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Gift ideas for writers

Looking for best presents for a writer in your life? Find best gift ideas for writers in the list below. These are super affordable and thoughtful. 

Whether you’re looking for great Christmas gift ideas for writers or want to get unique gifts for someone who loves to write, here are some creative gift ideas.

What’s a good gift for a writer?

There are lots of things you can gift a writer. Things such as  personalized journals, elegant desk accessories, books on writing. Basically gifts that motivate them to write more. 

When I say writers, I am also referring to authors, song writers, playwrights, screen writers, journalists, bloggers, copy writers, and journalists.

Essentially, individuals who engaged in writing. So I have included best gifts for writers that are unique and creative. Great ideas that will impress anyone who loves writing.

Whether you want to congratulate someone who just published a book, Or  want to get gifts for friends who love writing, you’ll be delighted to have found these best gifts for writers.

Writing Tablet  

Probably one of the more expensive gifts for writers on this list, a tablet is one of the best tech gifts for authors.

A tablet is light and compact, making it your perfect daily drive to carry with you everywhere and to jot down ideas when inspiration strikes!

When choosing a tablet, you should look for a fast processor, sufficient storage (256gb is recommended for future proofing, 128gb will do if you plan on using it in addition with cloud storage), long battery life and a high resolution display with pen support.

Which is why I have chosen Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Great gadget to help you write your stories. A fabulous gift for teen writers. 


Mechanical Keyboard

Whether you want to invest in a quality keyboard as a writing tool for yourself, or looking to give one to a young aspiring writer? Mechanical keyboards are known for a fabulous typing experience, so purchasing a modern IOS & PC friendly, wireless mechanical keyboard can transform any writers’ life!  


Writer Appreciation Gift for Women

This writers’ appreciation makeup bag is a gift for a girl who likes to write. Made from high-quality cotton and linen, this cosmetic bag is an environmentally-friendly present. The quotes, “Only the strongest women become writers” make it also a personalized gift, for sure. 


Novel Writing Ideas

Writing a book is harder than you think. As it requires quite a lot of brainstorming the idea, crafting the plot and characters, editing and rewriting.

Which is why gifting ‘writing ideas notebook’ will be a unique gift to a writer friend . The blank lined notebook with novel plotting prompts is a great tool for writers to organize their ideas and story plots.

The notebook has 15 white interior pages including instructions on how to make the most out of the book.

Want to know the best part? The notebook is  long enough to outline the plots of more than 12 novel ideas. 

That made me think: If you really want to help your writer friend with his/ her first bestselling novel, consider making a writer’ gift basket with these writing tools.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones are one of the best gadgets for writers. They avoid the distractions, but also help to concentrate effectively.

If you’re an aspiring writer who spends hours writing in a cafe or outdoors, noise cancelling headphones are life savers. These headphones come with multiple modes. It has about 40-Hour playtime. And the best part, it has got protein leather ear cups with memory foam which makes them the most comfortable piece of headphones. 


Owl Glass Spectacles 

This wooden eyeglass holder is a quirky gift for that author in your life.

This brilliant gift is a must-have for anyone who wears glasses. Crafted from 100% mango wood, this owl decor is a sturdy accessory for any writers’ desk.

Also have you noticed the grain pattern on the item, I think it absolutely adds depth and character to the piece. 


Typewriter Pencil Holder

Vintage typewriter pen holder would make a great gift for a talented writer in your life.

This nostalgic pen holder can easily hold pen and pencils. The item is made of polyresin and will be a fabulous desk accessory for a published writer or aspiring young writers. The gorgeous black colour makes the pencil holder a chic retro gift idea. 


Comfort Foot Rest

As writers spend hours sitting down to work, they often suffer from back pain or leg stiffness. Which is why gifting this comfort footrest will make you a caring friend.

Footrest gives good support for your body and increases blood circulation. Elevated footrest helps to lessen the pressure on joints and muscles. Thus writers can have a comfortable writing time.


Antique Style Letter Opener 

This antique style letter opener is a unique gift. Made through traditional techniques, this cast iron knife is a luxurious mail opener. Writers  can use this beautifully  polished rustic piece to open letters from publishers, friends or even fan mails. 


