31 Unique Bookworm Gift Ideas For 2023

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Bookworm gifts ideas

Wondering what to gift the bookworm in your life? I can help you. I have gathered a list of unique bookish things that bookworms really appreciate. Choose the best present from these creative gift ideas for that reader in your life. 

So you have a bookworm in your life and you want to find unique and creative present.

But it’s a herculean task. Whether it’s a birthday , Valentine’s or  holiday present,  It’s not always easy to find the best bookworms gifts. 


First of all bookworms are always reading a book, whether it’s paper back, hard back or even a kindle.  So it’s not always easy to get a book that they haven’t read.

And secondly, bookworms are extremely picky when it comes to gifts that aren’t books. 

But don’t worry, I have some really great ideas for book lover gifts. Best things to get a bookworm includes antique bookends, book themed purse or even bookish apron. 

Sometimes personalized or customized bookworm accessories can also be a special gifts for bibliophiles.

I have created an ultimate bookwork guide, featuring thirty one of rare bookish gifts, so you don’t have to wrap your head around the task. 

Scroll, down below and choose the best gift that you think a book-loving bookworm would appreciate. You’ll be surprised to find many cheap bookish presents with top quality.

 It’s time to surprise the bookworm with 31 unique gifts! 

Decorative Wooden Bookends

I am a huge fan of unique bookends! They are perfect for bookworms with a large library. So if you’re looking to add some beautiful and functional additions to your shelves, then look no further.

Made of solid wood, these bookends are sturdy and are sure to last for years. Especially with their rustic appearance, they would look great among a collection of classic books.

Regardless of how many books in a row you need to keep upright, these bookends will be more than up for the challenge. Whether you’re into modern, farmhouse or contemporary style bookends, these decorative bookends tick all the boxes. 


Handmade Book Lover Bookmark

This unique and handmade bookmark is a clever gift for book lovers.

Featuring seven unique designs largely based on iconic literary characters, these bookmarks are handmade and beautifully crafted.

The bookmark has different characters’ feet that stick out of the pages of whatever book you’re reading, these bookmarks have a truly eye-catching effect. Whether you want the iconic ruby slippers of a wicked witch or the menacing claws of a dire wolf, these bookmarks have you covered.

Each bookmark is made out of polymer clay and hand-painted with acrylics. I don’t know about you, but I definitely think it’s one of the most special gifts for creative bookworms.


Antique Silver Dragon Bookmark

What’s better than a beautifully crafted metal bookmark? One that glows in the dark of course!

Featuring various designs including a butterfly, a dragon, and an owl, these bookmarks have a magical quality about them that would be perfect for any fantasy book lover.

The bookmarks are made of high-quality zinc alloy which is sure to last, and the beautiful designs are sure to impress. This is not to mention each bookmark comes in a sleek and elegant box, which makes it a perfect gift option.

Grab this unusual bookmark when you read fantasy novels like Eragon or Dragonriders of Pern.


Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

This unique flower vase is going can instantly transform any room. The ceramic vase adorned with gorgeous illustrations is a rare present for bookworm. People love gifting this items to book lovers as it’s a unique piece that can truly impress both lovers of books and flowers.

As this Ceramic Vase is a one of-a-kind gift, it would be a great Valentine’s day gift or birthday gift for sure!


Funny Book Club Stemless Wine Glass

These glasses are perfect for any book club, especially if you’re partial to having a glass of wine when discussing your latest reads.

Featuring the quote “when I think about books I touch my shelf”, any reader is sure to get a kick out of this glass. The text is completely etched onto the surface instead of being printed, so it’s sure to never fade off.

These high quality glasses are also dishwasher safe. And the best part is that these handmade glassware are carefully packaged, so that you are guaranteed to have a good product experience. 

By the way, if you’re looking for inexpensive book club gifts, check this post! ->19 Inexpensive Book Club Gift Ideas


The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book

Looking for an unusual gift for a book lover who just can’t get enough of true crime?

