23 Gifts for Shakespeare Lovers ( Unique & Cool)

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Shakespeare gifts

Looking for gift ideas for Shakespeare lovers in your life? You will love this cool presents.

When it comes to choosing Shakespeare gifts there are many choiceyou have a lot of options. You can buy a Shakespeare biography or a collection of his plays. You can also buy a poster with one of his quotes or the lines from one of his plays, or just something that’s related to the Bard- like a bookmark.

But if you’re looking for some thoughtful unique and cool Shakespeare gifts to impress the fans of The Bard, check out the list below.

From Shakespeare insults t-shirt and card games to Shakespeare short glasses and cocktail recipe book, you can find some inexpensive, funny and vintage Shakespeare gifts.

In addition to that, for those who love reading and writing just as much as they love Shakespeare, William Shakespeare engraved inspirational quote pen would make the perfect present. And if you want to give something extra special this year, why not get that Shakespeare lover, tickets to see their favourite play?

Anyway…the choice is yours! For now, scroll down to see the best gifts for Shakespeare lovers.

Shakespeare, Not Stirred Cocktail Recipe Book

Get a little tipsy in a Shakespeare way. If you’re a lover of cocktails and the Bard, grab this Shakespeare, Not Stirred: Cocktails for Your Everyday Dramas.

This amusing little book with 176 pages is filled with drink recipes inspired by Shakespear’s plays.

Each original cocktail and hors d’oeuvre recipe connects Shakespeare’s characters to life’s daily predicaments. Recapture your youth with Puck’s Magic ‘Shrooms. Or Mark a romantic occasion with Beatrice and Benedick’s Much Ado About Frothing. 

The book also features classic images from the Folger Shakespeare Library.

And I think these European made cocktail glasses are perfect for serving the drinks from this book! 


William Shakespeare Pins Enamel Pin

This  Shakespeare dies- cast enamel pin is such a precious gift that a true Shakespeare fan will cherish this gift forever. If you’re a literature student, you should have this on your backpack. I love the fact that the pin has neatly designed Shakespeare’s face. Sometimes, it’s so hard to get the face right. SO in that regard, this is a very well made enamel pin for Shakespeare fans.

Apparently, people also love this enamel pin with Edgar Allan Poe and Raven. Seems like a good deal for me, especially if you’re a literature lover! 


Shakespeare Gym T-Shirt

Now, this may not be everyone’s favourite because not all the fans love to see Shakespeare as a fitness freak. But if you do, you should grab this funny Shakespeare gym t-Shirt. This quality t-shirt is fun and made of quality material. The black colour definitely enhances the witty design. And I liked the fact that it’s 100% cotton,  which means the t-shirt is both comfortable and durable. 


Shakespeare Insult Generator

This short book has 118 pages filled with more than 150,000 handy mix-and-match insults in the bard’s own words. Essentially this insult generator collects hundreds of words from Shakespeare’s most pointed barbs and allows readers to combine them in creative and hilariously stinging ways. A delightful book for Shakespeare fans. A word of caution though – if you’re buying this insult generator to gift someone else, make sure you DO NOT flip through the pages. 

Because this cute book is full of hilariously funny insults that you might end up keeping it for yourself. 


​​Shakespearean Insults Shot Glass Set

Another fun and colourful gift idea for the fan of the playwright is this Shakespeare shot glass set, which is both cool and fun. The set has six short classes of 2 oz. The Shakespeare insults are printed on the glasses and they are dishwasher safe. One of the customers thinks these are very cheap and would have paid a lot more for them. I would definitely grab them to gift a friend who loves to pall with the Bard.


William Shakespeare Luxury Gift Pen

An elegant wooden pen is any writer’s dream. This William Shakespeare pen features one of Shakespeare’s most famous motivational quotes: “To thine own self be true.”  The pen comes in an exquisite satin-lined keepsake presentation case.  I think the best part is that gorgeous mahogany colour, it enhances the luxurious feeling for sure!  The pen also comes with an easy-to-replace ink cartridge. A classic gift for librarians, writers or teachers. 


Shakespearean Insults 2022 Day-to-Day


Kick start the new year with Shakespeare insults.

Each page of this daily desktop calendar features an incisive taunt from one of Shakespeare’s plays. Start each day laughing out loud with this calendar. Time to learn from the master of backhanded compliments! The calendar has 640 pages which include, tear-off pages, day/date references etc. The calendar also features official world holidays. 


Magnetic Poetry – Shakespeare Kit

You can’t always find the perfect Shakespearean gifts for the whole family. That’s why this magnetic poetry is an absolute winner. This is a set of  200 cute magnetic word tiles which you can rearrange to craft your own masterpieces on the door of your fridge. Show the world that you too are capable of writing great sonnets like the Bard. If you love this so much, you may also grab this Magnetic Poetry original kit with over 300 titles. 


All The World’s a Stage Shakespeare Inspired Keychain

I love anything that has Shakespeare’s famous lines – All the world’s a stage, from his play As You Like It. So I was super excited to find this lead and nickel free drama mask keychain.  An adorable gift for a true fan of Shakespeare. This sturdy keychain comes with a velvet bag, a perfect way to gift. Although the keychain itself is a cute design, the mask charm ornate that comes with it stole the show for sure. 


