28 The Guest List Book Club Questions & Snack Ideas + PDF Guide

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Book discussion questions for The Guest List by Lucy Foley will help you have a meaningful discussion in your book club.

I absolutely love reading Lucy Foley’s locked room mystery The Guest List which also happens to be a Reese Witherspoon book club pick. 

There are so many themes of suspense, secrets, and chilling revelations that I am sure there are lots to talk about in your reading group.

So I have come up with a book club guide that includes engaging questions, food ideas and activity ideas for members.

There is also a The Guest List discussion question PDF for you

The Guest List by Lucy Foley Synopsis

The Guest List by  Lucy Foley Synopsis

A wedding celebration turns dark and deadly in this deliciously wicked and atmospheric thriller reminiscent of Agatha Christie from the New York Times bestselling author of The Hunting Party.

The bride – The plus one – The best man – The wedding planner – The bridesmaid – The body

On an island off the coast of Ireland, guests gather to celebrate two people joining their lives together as one. The groom: handsome and charming, a rising television star. The bride: smart and ambitious, a magazine publisher. It’s a wedding for a magazine, or for a celebrity: the designer dress, the remote location, the luxe party favors, the boutique whiskey. The cell phone service may be spotty and the waves may be rough, but every detail has been expertly planned and will be expertly executed.

But perfection is for plans, and people are all too human. As the champagne is popped and the festivities begin, resentments and petty jealousies begin to mingle with the reminiscences and well wishes. The groomsmen begin the drinking game from their school days. The bridesmaid not-so-accidentally ruins her dress. The bride’s oldest (male) friend gives an uncomfortably caring toast.

And then someone turns up dead. Who didn’t wish the happy couple well? And perhaps more important, why?


28 The Guest List  Book Club Questions

The Guest List book club questions

How would you describe your initial impression of the book and its setting on an island off the coast of Ireland?

Did The Guest List ‘s structure, with multiple narrators and alternating timelines, enhance or hinder your reading experience?

Who was your favorite character in the book, and why did you find them compelling?

Which character surprised you the most as the story unfolded, and why?

In what ways did the author create a sense of atmosphere and tension throughout the book?

How did the author use the wedding setting to heighten the suspense and drama of the story?

Were you able to guess the identity of the victim before it was revealed? What clues led you to your conclusion?

What did you think about the way the author revealed the events leading up to the murder in a non-linear fashion?

Discuss the various relationships portrayed in The Guest List. Which ones felt authentic, and which ones seemed strained or unhealthy?

How did the characters’ backgrounds and secrets contribute to the overall mystery of the story?

Discuss the relationship dynamics between Jules and Olivia. 

What role did the elements of jealousy and rivalry play in the plot? Did you sympathize with any of the characters’ motivations?

Did you find yourself rooting for any particular character to be the killer? If so, why?

Explore the theme of trust in the book. Which characters had trust issues, and how did it impact their actions and decisions?

The story alternates between the perspectives of several characters. Whose viewpoint did you find the most compelling, and why?

How did you find the choice of including five POVs in the book?

Discuss the role of the wedding planner, Aoife in the story. How did her character add depth to the plot?

How did the author use symbolism, such as the wedding ring and the stormy weather, to convey themes and emotions in the story?

Did you feel that the resolution of the mystery was satisfying? Why or why not?

How did the author create a sense of dread and foreboding leading up to the discovery of the body?

Were there any moments in the book that genuinely surprised you or left you in suspense?

Compare the characteristics of the best man Johnno and the groom Will. 

Explore the idea of class and privilege in The Guest List, particularly in the context of the guests and their relationships.

What do you think motivated the characters to attend the wedding, despite their various grievances and secrets?

Did you find the characters’ flaws and imperfections relatable, or did they make it difficult to sympathize with them?

How did the author use the first-person perspective to immerse readers in the characters’ thoughts and emotions?

How does the theme that appearances can be deceptive, is demonstrated in the story? Identify specific instances in the story that highlight this idea?

If you were to attend a wedding like the one in The Guest List what precautions would you take to ensure your safety and enjoyment?

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The Guest List Snack Ideas For Book Club

More Ideas and Activities For Book Club

  • Character Impersonations: Have each book club member choose a character from the book and take turns impersonating them while discussing their perspectives and actions.
  • Themed Playlist: Create a playlist of songs that match the book’s atmosphere and mood. Include Irish folk music and classic wedding tunes.
  • Murder Mystery Game: Organize a murder mystery game for your book club members to solve, inspired by the mystery in the book.
  • Irish Folklore and Fairytales book reading: Since the story  mentions a few Irish folklore, organize a book club reading of those stories. 
  • Writing Prompts: Ask book club members to write a short story or scene that could serve as an alternate ending or explanation for the events in the book.
  • Character Profiles: Have each member create a detailed character profile for one of the key characters and share their insights during the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Guest List 

  • Is it worth reading The Guest List?

If you enjoy atmospheric thrillers with a focus on suspense, secrets, and interpersonal relationships, then The Guest List is worth your time.

  • Is The Guest List a scary book?

The Guest List is a thriller. It includes elements of suspense and tension, it is more focused on the mystery surrounding a murder at a wedding.

  • How many POVs are in The Guest List?

The Guest List by Lucy Foley has five different points of view (POVs) from members of the wedding party, guests, and the wedding planner:

  • Jules – the bride who’s marrying Will.
  • Olivia – Jules’s sister and bridesmaid.
  • Johnno – the best man who’s known Will since school.
  • Hannah – the plus-one accompanying Charlie, Jules’s best friend.
  • Aoife – the wedding planner.
  • How long does it take to read The Guest List?

The Guest List audiobook is 10 hours and 22 minutes long. 

  • Is the Paris apartment better than The Guest List?

I personally loved the fast-paced and intriguing nature of The Guest List more than The Paris Apartment. And the atmospheric setting added a captivating layer to the story that enhanced my reading experience.

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