11 Best Gifts for Colleen Hoover Fans

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Here are the best gift ideas for Colleen Hoover fans. Wonderful gift recommendations that any CoHo fan would absolutely adore!

It Ends With Us, published by Atria Books in 2016, is the first book I have read by Colleen Hoover.  When I read last year, I remember It absolutely broke my heart and like USA Today described, It was a glorious and touching read. You can read my review of It Ends With Us.

Like many, I have discovered the book through social media. And when I still see many bookstagrammers still recommending the book, you can imagine the impact that book has still. I definitely think It Ends With Us has contributed to having honest conversations about domestic abuse.

Also, I gifted myself a special edition of It Ends With Us and officially became a Coho fan. And now all I want to do is to devour Hovver’s entire book lists! 

For now, explore the best gifts that any Coho fan would love.

Little Miss Obsessed-With Colleen Hoover Bookish Book Lover T-Shirt

 If you are in search of a stylish and comfy t-shirt for  Colleen Hoover fans, little miss obsessed t-shirt would make a great gift. With its eye-catching design and a clear dedication to the beloved author, this shirt is sure to be an instant favorite among Colleen Hoover enthusiasts. Get this bookish tee ASAP for your book lover, best friend, or family member who is also a romance book reader. 


 Hoover Collage Ceramic Mug 

What better way to start the day than with a warm cup of coffee or tea in this beautifully crafted Colleen Hoover collage mug? Each sip will remind them of the unforgettable characters and heartwarming moments from Hoover’s novels. The high-quality ceramic mug is one of the best gifts for Hoover fans.

I absolutely loved the fact that the mug features the covers of my favorite COHO novels It Ends With Us and Confess and many more. Also, the flower petals make the mug even more aesthetically pleasing. 


COHO Book Sleeve

Whether you are a romance reader or a fan of author Colleen Hoover, this book sleeve is a must-have accessory. The stylish design and protective padding will keep their favorite books safe and snug while they’re on the go. Practical and expressive, this book sleeve is a perfect gift idea for a bookworm. 


It’s A Coho Thing Mug

This witty and charming Coho thing mug is an ideal gift for that die-hard Coho fan in your life who proudly considers themselves a Hoover enthusiast. There is something extraordinary about sipping from this mug that will make them feel connected to the author’s incredible literary world. Give them the gift of an inside joke only true fans can appreciate.


 Lily Bloom’s Floral Shop Sweatshirt

Lily Bloom and her flower shops were the most memorable things from the It Ends With Us novel.

So any Hoover fans who have read the novel would absolutely appreciate this elegant and comfortable sweatshirt with the It Ends With Us theme. With the subtle embroidered design inspired by Lily Bloom’s Floral Shop, sweatshirt brings the enchanting world of Hoover’s novels to life. This a great gift for readers who love CoHo romance novels. For some reason, I think it may also be a reminder of first loves. 


Lily Bloom’s Flower Shop Book Sleeve

Another bookish accessory for fans of Colleen Hoover’s beautiful love story. This Lily Bloom’s flower shop book sleeve  helps you showcase your love for Lily Bloom’s Floral Shop. Combining practicality and passion, this gift is a fantastic way for fans to carry their favorite books wherever they go, all the while displaying their devotion to Hoover’s captivating storytelling.


It Ends With Us Inspired Book Tote Bag

Let your bookish friend carry their love for Colleen Hoover’s books with them everywhere with this chic tote bag.

Featuring one of the most beautiful quotes from It Ends WIth Us , – You Can Stop Swimming, this book tote makes it an excellent gift for Colleen Hoover fans who want to make a literary statement while staying environmentally conscious. Perfect for trips to the bookstore or library, this tote bag will surely become their favorite accessory.


It’s a Hoover Thing You Wouldn’t Get It T-shirt 

Everyone loves Hoover’s writing that’s why Coho books are still in New York Times bestseller lists.  

So this clever and humorous T-shirt is tailor-made for those who understand the brilliance of Colleen Hoover’s writing. It’s an ideal gift for any fan who wants to show off their literary sense of humor and share their love for Hoover’s captivating novels in a fun and expressive way.


Colleen Hoover 3-Book Boxed Set

This beautiful boxed set of the best colleen hoover books with serious subject matter, Verity, It Ends with Us & Ugly Love This ultimate gift brings together three of her most compelling and emotionally charged novels. 


Colleen Hoover Inspired Book Sleeve

 Here is yet another exquisite book sleeve for Colleen Hoover fans.  This time the elegant design is inspired by Hoover’s novels. A delightful coho reader gift. Made with high-quality cloth, this book sleeve is waterproof. So along with your favorite book, you could also carry a reading journal or Kindle as well. 


 It Ends With Us Sticker, Lily Bloom Sticker

Featuring the most heartbreaking quote from It Ends With Us- It Stops Here With Me And You It Ends With Us, this vibrant sticker is perfect to embellish laptops and reading journals.  Perfect for fans who want to add a touch of their favorite author’s world to their belongings. 


There you have some great gift ideas for coho fans in your life.

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