If so, The Ultimate Serial Killer Trivia Book will make a perfect gift for crime lovers. The book features all the facts and grisly details about some of the most notorious serial killers across history. Which is why I think these fascinating facts about infamous serial killers can surely impress even the most dedicated true crime fanatics.

Bear in mind that this book has some pretty dark subject matter, so it certainly won’t be for everybody!

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Book Themed Purse

Featuring some of the most iconic books of all time, these purses allow you to display your literary taste to the world at all times.

Made of high-quality vegan leather, these literary purses make it appear as if you’re storing your things inside a copy of your favorite book.

Whether you’re shopping for a fan of 1984, Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, or any other classics, you’ll be able to find a purse perfect for any book lover. This book shaped purse is going to be one of the best personalized gifts for readers. 


Unique Leaf Plant Gifts Bookmark

Another beautifully designed unique gift idea for bookworms. These golden leaf-shaped bookmarks would make a perfect little gift for booklovers and book clubs.

Since the set comes with six bookmarks, they would be a great simple choice to give out to each member of your book club. The hollow metal bookmarks include ginkgo leaves, maple leaves, four-leaf clovers, and more.

So there’s sure to be a design everybody will love. The bookmarks are also made of high-quality brass, so they’re going to last for a long time. No need to worry about rusting or fading.


Maya Angelou Book Quote Wall Art Decor

Maya Angelou is known for her unique writing style that has the power to inspire everyone. So if you’re looking for special presents for that Maya Angelou fan in your life, this book quote wall art is a great choice.

The artwork features one of the writer’s most impactful quotes. Featuring words to live by from the author, this quote explains the importance of living to lift up others.

The print is 8×10 and comes unframed, but would make an absolutely beautiful addition to the home decor of any literary enthusiast. If you know anybody who’s been touched by the writing of Maya Angelou, get this immediately! 


Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler with Straw

There’s nothing better than sitting down to read with a nice hot beverage, but what if you’re on the go?

Enter this insulated tumbler that features a lovely library design and the words “book lover”.

Promising to keep your drinks cool for up to 9 hours, and to keep them hot for up to 3, this gift tumbler is a practical gift for bookworms that are constantly on the go. Librarians, teachers, book bloggers, anyone who loves a tumbler and a book.

As a bonus, it already comes packaged in a gift box with a blank greeting card, which makes it a totally unique present. 


Book Club Journal

These days keeping track of your reading list can be a bit of a challenge. There are thousands of book recommendations from Goodreads and booktok.

So if you want to organize your reading list or want to help a fellow bookworm to keep track of the books, this book journal is a special present.

The reading log journal can keep track of 100 books, as well as pages offering prompts about each book. The book offers plenty of room to write down your thoughts, while still being compact enough to travel with.

Being a beautifully designed hardcover, anybody would love to have this journal nearby as they work through their latest read. 


Dobby Socks

Dobby, the house elf is my favorite for so many reasons. He is cute, kind, and wants to do his best to save Harry. And not to mention his love for socks.

So if you’re a fan of Dobby like me, you’ll love these Harry Potter themed Dobby Is Free socks.

Made from quality cotton, these comfortable socks will also make a great Christmas stuffer as well. 

Find more Harry Potter gifts ideas here- 21 Cool & Trending Harry Potter Gifts For Teens


Invisible Hanging Metal Floating Bookshelf

These optical illusion bookshelves would make the perfect gift for any comic book fans in your life.

They give the appearance that a superhero is single-handedly holding up your stack of books. Similar to the popular “invisible” bookshelf design, these add an extra superhero-themed flare.

These shelves would be especially well suited for displaying a collection of graphic novels but would work just as well for any set of books.


The Book of Unusual Knowledge

Fans of books often love to have interesting facts at their disposal. So for fanatical bookworms The Book of Unusual Knowledge would make an excellent present.

Featuring over 700 pages of facts you’ve probably never heard of, this book will arm its reader with a lifetime’s worth of fun facts and strange trivia.