Books on Writing

Here are a few book gift ideas  for your writer friend. Books that can help with all aspects of writing and becoming a published authors

  • Published by Chandler Bolt : This book teaches aspiring authors everything about writing to publishing. This step-by-step guide describes everything from having the right mindset to the launch strategy.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

  • Stein On Writing by Sol Stein: This is a book for new writers. It teaches about plotting, characterization and everything in between.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

  • On Writing and Worldbuilding by Timothy Hickson : Like the title suggests, this book is about building a writer’s own literary world. From writing fight scenes and  first-person narration to hard and soft worldbuilding, this book is a must-have for anyone who dreams of becoming a writer.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON 

Author t-shirt 

Let the world know that you’re an author and it’s your superpower.

This simple yet stylish author t-shirt is a fun gift idea for anyone who just published a book. 100% cotton, a classic fit item is a great Christmas gift. If you’re not sure whether t-shirt is for you, you can have the same design on tank top,sweatshirt or even on iphone cover, check out the merchandise here


Book Lover’s Tea with Literary Quotes

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or creativity, starting your day with a steaming cup of the finest English Breakfast tea can give you the head start every day.

This tea comes with tea bags with literary quotes from around the world.

By the way, have you seen this elegant book lovers teacup and saucer set? I think this would be a great gift along with bookish tea bags. 


Fingerless Gloves

Writers love early hours of the day as they are less distraction. However, during the chilly winter season,  it’s not always fun to write with cold and stiff hands.

That’s why you should get these fingerless gloves, which are one of the useful and creative gifts for authors and novelists. It can keep your hands warm and working. Want to know the best part?

It features Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem, The Raven. 


Luxury Scented Candles

As a blogger I absolutely love scented candles. In fact, lighting a scented candle is one of my favroite pre-writing rituals.

These days I don’t hesitate to splurge on the best luxurious candles. So if you’re looking for best writer gifts, I highly recommend getting some scented candles that smell divine.

This jasmine & sandalwood candle is one such highly scented candle for writers. The woody and earthy smell of sandalwood is known to induce calmness and concentration. 


Writing themed Tote Bag

Wondering what to get for someone who loves to write? This minimalist tote  bag is an inexpensive and fun gift for your writer friend.

This reusable bag is also suitable for everyday errands. A classic present for a young writer in your life. 


Vintage Style Rustic Bookends

When it comes to writers and authors, they are constantly spending plenty of time writing as well as reading.

So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see most of them having a huge collection of books at their desk or at the home library.

Which is why I figured that decorative typewriter bookends would make amazing gifts for friends who love writing and reading. The rustic bookends are about 7 inches tall. A decor item for libraries or writing desks.  


Writing Desk with Drawers

Writers  have to at their desks  so gifting a comfortable writing space is a fabulous idea. The desk is crafted from engineered wood and provides remarkable strength and durability.

Timeless antique bronze makes it a dream desk for any writer. Aged maple writing desk is one of the luxurious gifts for aspiring novelists. 


Do Not Disturb Writer at Work Door Knob Hanger

The most challenging part of writing is to be able to avoid distractions.

And it’s not always possible to do so if you’re working from home. So I highly recommend this Do Not Disturb Writer at Work, door knob sign.

Easy to hang, retro style sign is also an inexpensive present for the writer friend. 


Typewriter Keychain

This typewriter themed keychain makes an inspiring  gift for the writer in your life. The cute little gift will remind any aspiring writer to sit down and pour their ideas.

The inspirational writing quote by Hemingway- ‘There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”,  is just the icing on the cake. 


William Shakespeare Luxury Gift Pen

Pens are always one of the best gifts for a writer, especially for novelists or playwrights ).

In fact, pens are actually useful gifts that writers will appreciate so much. They can carry them around all time and it even lasts for a very long time. So when I found this Shakespeare themed gift pen, I couldn’t help but list them among other gift ideas.

One of my all time favroite lines about writing is by Shakespeare, Write till your ink be dry, and with your tears moist it again, and frame some feeling line

That may discover such integrity.

This pen would make the best literary poetry gifts for writers and authors. It has got the most gorgeous mahogany Color.

