22 Best Christmas Romance Books Guaranteed To Get You in the Holiday Spirits

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Christmas romance books for adults

With the spirit of holidays in the air, it’s time to enjoy some of the quintessential Christmas romance books. 

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of reading Christmas romance books in December. I always loved reading romance novels throughout the year.

So I couldn’t really understand the hype behind holiday romance novels, but that’s until I read Christina Lauren’s In a Holidaze.

The sweet holiday romance set in the backdrop of family holiday was a real Christmas surprise. Because most of the story takes place during Christmas day it really put in a joyful mood. 

Since then I make sure to grab best Christmas romance books for adults, with old-fashioned vibes, to enjoy during December. 

These steamy Christmas romance novels combine the magic of the cold season with a love story that absolutely sizzles from start to finish.

If you’re looking for captivating holiday romance books, these are some best reads. Novels of first loves and second chances and family will leave a tender spot in your heart. 

Find the best Christmas romance books  to curl up with in 2022. 

Christmas Mountain by Garrett Leigh

 MM romance, Long lost friends-to-lover, Second chance Romance , Contemporary Romance. 

Garrett Leigh’s Christmas Mountain is an gay romance about two prison workers coming together on the holidays.

When Rami Stone’s car breaks down on Christmas Mountain, the last person he expects to save him is his favorite coworker, Fen Hawthorne.

After Rami took on the responsibility of taking care of his brother’s child, he took time away from work and hasn’t seen Fen in over a year. Now, the two have ended up in close quarters, being snowed in together in Fen’s cabin.

When the two ex-coworkers come together for the holidays, they’re tasked with navigating all the tension between them, and everything that’s kept them apart until now.

For those looking for a friends-to-lovers queer romance with a Christmastime twist, this is the book for you.

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Christmas Every Day by Beth Moran 

Holiday themed Romantic Comedy 

This warm and  uplifting tale follows Jenny’s new life in her estranged grandmother’s cottage in Sherwood Forest. Things aren’t going good with her anyway, so moving to a completely new place seems like a good decision.

Once in her newly inherited cottage, she meets the grumpy, next-door neighbour Mack, who doesn’t seem to appreciate her presence.

As she begins to settle down with her new life and part time jobs, Jenny gets invited to an unusual book club.

Instead of discussing the books, they talk about each member’s Christmas tasks and challenges. 


The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane by Jaimie Admans

Contemporary Romance

Nia Maddison has always dreamt of being able to open a shop on Nutcracker Lane, the jolliest street in town.

Her dreams have come true, as she gets the chance to open up her very own Christmas gift shop. Everything seems perfect until she finds out that her boyfriend has cheated on her, leaving her alone for Christmas.

Heartbroken, she wishes for the perfect man to finally enter her life.

To her surprise, the next day another shop opened up across the street from hers.

Working there is the charming owner James, who suspiciously looks exactly like who she pictured the night before. Could her wish really be coming true?


Finding Love at the Christmas Market by Jo Thomas

Holiday Romance featuring Single Mom

Connie is a residential home caterer who’s all but given up on love after all her dating mishaps.

In addition to being a single mother, Connie has too much on her plate to even consider romance. That is until one of the residents at her home offers to set her up on a date at the Christmas Market. She goes off on a date with Baker Henrich, who seems perfect until she meets his rival, William.

Connie is taken from having no dating prospects to having to choose between two seemingly perfect guys. What will she do?

Finding Love at the Christmas Market gives readers a love triangle with a charming Christmas setting, who could ask for more?


Not So Silent Night by H.L Day

Holiday MM romance, funny, slow burn, medical romance book

Not So Silent Night begins with Xander Cole being far from in the Christmas spirit. Aside from his broken pelvis, things with his boyfriend are looking done for good.

Xander’s nurse, Ferris Night, also isn’t having the best holiday. With a flooded apartment, he had no other choice but to take a job as a live-in nurse.