Great Shakespearean Deaths Card Game 

A bitter-sweet card game for Shakespear lovers. This game includes a set of cards Bard’s famous tragedies. This is also a fun and creative way to learn about the characters and dialogues of Shakespearen plays. Find out things like great characters and their last words, characters who had to go through the most tedious death etc.  This death card game would make a great gift for literature students and teachers. 


Shakespeare Insults T-Shirt

For some reason, Shakespeare Insults are very popular. And I definitely love the idea of wearing them on a T-shirt.  I mean, Isn’t it super fun to wear a T-shirt full of great Shakespeare insults? One thing you have to make sure of when you buy these unique printed shirts or T-shirts is the quality. Thankfully, this t-shirt is 100% cotton.

So it’s a win-win, great design and quality fabric at an affordable price. They are available in multiple sizes as well! So grab yours now. 


Shakespeare: The Bard’s Guide to Abuses and Affronts

This little brown book is going to be a priceless possession for book lovers.  It has Shakespeare’s most dazzling insults separated by sections. So whenever you want to throw some Shakespearean English at your friend…just to casually insult, you can get one of these! The Bard’s guide to abuses and affronts is so tiny, around 3 ounces,  that you can easily carry it along with you.   


Shakespeare Coffee Mug

This dishwasher and microwave safe Shakespearen mug is a unique drinkware for literature lovers. First of all, it’s made of ceramic, hence the gorgeous colour. Secondly, it has a capacity of 11 ounces, which is great for coffee addicts or tea lovers. And the unique design enhances the value of this mug. A cool gift for your co-worker, or friend who loves England’s national poet. 


Shakespeare Tote Bag

Now, this is a super cool gift for the lovers of the Bard of Avon. You can never go wrong with a stylish and lightweight tote bag. The tote also comes with long cotton strap handles. I am not a fan of short handle bags. So this one is a clear winner. Oh, did I mention the fashionable design of the tote? Shakespeare with a pair of sunglasses makes this tote a great choice for both teens and adults. You can also grab this t-shirt with a similar design!


William Shakespeare Bust Statue

The bust statue of the famous author William Shakespeare is a timeless gift. This would make a perfect gift for literary collectors as it’s the world-famous image of William Shakespeare cast from the 19th-century French original antique by artist Emile Guillemin. This high-quality sculpture is made of real crushed stone and topped with an antique stone finish. It weighs about 3 lbs. And the best part is the aesthetically pleasing ancient Ivory colour. I think this can transform your writing desk/ home office. Also, if you get this leather-bound complete works of Shakespeare, you are going to make someone’s day for sure. 


Shakespearean Insults Bag

Get organised with this Shakespearean Insults zipper bag. It has got plenty of room so from pencils and pens to cosmetics and toiletries, you can store all sorts of accessories in this bag. I am so glad the bag is not in black. Since it’s in the shades of yellow and blue colours, it’s easy to find when you rummage through your backpack!


Shakespeare Stuffed Portrait Cushion

Looking for a perfect cushion for your reading chair? Then you just found THE ONE!  This head-shaped Shakespeare cushion is a fun and creative room accent. Isn’t it super cool to have a Shakespeare-themed cushion when you’re reading one of his works? The filling material is cotton, so you can sit on your reading chair for hours.  When you order this cushion, it’s a good idea to get the complete works of Shakespeare, to sit and read for a long time!


Shakespeare Bust Succulent Planter

This tiny succulent pot is one of those gifts that bring instant euphoria. The Shakespeare bust succulent planter is a super cute accessory on your writing desk or study table. You might also give this to your friend to create a little Shakespeare corner at home. Grab this Shakespeare wall art poster and the greatest comedies of Shakespeare to create the perfect literature corner. 


William Shakespeare Chocolate Gift Set

A delicious gift for both Shakespeare and literature lovers. This big chocolate gift set has 24 pieces, each of them is beautifully wrapped in vintage-looking papers. They are a mix of milk and dark chocolates. I love the quotes that are printed on each item. This would definitely make a great gift for English teachers or lovers of literature. 


William Shakespeare: Famous Last Words

This tiny 192-page book is a huge hit among literature lovers. The book contains the unforgettable last words of heroes and heroines of Shakespear. Whether it’s “Thus with a kiss I die” or “O, I am slain”, the best lines of characters. If you haven’t already it’s time to start reading from this Shakespeare miniature book collection


William Shakespeare Engraved Wooden Bookmark with Tassel

This aesthetically pleasing bookmark has engraved the image of William Shakespeare along with detailed woodworking. The bookmark is about 6 inches long, a perfect length to keep between pages. Wooden bookmarks always have a natural look and feel. So if you love reading physical books a lot, you will love this gorgeous bookmark.  


Vintage Shakespeare Hamlet Laertes Ophelia Tee T-Shirt

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and popular plays. And the characters of this play are unforgettable. So I don’t think anyone would dislike this unique t-shirt design featuring the fight scene between Hamlet and Laertes near Ophelia’s grave. A classic tee is a perfect gift for literature lovers.  One of the reviews ensures that the design is dryer safe as well.  


Shakespeare Art Decor

Beautiful wall art provides peace and tranquillity in your home or office. So a true Shakeapre fan should always have art decor to honour the renowned poet. And all you need is this vintage dictionary wall art that is printed on 1900’s dictionary paper. Although I wish it had come with a vintage frame…I think this vintage frame will go well with the art print. Have a look here.


There you have the best gift ideas for Shakespeare lovers

What are your favorite gifts from the list?

Let me know in the comments,


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