Love Cool Shakespear themed gifts? Check this post ->23 Gifts for Shakespeare Lovers


Leather Journal Set 

If you are looking for an inexpensive gift for writers, without compromising on quality, consider getting this classy leather journal set.

The unique gift set includes a handmade leather journal, leather bookmark and an elegant pen. The rustic design and the soft leather make it a precious gift for aspiring authors and poets.

The long leather straps make sure to keep the notebook in place, which means you can travel with these antique notebooks worry-free. 


Handmade Antique Paper 

Are you in search of unique gifts for writers? Then grab these handmade antique papers.

These timeless and creative blank papers date back to 14th century artisans in India.

The best part about the gorgeous set of papers is that it has got a beautiful deckled edge and also it’s a great alternative for writing paper.

You will feel amazing to use a handmade paper to write your first draft of your novel. Since it’s a recycled cotton paper it is chemical-free and tree-free as well. 


Positive Affirmation Cards 

Just like any other career, to become a writer one needs to work really hard. Sometimes even harder, as it’s not always easy to find results of your hard work. Which might be also why many give up their aspiration to become a writer. So get these positive affirmation cards.

It would beone of the best, meaningful presents for a writer.  I highly recommend helping that young writer in your life  with these confidence building messages.

The messages make you believe in oneself. It also reminds why you are an awesome human


Writer Wall Art

This writer’s wall art would make an excellent gift for an upcoming writer.

Beautifully framed, ready to hang art piece is made of high quality canvas material and has a unique design that any writer would love to show it off on the home office wall.

I absolutely love the fact that the art print is of a typewriter, what better way to decorate a writer’s desk than a decorative typewriter wall art. 

Surprise your writer friend with vivid colour design canvas print with the  words “ A Writer Is a World Trapped In Person”.  


Ernest Hemingway Luxury Gift Pen

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most influential writers of all time. Most writers love his work and clearly have been influenced by him.

So it would mean a world to that novelist or journalists in your life if you give this luxury pen with Hemingway’s well-known quote about writing : In Order To Write About Life, First You Must Live It.

Want to know the best part?The pen also has Hemingway’s signature engraved! So you’re looking for personalized gifts for writers, this Ernest Hemingway luxury pen is a great choice. 


Personalized Writer Author Ornament Christmas

I would love it if someone has given me a personalized Christmas ornament this holiday season.

Having a customized piece on the Christmas tree definitely makes this festive season more charming.

So if you’re not yet to find the perfect Christmas present for your writer in your family, how about getting one personalized Christmas ornament?

Crafted from high quality durable material, the ornament includes a festive gold cord to make it super easy to hang on the Christmas tree.

This ornament is a fabulous gift for young writers, or upcoming bestselling authors as well. 

You might also want to look at this future writer ornament as well? How gorgeous is the colour!!


3D Moon Lamp

Writers often have to compromise on their sleep quite a lot,  especially if one feels more creative late at night. So one of the best gifts you can give that writer friend who is also a night owl , is this 3D Moon lamp.

This mood lighting not only gives an aesthetic vibe to the room decor, it’s also one of the creative gifts for authors. In fact, I also think that The LED moon lamp is  rather a symbolic gift for that writer in your life, indicating the loyal e companionship.  


Writer Heart Word Cloud Tee

The word “writer” is actually synonyms for so many words. Writer is someone who is involved in the act or writing, but he is also known as an author.

And of course, there are many types of writers, such as script writers, poets and so on.

This writer’s heart t-shirt actually sums up mostly everything about being a writer.  In fact it’s the jist of all the things that goes around  inside a writer’s brain.

So if you’re in search of  a fun gift idea for a writer, poet or a thinker, grab this quality cotton t-shirt with a cool design. 


Honourable mention:

Honestly, I wasn’t planning to include any coffee mugs in this Writers’ gifts ideas, but these gorgeous and creative mugs are too cute not to share.

Writer Coffee Mug– This ceramic storyteller mug is a beautiful ceramic mug for any writer’ morning coffee. 

Unicorn Mug– This unique mug is so precious. It kind of shows that writers can be fun and entertaining. 

Future Best Author– Perfect gift for a writer to give a boost to their dream of becoming a bestselling author.

Which of these unique writers’ gifts are your favorite? Let me know in the comments !

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