Although Xander is resistant to having any nurse, especially one as handsome and flirty as Ferris, the two begin to warm up to each other throughout the Christmas season.

If you’re looking for a sweet, quick read this Christmas, H.L. Day’s lighthearted and fun romance should be perfect for you.


Mr. Jingle Bells by Leta Blake

Queer Romance Forced Proximity, Opposites Attract, Fake Dating, Office Romance

Ashton Sellers isn’t asking for much this Christmas, all he really wants is distance from his family.

This leads to Walker, Ashton’s stuck-up business partner of all people, agreeing to take him in for the holidays. When Ashton moves in with him, he soon sees that there’s more than meets the eye to Walker.

In return for his kindness, Walker asks Ashton to play along as his boyfriend for his sister’s wedding, and how could he refuse? As the fake couple begins warming to each other, painful secrets from the past are revealed, and their relationship gets tested before it even begins.

The third book in Blake’s Mr. Christmas series, Mr. Jingle Bells can still be enjoyed as a standalone.


Her Surprise Baby Christmas by Clare Connelly

Steamy Christmas Romance

It’s Christmas time, and Bella is pushing her limits. The usually innocent woman has decided to have a passionate one-night stand with a mysterious man.

After a short affair with charming billionaire Vitalo Katrakis, Bella is shocked to find herself pregnant. The couple agrees to marry for the sake of their child, and Bella is promised a perfect life alongside Katrakis. Security and companionship will both be given to her by her new husband.

Unfortunately, secrets from the past lurk in the shadows, which threaten to tear the newly formed family apart. This is the fourth book in Connelly’s Evermore Series.

This Christmas romance is perfect for those looking to be enraptured in a passionate, and angsty story for the holidays.


Getting Kole for Christmas by Kimberly Krey

Young Adult Romance novella

This young adult romance centers around Kylie and her best friend Kole Kingston.

Kylie’s had a crush on Kole for two years but hasn’t had the nerve to admit it to him. Time’s running out for her as she desperately wants him to take her to the Christmas dance. Will she be able to get him to see her the same way she does before it’s too late?

This is the first book in Kimberly Krey’s Started Out as Friends series, which was followed up by Getting Micah under the Mistletoe.

This Christmastime teen romance is the perfect read for any younger romance fans out there, looking for a book to cozy up with over the holidays.

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Dearest Malachi Keogh by N.R. Walker

MM Romance novella 

At only 13,000 words, Dearest Malachi Keogh is the perfect book for those looking for something light this Christmas. It’s the story of Julian Pollard, and his long-term boyfriend Malachi Keogh.

After coming together 4 years ago, Julian wants to show his appreciation to Malachi with a perfect Christmas. Unfortunately, with Julian being a postal worker, his work is busiest around the holidays.

He is forced to get creative and enlist the help of his whole team at work to give Malachi the perfect Christmas.

This is the second book in the Dearest Milton James series by Walker.

This short and sweet queer romance hits all the right notes and shows that sometimes the best things really do come in small packages.


Holly Kisses by Penelope Wylde

Enemies to Lovers Christmas Romance 

For those looking for something steamy, sexy, and over-the-top this Christmas, Holly Kisses may be just the book for you.

The book kicks off with the lead character having a one-night stand with the sexy Scot she works with, Malcolm Murdoch. When Murdoch finds out he has a hefty inheritance waiting for him back home, he leaves, seemingly never to be seen again.

Our lead character eventually needs Malcolm’s help in avoiding a stalker, this leads her all the way to Scotland, where she’s to spend Christmas with the new Duke of Lachlan.

Will she be able to resist his charms, or will she fall under his spell once again? 

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The Plight Before Christmas by Kate Stewart

Contemporary Romance 

In this yuletide romp, we follow a lead character who’s been freshly broken up with and passed up for another promotion, leading to her not at all in the mood to have a very merry Christmas.

She goes with her family to their Grandparent’s cabin, set to have a miserable Christmas. Things only get more miserable for her when an old ex shows up at her doorstep, making the holidays even more difficult.

