29 The Coworker Freida by McFadden Book Club Questions and Snack Ideas

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Find 29 best book club questions and snack ideas for The Coworker by Freida McFadden.

From the acclaimed New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of ‘The Housemaid’ comes The Coworker. This gripping psychological thriller unfolds in the enigmatic world of office secrets, where two women find themselves entangled in a chilling tale of an irreversible crime.

Crafted by bestselling author Freida McFadden, The Coworker is a riveting thriller that delves into the haunting echoes of the past, delivering a suspenseful narrative with dire contemporary repercussions.

The Coworker by Freida McFadden Synopsis

Dawn Schiff is strange.

At least, everyone thinks so at Vixed, the nutritional supplement company where Dawn works as an accountant. She never says the right thing. She has no friends. And she is always at her desk at precisely 8:45 a.m.

So when Dawn doesn’t show up to the office one morning, her coworker Natalie Farrell–beautiful, popular, top sales rep five years running–is surprised. Then she receives an unsettling, anonymous phone call that changes everything…

It turns out Dawn wasn’t just an awkward outsider–she was being targeted by someone close. And now Natalie is irrevocably tied to Dawn as she finds herself caught in a twisted game of cat and mouse that leaves her wondering: who’s the real victim?

But one thing is incredibly clear: somebody hated Dawn Schiff. Enough to kill.

The Coworker is a tense, unputdownable thriller from New York Times bestselling author Freida McFadden that explores the dark ways the past can echo through the present–with deadly consequences.


26 The Coworker by Freida McFadden Book Club Questions

What were your initial impressions of Dawn Schiff as a character? How did the author establish her as a peculiar character?

Natalie is described as beautiful, popular, and successful. How did your perception of her change throughout the story?

How did the author create a sense of suspense and intrigue in the opening chapters of The Coworker?

What do you think about the setting of a nutritional supplement company as the backdrop for the story? How does it contribute to the atmosphere and themes of the novel?

Discuss the significance of Dawn’s punctuality in the story. Why do you think it was emphasized?

How did the anonymous phone call to Natalie affect the trajectory of the story? Did it surprise you?

Throughout the book, we see the theme of social isolation and loneliness. How does this theme manifest in different characters, and what impact does it have on the story’s events?

The Coworker explores the concept of a twisted game of cat and mouse. How do you think this theme played out in the plot, and who do you believe had the upper hand?

Who do you think is the real victim in the story, and why?

Discuss the role of secrets in the novel. How do they drive the plot and affect the characters?

What do you think motivates the characters in the story to commit the actions they do? Are their motivations justified in any way?

The Coworker explores the idea that the past can echo through the present with deadly consequences. Can you identify instances in the book where the characters’ pasts had a significant impact on their present actions?

Discuss the relationships between the various coworkers in the story. How did their interactions contribute to the overall atmosphere of the workplace?

Were there any characters you sympathized with, even if they had questionable actions or motives? Why or why not?

What role does trust play in the story, especially in the context of the coworkers’ relationships with each other?

If you could change one thing about a character’s decisions or actions in the story, what would it be, and why?

What did you think about the pacing of the novel? Did it keep you engaged throughout, or were there moments where you felt the story lagged?

The Coworker deals with themes of revenge and justice. How do these themes play out in the story, and do you think justice is ultimately served?

Were there any moral dilemmas presented in the story that made you question what you would do in a similar situation?

Discuss the instances where the narrator’s credibility is in question, and how does this ambiguity enhance or challenge your understanding of the story and its characters?

In The Coworker we encounter various instances of bullying and mistreatment. How skillfully does the author delve into this theme?

Discuss the significance of the title, “The Coworker,” in relation to the story’s themes and characters.

Discuss if Mia had been alive, how do you think her presence might have influenced the story? 

What are your overall thoughts on The Coworker? Would you recommend it to others, and why or why not?

Did any character’s moral choices challenge your own ethical perspectives, and if so, how did you react to that?

Discuss the quote -After all, there’s nothing that binds two people like a shared secret.”

If you could sum up the book’s message or central theme in one sentence, what would it be?

The Coworker Book Club Snack Ideas

More Book Club Ideas and Activities

  • Character Analysis: Assign each book club member a character from the book and ask them to come prepared to discuss their assigned character’s traits, motivations, and development throughout the story.
  • Workplace Discussion: Explore the theme of office dynamics and workplace relationships. Share personal anecdotes or discuss how the story’s office setting compares to your own work experiences.
  • Mystery Clues: Create a fun activity where book club members solve a mystery or puzzle related to the book.
  • Book Playlist: Ask each member to select a song that they feel captures the mood or themes of the book and create a book-inspired playlist to listen to during the meeting.
  • Themed Dress Code: Encourage book club members to dress in office attire or as if they were attending a company event to immerse themselves in the story’s setting.
  • Role Play: Act out a scene from the book or create a new scene with the characters. This can be a fun way to explore the characters’ motivations and personalities.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Coworker

  • What is the book The Coworker about?

The Coworker by Freida McFadden is a thriller novel about two women working at a nutritional supplement company. When one of them, Dawn, goes missing, her coworker Natalie gets caught in a dangerous game of secrets and suspense as she tries to uncover the truth about Dawn’s disappearance and the dark past that connects them.

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