With topics ranging from animals and politics to sports and technology, The Book of Unusual Knowledge will have something for everyone.

This is all not to mention it’s a beautiful hardcover book that would make a welcome addition to anyone’s shelves.


Book Lover Throw Pillow Case

This throw pillow cover is sure to spruce up any book lover’s living space.

It features the quote “a book is a dream that you hold in your hands” alongside a lovely multi-colored illustration of a stack of books.

The case is 18” by 18”, so it would fit well on most couches or chairs. Keep in mind that this is just a pillow cover, so it will still need a pillow insert to be complete.

This pillow cover is the perfect choice to liven up any space belonging to an avid reader.

If you’re looking for a lightweight pillow 18×18

insert,  check set of 2 Throw Pillow Inserts. 


Books and Ladder Library Apron

Looking for a gift for somebody that loves cooking as much as reading?

This books apron with a bright and colorful library illustration would make a perfect choice. Made of polyester and blended fabric, the apron promises to be soft to the touch, lightweight, waterproof, and durable.

It also features an adjustable strap so one size will fit most comfortably.

This is all not to mention it’s completely machine washable and promises not to fade no matter how much it’s being used.


Elephant and Piggie Read Tote Bag

For fans of Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie books, this tote bag features a design of the beloved characters reading together.

The bag is designed by Out of Print, a company which is dedicated to creating products specifically for book lovers.

You can also feel good about this purchase as the company has donated over 5 million books to underprivileged communities across the world.

This is also just an overall high-quality bag that’s made in the USA and is sure to last for years.


Book Lover Mug

Are you looking for a gift for someone trying to justify owning too many ? Then get this book lover mug.

By gifting this mug to your bookworm friend, you’re actually doing them a favor. The quote “yes, I really do need all these books”, let their mug do the talking for them.

Hot beverages and books are a match made in heaven, especially when your mug is book themed.

This bookworm mug is also microwave and dishwasher-safe with an 11 oz capacity, making it a great mug overall.


Heavy Duty Metal Bookends

These sleek and stylish bookends would make a great addition to any minimalist’s book collection.

They feature a design of two stick figures both reading a book. Because of their design, these bookends would look especially striking with any modern home library.

Their sturdy design also promises to support even the largest books, and their powder-coated surface is designed to stay looking good as new for a long time.

So this metal bookend is an elegant bookworm gift idea for sure!  


Cute Book Phone Case 

If you want to surprise a bookworm with a cool and trendy book lover gift, this illustrated phone case is a good idea.

The beautifully designed case features everything a book lover holds close to their heart. Mugs of hot tea, blankets, candles, chocolate, and of course, books.

Lots and lots of books. With a sleek illustration style, this case has a unique charm about it. Not to mention it’s just an overall sturdy case, promising both full body coverage and screen protection.

It’s also promised that the design will not fade over time, so the case will stay looking brand new for quite a while.


 Readers Journal With Writing Prompts

This readers’ journal is designed to help bookworms to keep track of their recent reads.

What makes this journal unique is that it has got prompts like “Favorite characters, quotes/lines” and “When I finished this book I felt:”. Writing down details like this will make you love books even more.

Guided journals like this can help anybody fully formulate their thoughts on books they have just read. The journal has 200 pages, so there’s plenty of room to fill it up with thoughts on books.

The notebook is made from high-quality recycled material, so you can be sure this is an environmentally friendly purchase. 


I’d Rather Be Reading Sweatshirt Hoodie

This bookish hoodie helps you illustrate your love for books.

This high quality attire with the quote “I’d rather be reading”, and an illustration of a book, will tell everyone what you really wish you were doing at any given moment.

Featuring both men’s and women’s sizes with a wide array of colors, this hoodie would make a special gift for book lovers! 


Beauty & The Beast Book Quote T-shirt

Looking for clever gifts for book lovers, for book lovers and Disney fans?

Well, this Beauty and the Beast T-Shirt would be a smart choice. The cotton t-shirts have the quote “what I love most in the world are my books” along with a design showing Belle reading, this lightweight t-shirt would be a great choice for any bookish Disney lover.