Now the two are stuck together for a week. Will our lead get revenge on the man who broke her heart, or will old wounds be healed over the holidays?

The Plight Before Christmas is the perfect book for someone looking for a fun, humorous romance to enjoy over the holidays.

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Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison

Holiday Rom-Com

This tale takes place on the titular Lovelight Farms, which has been run down for years.

Now little more than a field full of dead trees and a barn full of raccoons, Stella Bloom isn’t quite set to have a magical Christmas.

This leads to a contest with a famous influencer with a $100,000 cash prize on the line. If she wins, she could rejuvenate the farm, but there’s just one slight problem.

She lied on the application about having a boyfriend. This is where her best friend Luka Peters comes in.

Will the fake couple be able to fool the onlookers, or will they end up falling for each other in the process?

Lovelight Farms is a swoon-worthy friends-to-lovers tale, perfect for anyone looking for a romance with a cozy rural setting.


The Bite Before Christmas by Jeaniene Frost & Lyndsay Sands

Paranormal Romance featuring Vampires

Vampires… at Christmas? In The Bite Before Christmas, Frost and Sands team up to bring fans the perfect holiday romance anthology.

Featuring stories from both of their popular series, Argeneau Family, and Night Huntress, the two paranormal romance authors have given their fans the perfect gift for Christmas.

The first story is “The Gift” by Sands, which features Katricia Argeneau snowbound in a cabin trying to convince her cop boyfriend, Teddy Brunswick, that they’re meant to be life mates.

The second is “Home for the Holidays”, which features Cat and Bones from the Night Huntress series facing off against an evil vampire over Christmas.

Perfect for any fans of Frost and Sands to get into the spooky Christmas spirit.


Sugar and Spice by Kimberly Kincaid

Holiday Novella

Sugar and Spice is a very recent book by Kimberly Kincaid, and is set to be the first book in her planned Pine Mountain series.

It follows a straight-laced caterer, and her bad-boy pastry chef rival, both competing for the top prize in a prestigious Christmas cookie contest.

The two are polar opposites, and there’s plenty of tension between them as they compete for first place. Will the two be able to put their competitive streaks aside to come together in the end?

Sugar and Spice is a reworking of a prior novella from Kincaid’s Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap Anthology.

The perfect opposites attract story with a Christmas-time setting, holiday romance fans will find that Sugar and Spice has everything nice that they’re looking for.

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Sleigh Ride with the Cowboy by Jen Peters

Second-Chance Christmas Romance

Set in the picturesque Huckleberry Falls, we’re introduced to Wes Colton and Ellie McKean. Colton left Ellie years ago to pursue his dream of being a genuine cowboy.

In the present day, Colton is beginning to regret his decisions, feeling like he’s toiling his life away as a ranch hand. Ellie, on the other hand, is recently divorced and left as a single mother.

The two return to their hometown of Huckleberry farms and find themselves unexpectedly reunited. It’s up to Ellie to forgive Wes for leaving her, and it’s up to Wes to decide if his life as a cowboy is really what he wants for his future.

Peters’ Sleigh Ride with the Cowboy is the perfect holiday romance for those with an affinity for rural settings and country living.

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The Sleigh Bells Chalet by Jennifer Griffith

Sweet Cozy Mystery 

Ellery Hart is the owner of the Bells Chalet, and the business she inherited from her Grandfather is going downhill fast.

Ellery needs a solution, enter Brig Whitmore. Whitmore is taking a vacation from running his family’s stable business and ends up at Hart’s chalet. The only thing Bing wants more than a break from his business is to help out the beautiful hotel owner he’s just met.

It’s up to Ellery and Bing to pack the Bells Chalet full of guests for the holidays to save it from foreclosure.

An endlessly charming small-town romance, the Sleigh Bells Chalet is the second book in Griffith’s Christmas House Romances series.

