pity. He was the bad boy heartthrob that every girl swooned for; he was also extremely talented. I was just a waste of space, doing nothing but existing and never succeeding.

He was space itself; he was everywhere in everyone’s minds, eyes, and mouths. It was his destiny to be a star, but I was fated to burn out and fade away. I thought things were like this until he told me I was special… Then he broke my heart and I realised I was right. Now, Phoenix Walker is going on tour. So, I have forty separate chances to get back to him… He wants to be a star, so I’ll make him burn like one.

The Words has received rave reviews from book lovers around the world, so get the book ASAP. 


Flock by Kate Stewart

Next in the list is another unputdownable book that narrates a captivating love story for all ages.

You will be thoroughly absorbed in the novel throughout which is why I recommend adding Kate Stewart’s novel in the list of romance books like After.

As a kid, I believed that true love requires sacrifice. As you can imagine, that put a real strain on all my romances in my younger years. I so very strongly believed the idea that I turned so many loveable, bright red hearts into something dark and miserable. Jump to the future and to Triple Falls. It’s not at all what I had expected, but it’s not the worst, nor are the men there. I was in on their secrets, and foolishly, I thought that meant I could trust them. I was wrong, sorely wrong. Now, I’m convinced I made the story of sacrificed-required love real by my own accord. 


Bully by Penelope Douglas

There are so many reasons to love Anna Todd’s novel After or books like the After series.

Not only do they tell painfully beautiful stories but also illustrate many themes like love, abuse, forgiveness. Penelope Douglas’ Bully is one such book. Which is why I think you should read the book without a second thought. 

My name doesn’t matter. I only care about what ‘he’ calls me … The thing is, he doesn’t call me anything. He doesn’t even have a nickname for me. He hardly even speaks to me, actually. Yet for some reason, he’s still always there. Like he just won’t leave me alone. He ruined my life, he’s made me humiliated and shut out all through high school. The worst part about all of that is that we were friends once upon a time… I’m done wallowing and hiding. Now, it’s time to face the music. He’s already taken enough of my high school years from me and I won’t let him take this last one…


Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

Talia Hibberts’s novel is an instant New York Times Bestseller that follows the chaotic heroine Eve Brown and her complicated situation after she ruins a wedding and is forced to grow up by her parents; the only problem is, she doesn’t know where to start.

Oh, there’s also the uptight understaffed bed and breakfast owner Jacob Wayne; a man who has no regard for anyone but himself. Following an unfortunate car ‘accident’, Jacob’s arm is broken, adding to his ever-growing list of problems. Before long, Eve really has grown up and has infiltrated Jacob’s business as well as his spare bedroom. Strong feelings of hatred have arisen between Jacob and Eve, though all it takes is the flick of one switch for such intense feelings to be something different.

This enemies-to-lovers novel is a heartwarming book to read if you are in search of books like After. 


Wait For You by Jennifer L. Armentrout

In this list of College romance books like After you will come across many heroines who intentionally ignore their attraction towards the bad boys.

In Jennifer L. Armentrout’s novel Wait For You, 19-year-old Avery Morgansten’s instant attraction towards Hamilton will surely remind you of Tessa and Hardin.

Avery is still haunted by what happened at the Halloween party five years ago. Her life has changed forever, and now, in order to reorganise her life and get herself in gear, she has to travel thousands of miles to a brand-new college.

She’s not asking for much, just a pleasant class and maybe even a few friends… But she soon gets more than she bargained for when she captures the attention of a guy who could bulldoze her future; Cameron Hamilton, the six-foot three-inch walking heartthrob. Avery tries to ignore him, but the tension and chemistry silently rises to an unavoidable point.

Wait For You is another addictive New Adult story to read after Anna Todd’s After. 


Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

There’s three rules: Boys lie to have their own way with you, a boy who says “I love you” is lying and cannot be trusted, and boys from south Fairfield can never, ever be trusted. At least, that’s what Nikki Cruz has taught herself.

At a wedding, however, she meets Luis. She struggles to resist him, there’s ‘something’ there, but the problem is, he breaks all of her rules. Luis Fuentes, unlike his brothers, has always kept a distance from gang life. He’s taken risks, sure, but he’s got a spirit of adventure and strives to take his life in the right direction. Will Luis choose Nikki? Or will he finally be dragged into his family’s dark, violent world?  The third book in A Perfect Chemistry is  quite similar to the After series in many ways.

First of all, the book is an utterly absorbing read with plenty of hot scenes.  Like the heroine Tessa from After, Nikki Cruz is charmed by the bad boy and tempted to break every rule.


There you have the list of unputdownable romance books like After

Here are two more recommended book series like After that deserve honourable mentions – The Miles High Club series by TL Swan and The Wolf Hotel series by KA Tucker.

Now that you’ve got many books to read once you finish After series, which book are you most excited to read?

Let me know in the comments!


More books to read after Anna Todd’s After

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