20 Exciting New Year’s Resolutions for Avid Bookworms

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Explore the best bookish resolutions for the New Year

Can you believe it’s a whole new year already? It’s time to start fresh, set some cool goals, and read some fantastic books! If you’re wondering what kind of resolutions to make as a bibliophile , don’t worry—I’ve got you covered. Here are 20 super cool New Year’s resolutions for book lovers like us! I really hope these resolutions can help you achieve your literary goals for the New Year.

20 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Bookworms

Read More Books Than Last Year

Challenge yourself to outdo your last year’s reading record. It’s like a friendly competition with yourself! I didn’t create a reading goal last year, so in 2024 I’m determined to create one.

Explore New Genres

Spice things up by trying out different genres. Venture into the unknown, and who knows, you might find your next favorite genre! Make a list of genres to explore this year and start discovering. Perhaps, thriller books with shocking plot twists?

Create a Reading Nook

Make a cozy reading nook – your own secret hideaway where you can get lost in a book. Find a comfortable spot, add some cushions and blankets, and create your perfect reading escape. Check out these reading room inspirations.

Join a Book Club

Team up with friends or join a book club to share thoughts and discover awesome recommendations.Check out these celebrity book clubs.

Write Book Reviews

Become a book critic! Write short reviews and share them with friends or online. Start a blog or use social media to share your thoughts on the books you read. For inspiration, read my book review of The Silent Patient.

Visit the Library Regularly

Libraries are like treasure chests filled with wonders. Make it a goal to explore your local library regularly. I absolutely love libraries, check out my Instagram reel – A visit to the library.

Set a Reading Goal

Challenge yourself to read a specific number of books this year. It keeps the excitement alive! Set a realistic goal and celebrate your achievements along the way.

Read a Book Outside Your Comfort Zone

Take a reading adventure by picking a book you wouldn’t usually read. You might be surprised! How about steamy cowboy romances to start?

Keep a Reading Journal

Document your reading journey – your thoughts, favorite quotes, and books you want to read next. Create a personalized reading journal and make it a reflection of your literary adventures.

Read Before Bed

Swap screens for a good book before bedtime. It’s a calming way to end the day. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine with a good book to unwind.

Support Local Bookstores

Show some love to your local bookstores. Discover unique finds and support your community. I love bookstores. Check out my Instagram reel of one local bookstores in Italy.

Organize Your Bookshelf

Give your books a fancy makeover by organizing your bookshelf. It’s like a mini bookish makeover! Arrange your books in a way that sparks joy and makes your bookshelf a visual delight. Get some tips on how to organize bookshelf.

DIY Bookmarks

Get crafty and make your own bookmarks. Personalized bookmarks make reading even more special. Create unique bookmarks that reflect your personality or favorite books. I have created a blog post about bookmarks, also get some free fall-themed bookmark templates.

Read a Book Aloud

Share the joy of storytelling by reading a book aloud to someone. It could be a sibling, friend, or even your pet!

Attend a Book Event or Author Talk

Check out book events or author talks happening near you. It’s super inspiring, and you might even meet your favorite author!

Create a Book Bucket List

Make a list of books you’ve always wanted to read and challenge yourself to check off at least five of them this year.

Start a Book-related Blog or Instagram

Share your reading journey with the world by starting a blog or Instagram dedicated to books. Connect with fellow book lovers and exchange recommendations. Follow The Creative Muggle Instagram for more inspirations.

Listen to an Audiobook

Explore the world of audiobooks! Whether you’re on a road trip or chilling at home, audiobooks offer a new way to enjoy stories. Incorporate audiobooks into your reading routine for a different and immersive experience. Check out great audiobooks recomedations for 2024.

Read a Book Series

Dive into a book series and spend more time with your favorite characters in a larger, more intricate story.

Create a Reading Challenge with Friends

Challenge your friends to a reading competition with a specific theme. It adds a fun, social twist to your reading adventures.


There you have it—20 awesome New Year’s resolutions for us book lovers. Let’s make this year a literary adventure filled with amazing stories, new friendships, and the joy of reading!

20 Exciting New Year's Resolutions for Avid Bookworms

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