With five different colors to choose from as well as all different sizes, there are plenty of customization options for this shirt. 


Anne of Green Gables Inspired Literary Candle

This hand-poured candle is specially designed for Anne of Green Gables super fans.

Its unique scent is designed to be just like Marilla’s Raspberry Cordial from the beloved book franchise.

It features a beautiful Anne of Green Gables-themed design and is promised to last around 50 hours.

This Anne Shirley book inspired candles are also made with care, all being fully handmade in Astoria, Oregon. Coming packaged in a gift box, this candle will make an easy and charming gift for any fan of Anne of Greengables or Anne With an E Tv show. 


Book-Themed Fleece Sweatshirt

Another personalized gift for book lovers that will impress the literary enthusiasts.

These book-themed sweatshirts have a wide variety of designs that will be a perfect match for any book lover’s interests.

From iconic cover designs like The Color Purple and The Great Gatsby to book-themed designs featuring characters from Star Wars and Disney, Out of Print has a sweater for everybody.

Not only do these sweatshirts have beautiful designs, but they are printed on high-quality material sure to last for years.


Portable Clip-on LED Reading Light

For the night owl in your life that loves reading late into the night, this rechargeable and portable book light is a perfect gift.

Coming in white, pink, blue, and green, there are plenty of different color options.

With 5 brightness levels and 3 color modes, this compact book light is perfect for all different scenarios.

It also promises a battery life of up to 80 hours, so you won’t have to worry about charging too often. 


Go Away I’m Reading, Book Sleeve

The ideal gift for any fan of steamy romance books, this book sleeve features the quote “go away, I’m reading smut”.

This sleeve is designed to keep your books safe while you’re traveling to avoid any unnecessary damage.

At 11.5” X 8.5”, it’s designed to fit most standard paperback and hardcover books.

The sleeve is also made of high-quality waterproof material, so it’s sure to keep your books safe from any harm.

By the way, if you’re looking for some steamy romances to read, here are a few book recommendations. -> 28 Hottest Cowboy Romance Novels That Are Guaranteed To Make You Sweat In 2022


Book Lovers Gifts Box

If you can’t think of that perfect gift idea for the  bookworm in your life, this book lover’s gift box may be your best choice. 

This unique gift for readers is actually a well-packed box containing book-themed gifts specially designed for book lovers. 

This box includes a tote bag, cozy socks, an adorable mini sign, a wooden page holder, and a silicone bookmark.

The tote reads “my weekend is all booked”, the socks feature an adorable book themed design, and the sign reads “Shhh I’m reading.” Adorable book accessories that will truly make any book lover’s day. 


Antique Library Style Desk Organizer

The portable decorative pencil holder has a beautiful design that will make the perfect addition to any book lover’s desk.

With its ornate look, the desk organizer will make any desk feel like it’s part of an antique library.

There are several pencil and pen holders along with a small storage drawer making it ideal for storing paper clips, rubber bands, erasers, and items. 


Book Plates Sticker

For those that want to claim ownership of their favorite books, these bookplates stickers would make a perfect gift.

Basically they are stickers that read “this book belongs to…”, they allow the owner to place their mark on their most cherished books.

With their elegant plant design, these book labels will make a beautiful addition to whatever book they’re used for.

They are about 60 pcs, so definitely useful for the books in  your home library. 


Read Books Tapestry 

The last one in this list of book lover gift ideas, we have a tapestry that contains a meaningful message about the power of reading.

It says, “Read Books Change the World” surrounded by gorgeous  illustrations. With vivid color with very thin pins/nails the  tapestry would liven up whatever space it’s put in.

Living room, study or kidsroom, it’s a fun addition to your home decor.

Because of its motivational quote, it would be an especially good gift idea for any teacher looking for classroom decorations.


There you have unique, personalized and extra special bookworm gift ideas


Whats that one special gift that you have ever received? Let me know!

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