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Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage by Katie Ginger

Christmas themed British Chick Lit 

Esme is set to have an absolutely miserable Christmas. Living in London, her whole life has gone up in smoke after she loses her fancy job, her perfect apartment, and her beautiful boyfriend all at once before the holidays.

This sends her back home to Sandchester, where she begins the season feeling sorry for herself.

This is until Joe, an old crush re-enters her life. As she learns more about Joe, she realizes he has secrets in his past that may just be too much to overcome. Will the two be able to sort out their problems, or will Esme truly be left alone at Christmas?

Full of second chances and small-town charm, Snowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage will make a calm and cozy read this Christmas.

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Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Funny and Uplifting Holiday Romance

The 9th novel in Kinsella’s Shopaholic series, the Christmas-themed book centers around Becky Brandon, a woman who loves Christmas.

More specifically, she loves all the bargains available to her online! When Becky is asked to host Christmas this year, she’s faced with the task of keeping up with the demands of her husband Luke, sister Jess, and the rest of her family. Things get even more complicated when an ex-boyfriend suddenly appears with his new girlfriend on his arm.

Will Becky be able to navigate the challenges of the holiday season, or will her Christmas be a complete disaster?

For fans of Kinsella’s past work, or any romance fans looking for a light and funny read, Christmas Shopaholic should be at the top of your list this holiday season.

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The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Jana Aston

Enemies to Lovers Romance

In the 1st book in Aston’s Reindeer Falls series, we follow Holly Winter who is desperate for a new boss this Christmas.

She can’t stand him, but it would be a lot easier on her if he didn’t look exactly like her dream guy. The Reindeer Falls series are a collection of quick and fun novellas perfect for light reading over the holidays.

If you’re looking for a quick happily-ever-after wrapped up in a sweet little package, The Boss Who Stole Christmas, and the rest of Reindeer Falls, is a holiday themed romance audiobook.

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A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday

Contemporary Romance 

This book begins in New Yorker, centring on Leo Ricci, a rough and tumble guy born and raised in the Big Apple.

He’s got a lot on his plate already, taking care of his little sister, driving a cab, and supervising his building.

When his sister begs him to stop his cab to pick up what looks like a princess trying to hail a taxi, his life gets flipped on its head.

Next thing he knows he’s involved with Princess Marie of Eldovia, the beautiful princess whose life is left in shambles after her mother’s death. Leo shows her more kindness than most, and soon becomes her driver for her stint in America.

Soon Leo has fallen head over heels for the Princess, and when he ends up with her in Eldovia for Christmas, will he find out she feels the same?


Let It Snow by Heidi Cullinan

Christmas themed MM romance

Let it Snow begins with Frankie Blackburn finding himself lost in Logan, Minnesota after his GPS fails him.

With snow falling harder than ever, Frankie is lucky to be saved by Marcus Garnder, a lumberjack born and raised in Logan. However, the last thing Marcus wants is to have to play hero to some city slicker stuck in the snow.

Either way, the two are forced to stay together until the bad weather clears up.

They soon find out they have more in common than they thought, and may both secretly be wishing for the snow to keep up forever.


Snow in Love by Melissa de la Cruz, Nic Stone, Kasie West, & Aimee Friedman

YA Romance 

Featuring 4 stories from bestselling romance authors, Snow in Love gives romance fans a perfect tasting menu of swoon-worthy holiday tales.

Cruz’s story features a high school couple and their surprising Christmas Eve gift exchange. Stone’s story features a romantic holiday scavenger hunt set in the hustle and bustle of an airport at Christmas. West’s story is the tale of a holiday road trip with unexpected romantic consequences.

Friedman’s story follows a Jewish girl working in a department store who finds love when she least expects it… while being dressed as an elf.

These 4 stories are sure to warm you up more than a cup of hot cocoa.


Ready to start reading these joyful holiday romances?

What are some of your all-time favorite romance books to read during holidays? Let me know in the comments.

Find more books to read during the holiday season below.

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